Rustic interior designs integrate a variety of natural materials. Using woods, metals, and leathers, these designs bridge the gap between old and new. 

Today, homes are becoming more and more modern, and developing a futuristic tone. Rustic interiors are stepping in and bridging the gap between the new and the old. There are many reasons why one might prefer a rustic design over one that is more modern, the main one being that the adoption of this style is simple, while homey. The aged wooden walls and warmness of the colors and decor in rustic designs has “welcome home” written all over it. While many crafted rooms rely on a space appearing sleek and streamlined, rustic homes make spaces look natural, comfortable, and perfectly aged.

Rustic home designs usually incorporate wood of various types, colors, and shades. When observing rustic design ideas, you may see a pale gray wood in one and a medium brown, chocolate wood in another. From oak to American cherry to walnut, different woods create varied effects. Rustic decor usually include antiqued wood, which gives a space an aged and natural feeling. I like to say this theme exudes an “earthy” vibe because in some way or another, wooden accents are present. Rustic interiors are organic and nature-oriented spaces that can mix-and-match as the designer pleases and it will not look chaotic! It’s actually very cool that so many textures and neutral colors can be incorporated into one place and still look cohesive.

Rustic designs utilize wood, robust dark colors, metals, organic/natural materials and antiqued objects.

Pallets are the latest wood-obsession for the do-good-DIYer. So many people have created headboards, wall coverings, tables, and decorative accents from the object. The next two photos show a pallet wall and side tables that amped up the lumberjack in me. Instantly, I felt like I needed to grab a hammer and some nails and get to work! Ok, in reality, I actually want anything custom-made for me to look good…so I’m saving the tools for someone who knows how to use them. 

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Whether you, a friend, or even a hired hand are up for the job, the level of rustic you’re about to achieve is going to blow you away! Before we move on, I just have to say that the side tables with wheels on them would also be a tremendous place to store blankets in the living room. The only change to make is to position it like a crate, not a table. It’s an easy way to keep up with the theme, too.

Wood-paneled walls might be more than just a DIY. It may be a permanent fixture of a home’s structure, and that my friends is something to use to your advantage if you’re so lucky as to live in such a place! The house’s architectural design is practically begging for you to write ‘rustic’ all over it. Not literally, of course! Light and dark meets bold and bright in the living room shown here. My favorite element is the big ‘ol wood circle blanketing the back wall. Don’t you love the way it ties the room together?

Rustic Interior Design White Wood Panel Walls Leather Living Room Sitting Area

Via Domaine

Rustic interiors are often quite masculine, omitting bright or vivid colors and focusing on darker tones. This doesn’t mean that rustic interior designs are against using color; it just means that the color selection tends to be on the safe side—think dark neutrals and mellow hues. Partnered with any wooden object and deeper, more robust colors, rustic designers often choose to incorporate metals into their designs as well. In my opinion, what makes this style easy to recognize is the mixture of metal, wood, and the right colors all in one place! Warm metals such as copper and iron are basically staples in the rustic road map. Rustic designs usually stay away from clean and crisp metals like chrome, and lean toward worn out and corrugated options.

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Rustic interiors often incorporate animals, trees, and other things you find in nature.

Rustic interiors focus on nature and a return to traditions. With some rustic interior designs, it looks as though we've stepped back in time to the colonial days where Dad might be outside chopping wood, while Mom whips up some chow. The designs get their earthy/nature-driven feel not only from wooden furniture, but from the inclusion of wood as a whole.

Wood & metals & antiques, oh my! Gotta love a good ol’ rustic interior design!

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Don’t be surprised when you see a wood lamp or log used for decor within a home. Adding elements from nature into your home is all part of rustic design. So before you throw away that old dresser, that damaged picture frame, or other old and unwanted furniture consider repurposing them for your very own DIY rustic collection. One fun idea that comes to mind is to spice up the mantel! If you have a fireplace, cut a piece of an old dresser or door to slap atop the ledge and you have yourself a whole new look!

Rustic Interior Design Desert Living Area with Fireplace

Via the Tao of Dana

Narrowing down what it is you like and dislike is the most difficult part of getting in the rustic game! Once that’s done and over with all that’s left to do is put the interior together. That’s the fun part! Just remember to keep it natural and simple with a few unexpected textures and colors here and there. You’re ready to rock it rustic style!

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What tips do you have regarding rustic design and decor? I want to hear all about them in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to contribute!

**Featured image via the Tao of Dana