Are you a lover of birds and home decor? Have I got a treat for you. These unique bird themed home decor ideas will have you fluttering with joy and chirping with glee! 

How’s it going, everyone? I hope all of you are doing swell. So, since most of you don’t know, I actually moved into a new house recently (yippee!) and it’s gorgeous, in my honest opinion. Maybe I’m biased because it’s my house, but I like it a lot. Since I’m not married, I have roommates for a variety of reasons. It’s nice to have good company around and it’s easier to divvy up furniture and decor needs amongst three people rather than one.

My roommates and I are all very different both taste-wise and in terms of personalities. We had some slight concerns at first because we thought our home might end up as a hodge-podge of styles. However, both of my roommates pretty much said they trusted my decorating skills. So our home is definitely on the eclectic side, but I’m happy to say it looks really good.

Despite our different tastes, oddly enough we all seemed to have one thing in common. We all had some kind of bird home decor. Odd, right? Our throw pillows have bird graphics on them. Some of the paintings and other art that we have includes birds. I have feathers and bird art in my room. Another one of my roommates has bird cages and owl decor. We even have an owl clock. It’s an odd common interest, we all like birds and bird decor. Why you may ask? To be frankly honest, I have no clue!

Due to the mass amounts of bird decor, which looks super adorable and quaint by the way, I’ve definitely been inspired to share some bird themed decor with all of our lovely readers. Why? Because I like y’all and I like the fact that you enjoy keeping up with FurnishMyWay and all the fun things we are up to!

Anyway, before my gushing gets awkward, let’s get to work on our bird themed home decor exploration!

Bird Themed Home Decor Bird Cage Decor Moss Rocks Butterflies Metallic White Wood Dining Table Coffee Cup

Via Michaels Blog

One of my roommates has bird cages in her room as decoration. I definitely love the vintage, rustic look of bird cages (they’re perf for a vintage themed bedroom). Plus you can do an assortment of things with them. You can place them on tables, or hang them from the ceiling. Whatever suits your fancy! I like the mix of moss with these cages above because it adds some vibrancy, color, and life to this centerpiece.

Another great idea for bird cages is to use them as planters! Lay some moss down on the bottom of the cages and add hanging ivy or succulents and you have a lovely and unique planter that you can hang. I think these are pretty darn cute, don’t you? I may have to do this for my own home and add to the collection of bird decor that quaintly resides there already. Plus, just a little side note, fresh plants are a great way to bring life, freshness, and vitality to your home. It’s been shown that people relax well in nature so why not bring a little piece of nature into your home in a super cute way!

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Bird Themed Home Decor Black Wire Bird Cage Jewelry Storage Earring Necklaces Flowers Pearls


Bet you didn’t know that you can use bird cages to store your jewelry! Well, if you didn’t, now you do! I like this idea a lot because it’s fun and unique. Plus, this is a great way to show off all your favorite jewelry and have easy access to it as well. Talk about win-win right there. And this particular wire birdcage is just perfect for it!

Alright, I think I’ve written plenty about bird cages. They’re just so versatile and there are so many decorating possibilities! But, moving on from cages, let’s talk about feathers!

Bird Themed Home Decor White Gold Dipped Feathers with Glitter Jar of Bobbins on Table

Via The Small Things Blog

I think the first time I saw gold glitter dipped feathers was on Junk Gypsies and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed. I love the look of free standing feathers and I think the gold and glitter just make them even more fun. This is a perfect idea for an avian themed room! If you’re interested in upping your table or desk decor with something unique, this is definitely a great option!

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Bird Themed Home Decor DIY Feather Pendant Lamp Hanging Light with Feathers

Via A Beautiful Mess

Can I just say that this feather pendant lamp is super fierce and unique?! Also, did I forget to mention that it’s super easy to make, in any style of feathers you want. That’s right! This pendant lamp is actually a DIY—talk about awesome DIY bird decoration! How awesome is that? This is definitely a fun idea that will have you fluttering with joy. (Pun intended!)

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Bird Themed Home Decor DIY White Feather Wreath Pinecones Glitter Winter Door Wreath

Via Decoist

I love this cute and quaint feather wreath! You can definitely get creative with this project by using different types of bird feathers, maybe peacock feathers... the possibilities of feather combos are endless! Then you can think about whether you want themed wreaths. Oh! Like a holiday themed one, or a lovebird one for Valentine’s, or anything at all that you could want! Feathers are just awesome, guys!

Welp. That’s all the bird decoration ideas I have for you guys for now! I’m sure some of you are wondering why I chose to focus on projects with bird cages and bird feathers. Since choosing home decor with bird graphics was probably the most expected choice, I decided to think outside the box a little and give you something new and unexpected.

Another day, another blog post! I hope you guys loved all the ideas and you’re just tweeting with joy about them. Just an FYI, you can literally tweet about it. If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below and don’t hesitate to share this blog post with your family and friends. Thanks for reading, friends!

**Featured image via Decornorth