The final installment of my scents for home series ends with the warmest season of all: summer! Let’s get you in the mood for summertime, beaches, and warm weather!

Hello, everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying the weather! Today we’re going to be wrapping up the final installment of my natural home scents series with: summer. Oh, how I love summer. *cue Olaf singing in the background* It’s just a great time of year, full of baseball, warm weather, and vacations! What’s not to love about summer? Okay, maybe in some states (ahem, Texas) it gets a wee bit too hot, but let’s ignore that part for now and enjoy what we have! So, I bet you are all wondering how I’m going to pull of home fragrance ideas that smell like summer. What does summer smell like? Citrus and richness, that’s what! Today, I’ll give you some great natural scents for the home that you’ll definitely want to try out as the weather gets hot and beachy-feeling!

Scents for Home Summertime Scents Summer Peach Lime Lemon Rosemary Mint Berries Thyme Natural Room Scents


Summertime Ingredients: Summer scents can be boiled down to lots and lots of citrus. Think lemonades, cocktails, and summertime desserts, people. Summer drinks and treats are light yet rich with citrus, berries, and floral notes. Nothing too heavy. Just the right mix of sweet, savory, fruity, and citrus-y. The house scents you make should be just like that! Some home fragrance ideas to use are:

  • Orange
  • ​Lemon
  • ​Lime
  • ​Grapefruit
  • ​Tangerine
  • ​Peach
  • ​Coconut
  • ​Ylang ylang
  • ​Bergamot
  • ​Lavender
  • ​Sandalwood
  • ​Patchouli
  • ​Sage
  • ​Spearmint
  • ​Strawberry
  • ​Blueberry
  • ​Thyme
  • ​Basil
  • ​Rosemary

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Scents for Home Summer Bug Repelling Scented Oil Jars Natural Room Scents

Via A Little Claireification

Bug Repelling Scented Oil Jars: I don’t know about you guys, but I pretty much love keeping my back door open when I’m home, no matter the weather. My dogs love it too, because they can be outside on my patio and that’s just the life to them. The only problem with having the door open? Bugs. Mainly, bees, which I am allergic to. So many poor little bees love to come inside, especially if I have some floral scented home fragrance oils like lavender out (which I always do). I panic and I’m sure it’s hilarious to watch me carefully try to remove bees from my apartment without getting stung or killing them (I’m told it is hysterical). A perfect solution would be to make these jars! These natural scented candles help keep those pesky bugs away, and you can use them outside during pool parties or other summer gatherings.

Scents for Home Summer Tropical Summer Simmer Pot Stovetop Potpourri Strawberries Lemons

Via Winstead Wandering

Tropical Summer Simmer Pot: Oh, this house fragrance is going to fill your home with the lovely smells of strawberry lemonade. That’s like, the perfect summer drink! Next to mojitos, I think. But still. Perfectly summer. If you don’t want to have a simmer pot going all day because of the heat (which I totally understand because Texas summers can get hot) you can create oil jars with these scents, or even use essential oils. No need to suffer from the heat if you don’t have to! A quick tip: After cooking on the stove, put a small saucepan with some of the simmer pot recipe in it on the burner you just used. Let the residual heat warm up the liquid and spread the room scents through your home!

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Scents for Home Summer Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot Natural Room Scents Stovetop Potpourri

Via The Crowned Goat

Strawberry Basil Simmer Pot: Strawberries are my favorite summer fruit, and basil is the perfect scent pairing! This yummy simmer pot recipe is heavenly, and doesn’t take long to make! All you need is a pot, some strawberries, and some fresh basil to create this room fragrance. Strawberries and basil are both abundant over the summer, so this is even a cost efficient one! I bet you can take the leftovers from this pot and make a strawberry jam, some strawberry basil muffins, or a nice smoothie out of it. Actually, you can pretty much do this with most simmer pot recipes, especially if you use fresh fruit and herbs! I would be wary if you added essential oils to your simmer pot, though, as not all are food safe. Experiment, but be safe, guys. Let me know what you come up with!

Scents for Home Summer Gel Air Fresheners Apple Sweet Tea Peach Mango Lavender Natural Room Scents

Via Living Chic on the Cheap

Gel Air Fresheners: I have always found natural air fresheners like these gel ones to be really cool. These will totally bring some summer smells to your house scent regime! You can also play around with the fragrance oils and find a combination that really shouts “Hello I smell like summer!” to you. You don’t even have to burn or melt these if you don’t want. They should be strong enough for you to get a whiff of the smell all on their own! You know what would make a cool scented gel? Creamsicle! I love those things during the summer. You could recreate the smell by using vanilla extract and orange oils! Experiment with your favorite summer treats, and let me know what you create! I would love to hear what you all come up with!

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Scents for Home Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Natural Room Scents

Via AromaSense

Diffuser Blends: Oh, you know I can’t do a post like this without essential oil blends! These house scents are all going to be good for any type of diffuser or Scentsy warmer. Just remember if using a warmer, add the oils to a 1/4 cup of coconut oil first! For that rich coconut smell, go with an unrefined extra virgin coconut oil. It’ll smell heavenly, and add another layer of summer goodness! I can just smell it now! For anything else, like an ultrasonic or reed diffuser, add these essential oils to the diffuser and fill with water. Or, if you want a room spray, add to a spray bottle and top with water. Enjoy!

Island Fun

  • 3 drops Patchouli
  • ​3 drops Orange
  • 2 drops Ylang ylang

Summer Breeze

  • 4 drops Tangerine
  • ​2 drops Lemon
  • ​1 drop Lime
  • 1 drop Spearmint

Hawaiian Beach

  • 4 drops Lavender
  • ​2 drops Bergamot
  • ​1 drop Lemon
  • 1 drop Sandalwood

There you have it, folks! The final piece to my natural home scents series. How did you like this summer edition? What did you think of the series overall? Let me know! Also, if you used any of these ideas and tweaked them, or made your own scent combo, share it with me! I would love to hear what you all came up with, so don’t forget to comment and share this post with all of your friends and family! Until then, stay creative, my friends!

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