We buy lots of produce each year, but did you know that some of them can be regrown from the leftovers? Well, now you do! Learn how to regrow fruits and vegetables!

Hello, all! It’s starting to get cooler, and some fruits and veggies are going to be out of season soon. I do love my fruits and veggies! One thing I have been fascinated with is how to regrow produce from bits I have already bought. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not! Many fruits and veggies that you buy in stores can actually be used to grow more. Sometimes you get a tree, and sometimes you get greens. Today, I’m going to go over everything you need to know to take some of those produce scraps and regrow plants to make more produce! It’ll save you a bit of money in the long run, too!

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Romaine Lettuce in Mason Jars

Romaine: I’ve regrown romaine a few times, and it definitely works! You take the bottom few inches of the romaine heart and place it in water until roots start to grow. You’ll need to change the water every few days so it doesn’t get stale, but otherwise it does everything else. Then, transplant to soil and watch new leaves grow again and again! A great video to watch on how to set everything up and regrow lettuce can be found here.

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Carrot Tops in Clear Dishes

Carrots: You can’t regrow the carrot itself, but you can regrow the greens. The greens are supposed to be good in salads and even in juices if you’re into juicing. To grow these puppies, save the top inch of the carrot, where the stem is, and set it in a dish with about a half inch of water. Change the water out every few days, and make sure it doesn’t dry up, and soon you’ll start to see new carrot tops growing! How awesome is that?

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Red Onion in Mason Jar

Onions are super easy to regrow. Cut off the root end, leaving about ½ an inch of onion on it. Set in soil and water, or keep in a hydroponic set-up. Yep, it’s one of those vegetables you can regrow in water! After a while, you’ll start to see new green growth. This doesn’t just give you greens, oh no. You’ll actually be able to grow a whole new onion! You can keep repeating this process with each onion you grow. You can even just regrow onion greens if that’s what you like.

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Celery in Clear Mug Produce

Celery: If you love celery, and especially if you make a lot of juice, you should definitely look into regrowing vegetables like this! All you need is to take the bottom few inches, and set it in a dish with about an inch or so of water. Change out the water every few days and you’ll start to notice tiny new stalks growing, like you see above! You can either leave in a water filled dish, or move to soil at this point. I’ve been eating a lot of celery lately, so I should really try to regrow celery stalks again. 

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Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Ginger in Pot Container Produce

Ginger is another great one for the lover of smoothies and juices. To regrow vegetables like ginger, all you have to do is take a small piece of it and place it in soil. It’s a root, so it will grow and sprout all on its own. Just keep it watered, and soon you’ll have more ginger. You can keep doing this again and again with new pieces you have grown. So, you can basically create never-ending ginger!

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Mushrooms in Container Produce Containers

Mushrooms: I’m not really a fungi person myself, but if you are, you can easily regrow mushrooms. All you have to do is plant the stems and the tops will regrow. Super easy, and then you have more mushroom tops to cook with. Just make sure you leave a teeny bit of the stem uncovered when you plant it so the tops can grow. These do really well in hot and humid areas in your home, and only take a few weeks to grow.

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Sweet Potatoes Growing in Mason Jars Produce Containers

Potatoes: You can grow any kind of potatoes this way, but sweet potatoes work really well. First you need to let it grow eyes and roots, and let it grow in water like you see above. I’ve always been intrigued by a DIY hydroponic set. Then, transplant them to soil to continue growing. It’ll take a few months, but then you have more potatoes. You can continue to regrow potatoes you own that have started to sprout eyes. I just love growing food from scraps!

Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Growing Pineapple Tops in Glass Mugs

Pineapples: Yes, you can regrow fruits too! It takes some time to make a new pineapple (up to two years!) but, you’ll have an awesome plant in the meantime. You just need to take the top of the pineapple, clean it off, and place it in water to grow the roots. Then you can plant it into a big pot, and wait for your pineapple to grow. Make sure you give it lots of sunlight. It’s a great plant for both indoors and outdoors.

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Regrow Fruits and Vegetables Avocado Tree Growing in Glass

Avocados: This is going to be the next one I try. You can take the pit of an avocado and grow a tree. This one takes a couple years to bear, but it will grow avocados eventually. And, if you’re like me, even just having the tree would be pretty awesome. You can do it one of two ways. You can spear the pit with toothpicks like you see here, and place it in water, pointy side of the pit up. Make sure it stays in the water and that you change the water out regularly. Or you can buy an AvoSeedo boat like I’m going to do. It’s a little floating raft to place the pit in to keep it at the perfect water level, no matter how much water you have in your bowl. Then, watch your tree grow and regrow food for you!

There you have it, folks! Both short term and long term ideas on produce you can grow from kitchen scraps! Which ones are you most likely to use? Have you done any of these before? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative (and green!), my friends.

**Featured image via David Avocado Wolfe