Take it outside with these beautiful and unique outdoor living spaces that will keep you outdoors all year long! 

You don’t need to go indoors to relax or have fun, you can do it all outside! So much of our lives are internet-based, technology-based, or digitally-based. Because of this it’s easy for people to forget that there’ is a wonderland of green out there. It always makes me cringe when my nieces say “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do." Don’t get me wrong I said the same thing growing up (didn’t everybody?), but I never stayed bored for long. I was the little kid who explored the woods and giggled when I saw 2 bugs mating, the little girl who made mud pies and tried to get the other kids to buy and eat them, the one who refused to go inside unless it was to eat or read a book.

So, to pay homage to my childhood, here are 6 amazing outdoor living spaces that everyone can enjoy! Sit back, relax, and let me show you these awesome outdoor living designs, and inspire you to create your own outdoor paradise!

1. Patio with Lace Teepee

Outdoor Living Spaces Porch with Boho White Lace Tee Pee and Cushioned Seating Area


I love this lace teepee. There are so many options here for sitting and relaxing. This spot looks both comfortable and in touch with nature, which means that it would be a good place to read a book or even catch up on a little work. A group of friends could meet up in this communication friendly space and shoot the breeze.

I LOVE the deep, native patterns of the pillows. It’s easy to pick up on the tribal vibe throughout this gorgeous patio decor. This would be a wonderful place to curl up with a book, or an e-reader if you’re into those, sink into the cushions under the teepee, and get lost!

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2. Minimalist Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Living Spaces Patio with Bamboo Fence White Cushion Chair Zebra Hide Rug

Via Stylish Eve

Here we see a minimal and practical outdoor patio design. It’s not all jazzed up with excess objects that serve no purpose other than taking up space. The padded lounge chair looks so comfortable and appealing. It would be the perfect place to read or simply to relax. The space is walled in; so, although it’s outdoors, it has an indoor feel. I love the pop of color coming from the teal blue pillow and the organic feeling the plants in the back add. The rug adds a nice touch too, giving the space a little more dimension than simply having a chair with a throw pillow. It gives me this African safari vibe, and the plants in the back definitely help keep that image for me.

3. Backyard Movie Theater

Outdoor Living Spaces Backyard Theatre with Cushioned Reclined Seating and Projector

Via the Tao of Dana

Grab the popcorn and come outdoors! Okay, so one of my hobbies just so happens to be watching movies. Whether it's romantic comedy, action-packed or whatever, if it’s on, I’m watching. That doesn’t mean that we have to stay all cooped up in the house. Why not come outside for some fresh air and a great film? This outdoor living space looks comfortable, inviting, and quite beautiful. The woven baskets and hanging lights add a special touch, while the tufted cushions and fluffy pillows give the feeling that peace and relaxation are just around the corner.

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I’m totally picturing some great movie marathons happening out in this space, especially some of the longer ones. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other marathons of that sort would be fabulous outdoors! If you’re into scary movies, those would be interesting to watch in this outside space as well. You could really figure out which of your friends or family members scare easily. Bonus points if you live further away from the city and get real wildlife ambient sounds during the scary movies!

4. Outdoor Dining Space in Barcelona

Outdoor Living Spaces Outdoor Patio Lounge Dining Area with Table and Chairs in Spain

Via the Tao of Dana

This outside living area is open and has lots of seating for incoming guests. The bushes and large trees surrounding the area add an organic feeling that really enliven and enrich this space. Oh, did I mention this is in Barcelona!? It’s gorgeous, right? I can’t decide what I like more about this space: the beautiful wall or those great little cushions for people to sit on. Or maybe even the cushioned seating by the wall! Yes, that’s definitely got to be my favorite part of this outdoor sitting area. I’m having serious patio envy. Does anyone else want this space or is it just me?

Ahh! There's nothing like the great outdoors and the smell of fresh air (on the patio).

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5. Coastal Patio for Two

Outdoor Living Spaces Patio on the Coast with White Chairs and Plants on the Porch

Via Home Bunch

The grass is always greener on the other side. Just look at how green this grass is! I have the sudden urge to take my shoes off, jump into the picture, and run across that grass. This beautiful porch will definitely connect you with nature. I love how there are two white lounge chairs in this design to show that you don’t have to experience the great outdoors alone. 

And the view here is just amazing. Look at the water! It’s so blue. I bet watching the sunrise (or sunset – depending on which way this patio deck is facing) is wonderful. Oh, I’d love to sit out there with a friend, or my significant other, and relax with a good drink while watching the sky change throughout the day. Now that’s perfection!

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6. Bold and Colorful Porch Seating

Outdoor Living Spaces Outdoor Patio Garden Living Area with Flowers and Greenery


This outdoor sitting area is calling to me. It has sit down, relax, and have a nice tall glass of ice-cold lemonade written all over it. I adore the vibrant colors featured here. Though nature is very green, it's also very colorful. The different hues here show just how versatile and diverse nature can be.

There are so many different types of flowers and plants here that it makes me happy. I bet it smells so wonderful! I would be torn between wanting to walk and wander through all the plants, across the stones, and out into the trees, and sitting in that chair with a nice cold beverage, admiring the landscaping. So much beauty in this one patio space. I just love it!

Well, that about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed your brief tour through these delightful outdoor living spaces. Do you have some earthy outdoor space ideas of your own? If so, please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading, and please share with your friends and family!

**Featured image via Talk of the House