Get ready to fill your head with a few of my favorite varieties of a kitchen essential we often overlook – salt and pepper shakers. By the end, you’ll be singing “shake it like a salt shaker” nonstop in your head! 

If you follow along with my posts, you probably already know that I’m not one to post things like what you’re about to read. By that, I mean that blogging about salt and pepper shakers seems a little out of character, and it is. But, I’m feeling a little whimsical today and wanted to give a S/O to the pretty, often weirdly shaped, things that hold the spices that make our food taste better. Salt & pepper are not something to take for granted, let me tell you!

Fun fact of the day: in Gatlinburg, TN stands a real life place called The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. You heard me right, a museum full of random, probably weird, shakers. Yep, it’s a thing. If you’re anywhere near Gatlinburg please go, and send me pictures to cure me of my curiosity. After I heard about this museum, I came to the realization that if there is a dot on the map filled from top to bottom with salt and pepper shakers, then I need to round up a few favorites of my own to share with my dear readers. My picks are on the conservative side of the spectrum. By that I mean that you won’t see salt and pepper shakers shaped and painted like a hamburger and hot dog, sitting on a pretend ceramic grill exists, trust me. Who comes up with these kinds of salt and pepper shakers? So creative, so unique, and so silly!

Something that is silly, but is also something I like and might actually have in my home comes in the shape of pigs. Don’t knock ‘em, ‘til you see ‘em! They’re not painted or porcelain or anything like that, they’re simply made of glass. I like the transparent route because then I can see what’s going on inside of the shakers and know exactly when to refill these little piggies. Plus, the little cork noses have made my heart melt. How cute is that?

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Salt and Pepper Shakers Pigs Little Miss Piggy Glass Cork Piglets Kitchen Essentials Home Decor

Via Terrain

Another see-through option is more on the modern side of the road, reverse salt and pepper shakers. I’m still not completely sure how these work, but I like them. There is something about the way they look that has me both transfixed and baffled. There has to be a simple explanation. The spices have to come out easily. Though, half the fun of having these has got to be watching your friends and family try to get the salt and pepper out of them. And it would be worth the entertainment, for sure. Plus, they look kind of awesome! Form has to meet function when it comes to any salt & pepper shaker, otherwise, why have them?

Salt and Pepper Shakers Modern Reverse Design Home Decor Black and White Transparent Kitchen Essentials

Via Design Milk

Let’s up the ante a smidge and head toward an option that has a little higher level of sophistication. This pair is literally shaped like two pears. And man, are they pretty! I love the design on the white one. So elegant. My favorite part is that each fruit-shaped shaker is different. Pepper is silver and salt is white. It’s pear-y lovely! But in all seriousness, these are gorgeous. They would add a touch of class to a simple dining table. You could even make them part of a centerpiece, since they look so pretty on the little tray here!

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Salt and Pepper Shakers Fruit Pear Shaped Salt and Pepper Anthropologie Kitchen Essentials Sophisticated Home Decor

Via Anthropologie

Because these last few selections have been short on color, I have two more salt and pepper shakers I like that will not disappoint in hue. Even the smallest pops can add to your home decor, even if it is just S&P shakers. The first is something blue. Blue is one of my favorite colors so I tend to lean toward all things turquoise, aqua, royal blue, etc. I know I said before that I liked see-through glass, but the opacity of these calls to me. My initial thought upon seeing these was that they’re pretty. I like pretty things, so naturally these made the cut. And the cool texture they have also is really fun to me. Sleek is neat and all, but this is so much better!

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Salt and Pepper Shakers Turquoise Bubbles Silver Caps Kitchen Essentials Pops of Color Home Decor

Via Etsy

The last on the list is a grinder. I could probably write an entire post just about salt and pepper grinders, but I won’t bore you with the details. However, I am going to show you a bright, bold, and fun version I would put in my kitchen ASAP. Orange may actually be the new black. What do you think? One thing's for sure, these would never ever in a million years get lost. They pretty much shout at you, but I love it! They definitely add a pop of color to the kitchen! Plus, the size is awesome. Cool pepper grinders and peppercorn mills are the best kind of shakers to have because I think they make everything taste fresher. Fresh is best!

Salt and Pepper Shakers Bright Bold Orange Eclectic Home Decor Kitchen Essentials Salt Mill Pepper Grinder

Via My Sweet Savannah

We all have salt and pepper shakers and their designs are all over the spectrum. Whether they are pretty, boring, or something that would merit a display at the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, we all need them. I’m going through an “it’s the little things” phase and I’ve learned a lot of accidental lessons on the subject. Appreciating the small things can only lead to the bigger and better parts of life! Spoiling yourself with the small stuff will instantly brighten your day. Even if the “spoiling” is as simple as making your bed or lighting a nice candle...or in this case, having pepper n salt shakers you took the time to specially pick out!

What do you think about the little things in life? What’s your favorite way to pour your S & P? Tell me all about it by sharing and commenting below!

**Featured image via Omero