Though they’ve been around for a while, smoothie bowls seem to be here to stay! Not only are they super nutritious, but they’re incredibly delicious!

Hello, wonderful readers! I can’t really believe it, but this is my 50th blog post! So, it’s pretty accurate that it’s about food! I don’t know if we’ve been over this yet, but Julie here loves smoothies. I think it has something to do with my absolute, undying love of all things fruit (except coconut and papaya - sadly I’m allergic to coconut, and papaya smells like feet and it kind of wigs me out). Knowing this, and knowing that there’s a special place in my heart for creative, artistic things, you shouldn’t be surprised that I love smoothie bowls. I mean, it’s a smoothie that you eat like a big bowl of yummy, healthy ice cream, and they can be so artistic and pretty! They’re the best smoothies ever. Today, we’re going to look at some gorgeous inspirational photos, and I’m going to sneak in some smoothie recipes (just click the source link for each picture!). So, strap in, and get ready to look at some beautiful and healthy smoothie bowls!

Smoothie Bowls Blueberry Oat Bowl with Fruit and Edible Flowers

Via cloudberrytales

If you don’t know anything about smoothie bowls, I’m about to drop a crash course on you. Smoothie bowls are basically your typical breakfast smoothies, poured into a bowl, and topped with yummy things like nuts, berries, fruits, edible flowers, cacao nibs, and coconut flakes, to name a few. The big difference between normal yummy smoothies and bowls is that smoothie bowls are thicker than normal. They almost have the consistency of very, very soft ice cream. This way, they can easily be eaten with a spoon.

The key to this thicker consistency is to use frozen fruits. The more frozen fruit you use, the thicker your smoothie will be. I always have a stockpile of frozen fruits in my freezer for this purpose. Whenever I buy fresh fruit, I take at least half of it and get it ready to freeze. I wash all my berries and let them dry. For things like peaches, I wash, dry, cut in half, and remove the pit. I place all the fruit on parchment or wax paper in the freezer overnight. In the morning, I have perfectly frozen, non-frosty fruit, which I toss in Tupperware and stack up in the freezer. For bananas, I peel, cut up, and freeze on wax or parchment paper again. I then baggie them up, one banana per bag. Makes it very easy to add to a blender, and make wonderfully thick smoothie bowls!

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Smoothie Bowls Chocolate Bowl with Frozen Berries Chocolate Drizzle and Raw Cacao

Via cloudberrytales

Did you know you can make chocolate smoothie bowls, and they’re still healthy? Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Chocolate healthy smoothies. And yes, they are just as divine as they sound. Heart-eyes emoji times infinity. The trick is to use cacao nibs and powder, not cocoa powder. There are more nutrients and enzymes in cacao powder because of how it’s made (cold pressed instead of roasted) and believe me, it’s amazing. The super-rich flavor of chocolate really comes through in cacao, and it’s one of my go-to additives for fruit smoothie bowls! You can get cacao powder and nibs at most grocery and health food stores, though online is always an option too. Bless the creator of the internet, right?

Smoothie Bowls Watermelon Bubblegum Pink Bowl with White Chocolate Bits Rawnola and Homemade Ice Cream

Via linasaber

I want to talk for a second about this wonderful human being, Lina Saber. She makes divine looking food, has great smoothie ideas, and even makes her own ice cream! Yes, that lovely, pale pink scoop there is not smoothie, but actual ice cream. I may swoon. Sidebar: I did find out recently while experimenting making different foods that you can very easily make your own ‘nice’ cream (that is, healthy, ice cream tasting goodness) in the comfort of your own home without any special equipment. How? Frozen fruit and a blender. Sometimes a bit of juice or milk, and a flavor additive like cacao or coconut, but that’s pretty much it!

Okay, back to Lina’s creations. I have been obsessed with her smoothie bowls for a while. I kept seeing these gorgeous great smoothie recipes of hers pop up in my Pinterest feed, and I finally followed her on Instagram. She’s just fantastic. I mean, look at this gorgeous thing. It looks heavenly, and she styles her smoothie bowls so well that I can’t handle it.

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Smoothie Bowls Minty Teal Bowl with Grapes Rawnola White Chocolate Bits Pumpkin Seeds and Homemade Ice Cream

Via linasaber

Just look at this one! It’s even my color. My favorite thing about this one, okay other than the color, is all the yummy, color coordinated smoothie ingredients piled on the smoothie. I may not actually be able to eat this one, because of the coconut, but hey, it looks amazing. I enjoy bowls that have more than just fruit and granola topped on them. This one has pumpkin seeds! And, well, of course the wonderful homemade ice cream that Lina makes. I have got to perfect making ice cream like STAT. I do have an actual ice cream attachment for my stand mixer. Hmm. I’ll keep you guys updated if I end up making anything completely and utterly delicious. Or, if I totally fail, that would be funny too!

Smoothie Bowls Blue Algae and Spirulina Bowl with Edible Flowers Fruit and Bee Pollen

Via anniskk

This lovely lady, Anni Kravi, is another wonderful lady that makes beautiful smoothie bowls. Her big thing is intricate designs with edible flowers. I have yet to try edible flowers on my smoothie bowls, but I may or may not be ordering some this weekend. But I digress.

More than just works of art, #SmoothieBowls are nutritious, #healthy, & fun to make!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, May 7, 2017

I love this shade of blue (made with spirulina and blue algae powder) and the adorable rainbow design she made. So precious. She makes the coolest smoothie flavors. I love the mix of fruit, flowers, and other additives like coconut sugar and bee pollen. There’s basically no limit when it comes to adding toppings, or designing said toppings, on your berry smoothie bowl!

Smoothie Bowls Blue Algae and Spirulina Bowl with Intricately Designed Fruit Veggies Berries Edible Flowers Chia Bee Pollen and Granola

Via anniskk

I told you Anni sometimes gets very intricate in her designs! I am completely in awe of how gorgeous this is. I can’t imagine the time it took to make and place everything on this smoothie bowl! Anni mentions several times in her Instagram posts that creating her smoothie bowls in this way is like meditation to her. She created mindfulness habits for herself in the form of making gorgeous smoothie bowls like this one. Go ahead; check out more of her lovely creations on Instagram. Though, don’t be intimidated. Your smoothie bowls don’t have to be this crazy intricate to be awesome.

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Smoothie Bowls Blackberry Boysenberry Coconut Bowl with Berries Edible Flowers and Whipped Cream

Via vanelja

This one here is simpler. I love it. Plus, that purple is kind of awesome. I love the addition of whipped cream to this one. Did you know you can make your own whipped cream? You totally can! Take some heavy whipping cream, pour into a blender or high speed mixer with a bit of sugar to taste, and crank it up. It’ll, well, whip up nicely. You can make non-dairy versions as well. The most common uses coconut cream, but there are other ways. You can use tofu, cashews, or other nuts, like in the recipes here. Just combine, and whip it, whip it good!

Smoothie Bowls Blackberry Coconut Bowl with Piles of Seeds Nuts and Berries

Via HelloGlow

This last one I had to show you because, as you can see here, you can quite literally toss your toppings onto part of the bowl and still have it look grand. This person just added scoops of chia seeds, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, and fresh berries on top of their coconut smoothie bowl, and doesn’t it still look lovely? Easy smoothies, with very little effort too! After seeing bowls like these, you can see that anyone can make a beautiful, yummy smoothie bowl that’s picture perfect. Because, in all honesty, even the non-perfect ones are picture perfect in my book!

There you have it, folks! Some wonderfully gorgeous smoothie bowls, and a few tips, tricks, and recipes on how to make your own! Which smoothie bowl was your favorite? Do you have your own recipe to share? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via linasaber