Science is about asking “why” and “why not.” So “why not” get your science nerd on and check out the many ways that you can bring science home decor into your interior design? 

Howdy, friends! Today, I’m super excited to share tips on how to decorate using one of my favorite subjects … science! Science is everywhere. We see it every day on our way to work, from the cars we drive to the trees we see. So doesn’t it make sense to use some of those aspects of science as cool home decor?

Science Home Decor Flower Vase with Erlenmeyer Flasks Purple Wedding Ideas Interior Design


Let’s start off with a simple idea that falls under the heading of chemistry home decor. Check out these Erlenmeyer flasks - they are being used as flower vases. How nifty! This is a great and easy way to use old Erlenmeyer flasks (or any other type of chemistry flask that can hold water and flowers) that no longer adequately serve their purpose in the chemistry lab. Now, they are lab decor! Have fun with it, repurpose the flasks and paint them a bright, fun color! Maybe even put some colorful beads in the bottom like in the picture above. Place them on a windowsill that gets lots of light and show off your super cool flasks. So, for you chemistry lovers, this is a great way to start decorating your home with science!

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Science Home Decor Heart Engraved Cutting Board Cardiac Cardiology Medical Student Graduation Gifts

Via A Family Forest

This next item is one of my favorites and a great one for your kitchen. It’s a wooden cutting board with an engraved image of an actual human heart (eek, how cool). As a lover of anatomy and physiology, this item speaks right to my soul. The engraved heart is also detailed and realistic enough that you can clearly point out the left and right atriums and ventricles (aka the four chambers of the heart) and the vena cava, aorta, and pulmonary artery. As you can see, totally having a nerd moment right now. This would be such a fun piece to add to your nerd home decor! Anyway, if you love this item as much as I do, check it out here.

Science Home Decor Math Clock Advanced Math Solve Mathematical Problems Interior Design Ideas

Via Mr Honner

This next item is for all my math and physics nerds out there. Now, I couldn’t tell time on this clock. Granted, I know how to read a normal clock and could figure out the time based on where the hands are on this clock, but the math on this clock is not your basic stuff. This math is intense. For example, log 9876? Totally need my calculator to do the actual calculation. Nonetheless, what a super cool way to incorporate and show off your fancy math skills! Plus, by having and looking at this clock frequently, you’ll be able to tell people what cotangent of 5 (cot 5) is instantly. If you’re interested in this idea but want a clock with less complicated math or an entirely different science wall decor item, there are many options to choose from! Find what best caters to your decorating goals and make your brain smarter each time someone asks you the time!

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Science Home Decor Circuit Board Pillow Black Electrical Engineering Computer Geek Gifts

Via wfrancisdesign

Continuing on with our physics theme, we have a circuit board pillow. This item is super cool to me because my brother is an electrical engineer. Now, as for myself, my knowledge of circuit boards and physics is (extremely) limited. This item is perfect for our theme of science decor, but I do want to say that it would look amazing in a Star Wars themed room as well. Something about it just makes me think of Star Wars. Anyway, this pillow is simplistic but still interesting. For example, if I saw this pillow in somebody’s home, I would for sure ask them what it is. Pillows are a great way to display aspects of science in your home. This pillow would be a great nerdy science gift for a computer science or physics teacher. If you’re not into physics and circuit boards, there are many biology and chemistry themed pillows out there, too!

Back to biology - my favorite!

Since we are on the topic of plush science room decor, I want to show y’all these two items. The website Giant Microbes sells a vast collection of stuffed animal microbes, body organs and cells, diseases, and other cool microbiology type things. I chose two of my favorite stuffed animals - an immunoglobulin (or antibody) and a heart (I told y’all about my love for the heart - get it? Love, heart?). This stuffed antibody actually has a removable antigen, which is the dark red thing attached to the right heavy chain and light chain. The stuffed heart has little stuffed blood cells and plasmas hanging off of it. Super nerdy, but I love it! I could just buy tons of these. To decorate with these stuffed animals, you could place them on a bed or shelf, or just place them on your couch next to your circuit board pillow 😉

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Science Home Decor Space Coaster International Space Station Physics Nerd Gifts

Via Proton Paperie

This last item is for my lovers of space and innovation. Remember my brother the electrical engineer? He proofreads the software that is used on the International Space Station. So, when I chose this item, I had him in mind. This item is a coaster set with the technical diagram of a spacecraft on it. The spacecraft is labeled and you can see where different parts go. Very engineer-y, but still very cool and perfect presents for engineers. These coasters are a simpler and smaller way of adding a touch of science home decor.

Love #science and #decor? Check out these science decor ideas! You'll love 'em!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, January 8, 2017

Though some people may not agree, I think science decor is cool house decor. If you’re like me and want nerd decor and science at home, brainstorm how you want to incorporate it into your interior design. If you know someone in your life who would love these ideas, share this post with them. And, please comment on how you plan to show off your favorite aspects of science via your decor!

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