Sculpting in and of itself is not easy, but digitally sculpting? Now that’s a feat! Check out this beautiful wax sculpture by Ferdi Rizkiyanto.

Hello everyone! Boy do I have a treat for you guys today. So you all know by now that I love sharing talented artists, no matter what the art form. Art comes in many shapes, styles, and forms, and I appreciate the hard work and talent that a person has to have to be able to create beautiful and unique works of art. So, when I saw this awesome picture of a very intricately carved candle sculpture, you know I had to figure out exactly what was going on here. Without further ado, let’s check out this incredible and unusual art created by the very talented Indonesia-based artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto.

Sculpture Art Candle Wax Sculptures Full by Ferdi Rizkiyanto Uncharted Digital Art

First off, I gotta tell you a secret. This candle looks fantastic right? So many intricate little people carved onto the wax. But, it’s not a candle. Nope, this was all digitally rendered. I know, it looks so real! When I found that out it blew my mind. I mean, yeah sculpting wax is pretty hard too, but to create an impeccable digital rendering of a candle melting into intricate figures that look like they are scaling the sides, cameras in tow, to capture images at the top? Now that’s just fantastic! I think it makes this artwork extra impressive. Digital graphic art has always been fascinating to me. I completely respect the time and effort that goes into making something digitally. I mean, just look at this candle! It looks gorgeous; definitely an impressive and unique art piece.

Sculpture Art Candle Wax Sculptures Side by Ferdi Rizkiyanto Uncharted Digital Art

I really love how detailed everything is in this sculpture art. Just looking at this middle section here, with the figure stretching their hand up to the top, grasping the hand of another figure, you can’t help but notice the intricate detail. Look at the camera and the camera strap. Even the jeans of the person climbing have creases like they’re moving in the wind. I just can’t get over how much detail is within each of these figures. And to top it off, it really looks like it was made from the dripping wax of a candle. It’s just so cool!

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Sculpture Art Candle Wax Sculptures Corner Section by Ferdi Rizkiyanto Uncharted Digital Art

As you start to look at other parts of this awesome digitally rendered sculpture, you notice even more detail. There are so many people in this section of the candle, and they all have very distinctive looks, outfits, and even hair! I love one figure’s awesome ponytail. That’s a lot of detail to put into a sculpture. Ferdi Rizkiyanto could have easily just made all of the figures gender neutral or men, but he distinctly decided to add in some women. Kudos to you for not only making an awesome piece of art that has some great representation within the sculpture people, but for showing some great skill as well.

Sculpture Art Candle Wax Sculptures Front by Ferdi Rizkiyanto Uncharted Digital Art

Here’s another great shot at some of those figures at the bottom of the candle. It also shows the bottom itself, where the wax is melting into puddles and running down the table. This was a great detail to add because it really gives the person looking at the sculpture the sense that this is a real candle, not just a rendering. There are simulations of melted wax all across this piece, from the wax at the top of the candle pooled by the flame to the wax that dripped down the sides and into the puddles you see here. Very clever and creative!

Sculpture Art Candle Wax Sculptures Close Up by Ferdi Rizkiyanto Uncharted Digital Art

To wrap this up, I had to show you guys a super close-up of the woman at the top of the candle with the camera. The detail here in this 3d sculpture is even more awesome when you look at it closely. As her limbs get closer to the candle, they start to intertwine with the rest of the wax. That’s a pretty neat detail to add into a sculpture. I really like it, and it shows how talented Rizkiyanto is when it comes to digital graphics and art in general because not only was he able to imagine this piece of art, he was able to create it at a high level. Fantastic job!

So what did you think of this digitally rendered candle wax sculpture by Ferdi Rizkiyanto? I for one think it’s pretty fantastic, and would love to see more! Does this give you any sculpture ideas to make yourself? Let me know in the comments below, and of course you have to share this post with all your people who love art! Stay creative, my friends.

**All images c/o Ferdi Rizkiyanto