Get inspired by these custom-made summer color palettes that are easily applied to fashion, interior design, or anything else you can think of! 

It’s summer again, which means that temperatures rise, time flies, clothing is at a minimum, and enjoyment goes through the roof! Summer is the time for friends, laughs, drinks, and just having a good time. I love ALL four seasons. So my season series will mix color, fashion, and interior design all together in one big happy bundle. In this, my first installment, you will get some custom-made summer color palettes created just for you by moi! You can use these palettes for whatever you choose whether it be an interior design project, vacation clothing, or even a graphic design. I made all my summer color palettes using Adobe Kuler.

1. Royal Sun Palette

Summer Color Palettes Royal Sun Palette

Royal Sun Palette: bright yellow (FFEF0C), a darker, bolder yellow (CCAC0A), a bright purple (CC0F9E), a darker purple (992C7E), & a shade of white (F8EEFF).

The Royal Sun mixes shades of purple and yellow to form an eye-popping combo. Yellow and purple are often used together because they are complementary and work together perfectly. The interior design below combines different shades of purple along with yellow to form an elegant, yet rustic design. The bright yellow flowers add some vibrancy. The flowers are in an off-white vase with an antiqued appearance. This adds some classic charm. The darker yellow table is also antiqued and brings balance to this interior. The dark violet lamp and the lighter purple chair pull the design together. My favorite feature is the gorgeous light violet wall coloring. In ode to summer, I included a swimsuit that would fit my royal sun palette.

Summer Color Palettes Yellow Table with Purple Walls Lamp and Chair Royal Sun Flowers Accent Chair Table Decor

Interior: Via Lushome

Swimsuit: Via Mega Ricos

Summer Color Palettes Purple and Yellow Swimsuit Royal Sun Luxury Car Fashion Shoot Woman in Bathing Suit with Head Scarf

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Palette

Summer Color Palettes Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Palette: bright turquoise (00FFC8) , a bright cerise (FF1FA4), a bright sun yellow (E8C427), an electric purple (BA0CE8), & dark tangerine, a fresh & alert color.

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun mixes bright, fun, and happy colors together to form a summer masterpiece. When I think of the traditional colors of summer, I think about these colors. Although I was born in 1992, I used to jam out to Cyndi Lauper's song all the time. I would jump around my living room dressed up in my brightest colors. The interior I’ve chosen that matches this color palette is out of this world; it is bright, happy and 100% fun. The bright couch is amazing; it is tufted, bright, and yellow - I mean really it doesn’t get any better than that. The bright cerise diamonds on the wall serve as a gorgeous space filler. And the artwork really gives off a geometric type feel. I enjoy that the designer decided to use a neutral wall. It makes it so that one color does not overwhelm this living room. This bikini is perfect as it's bright and bold. If you’re a bit more modest, then you can try a swimming dress, a tankini, a one piece, or even experiment with cover-ups just as long as you stick to the girls just wanna have fun motto!

Summer Color Palettes Living Room with Yellow Couch Turquoise Table Pink Wall Art Summer Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Summer Color Palettes Tribal Pattern Swimsuit Bikini Summer Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Palette

Swimsuit: Via CiChic 

Interior: Via TrendHunter​

Girls just wanna have fun, & these #summer #color palettes are the #perf way to do it!!

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3. Happy Monochrome Palette

Summer  Color Palettes Happy Monochrome Palette

Happy Monochrome Palette - pure black (000000); pure white (FFFFFF); jumbo, a lighter tint of gray (8C8C88); Chicago, a darker shade of gray; & Zeus, the darkest shade of gray in the palette (333331).

The Happy Monochrome is a palette unlike the rest. While some people equate summer with bright and bold colors, this palette shows that nothing is one dimensional - not even summer. I am in love with this palette because this is my summer palette of choice. I even ordered, the swim dress below for my 2014 swimming gear. 

Black and white are perfect for summer, spring, fall, and winter as they are timeless or, in this case, season-less. Check out the interior below. I chose one that was simple, sleek, and straight to the point. This interior is beautiful, but the thing that makes it such a great monochrome design is that it has dark, black floors and white walls. The designer was very clever in making sure that the design was in balance. The wall is white so they added a black table with dark vases, decor, and lampshade. This interior is perfectly balanced and it works.

Summer Color Palettes Black and White Monochromatic Entryway Summer Happy Monochrome Palette

Via My Scandinavian Home

Important side note: If you haven’t heard about swimdresses yet, then let me introduce you! The swimdress is perfect for big girls, girls who prefer more modest swimwear, or girls who are rebels and not afraid to try something new. Swimdresses are made out of nylon and spandex and come in an array of different colors and designs, and yes you can swim in them! They come with built in undies so you don’t have to worry about shelling out the extra money for swim bottoms. They resemble minidresses and usually come to the top of your thigh. I found the bathing suit below at but there is an array of other sites and stores that you can check out!

Summer Color Palettes Black and White Floral Skirt Swimsuit One Piece Summer Happy Monochrome Palette

Via swimsuitsforall

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4. Aqua Surfing Palette

 Summer Color Palettes Aqua Surfing Palette

Aqua Surfing Palette: aqua (00FBFF), bondi blue (00B0B3), baby blue (71FDFF), pumpkin (FF731E), & burnt orange (FF7D2E).

The Aqua Surfing combines soft blues, which reflect the summer beach and ocean, and dark oranges, which are reflective of the sun and summer heat. All together we’ve got a complete summer experience. The type of summer experience where you are floating on top of the water staring at the sky and daydreaming (maybe with an umbrella embellished fruity drink). The swimsuit that I chose for this palette is a tankini. At first, I thought that I would add a soft green to this palette, but I felt as though having different shades of blue and orange is very much summer inspired. I love this tankini; it’s beautiful, soft and floral and great for the summer season. This palette gives us an interior that is classy and sassy. It has this light, soft feeling to it, yet still maintains a sense of sophistication. The seashell-like centerpiece reminds me of the beach and the essence of summer. 

5. Cool Water Palette

Summer Color Palettes Cool Water Palette

Cool Water Palette: deep sky blue (00B0FF), electric indigo (8916FF), royal blue (3548E8), medium spring green (0CE8A7), & free speech green (13FF25).

Cool Water mixes the cool colors of the summer and the flowing blues of the ocean to produce a relaxing summer experience; one that you will never forget. Though summer is known for being a fun time where many people vacation and travel, it is also known for being a time of relaxation. Many people who work through the summer take time off to vacation with friends and family. This is what makes summer (many) people's favorite time of year. 

When I went to Costa Rica, my main goal was to have fun and have a few life-changing experiences. It was my break from college and I wanted to enjoy some relaxation time as well. I remember floating on the water and looking up at the crystal blue sky. Eagles were gracefully flying like little ballerinas jumping through the air in slow motion. I suppose that’s why I love this palette so much, it reminds me of an amazing time. The swimsuit I chose is an aqua bikini for all my sassy girls out there who want to show off their beach bodies. I love the little tie in the front because it adds that extra ounce of cuteness. Because this palette reminds me of the beach and water, I had to choose a space that would represent that well. Here we have some poolside seating, two aqua blue lounge chairs that point in the direction of the ocean. I love the green of the palm trees and the overall tropical feel.

Summer Color Palettes Light Blue Strapless Bikini Swimsuit Cool Water Palette

Swimsuit: Via DOLL Swimwear

Interior: Via Indulgy

Summer Color Palettes Indoor Outdoor Patio Area with Light Blue Accents Summer Cool Water Palette

Thanks for reading! Be sure to share if you liked any of my custom palettes. Comment below with your personal favorite!

**Featured images (L to R): Trendhunter and Drummonds