Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? You don’t have to narrow your style search down to one type of decor; you can mix it up with transitional style furniture and fixtures! 

Lately, I’ve gone on a redesign rampage and have pretty much rearranged everything in my bedroom from head to toe. A lot of upcycling and moving things around has gone on as well as the purchase of a few new things. My style ranges from old to new, from classic to modern, from neutrals to color pops...upon trying to define my style, I concluded that it simply just was not possible. “Why do I like so many things?” and “how will I be able to nail down a design formula for my home when that time comes?” were among the questions I asked myself.

I cannot tell you how many of those stupid quizzes I have taken on Facebook or through other internet sites that are supposed to tell you what design aspects you lean toward. I have taken way too many of them to count and the only thing the results had in common was that they were all DIFFERENT. Ugh. The struggle was no longer knocking on the door; it was standing in my contemporary-rustic-modern-classic-antique-coastal-eclectic-midcentury-shabby chic foyer.

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One of my aunts has a knack for interior decorating and let me tell you—she is GREAT at it. She is innovative with problem solving and is constantly changing up her house. For example, she redid the scape on her credenza in the dining room. She had lamps on either side of the table (previously in her bedroom) and she wanted them to be a little taller. She went and grabbed two matching table runners, which she already had, folded them like you would fold a paper into a fan, and placed them under the lamps. Voila! Height and style were instantly added to that once simple piece of furniture

She was recently telling me about the new light fixtures she had ordered to be installed in the kitchen and living areas. I asked what style they were and she said that the lady who sold them to her classified her home as having transitional style decor. I had never heard of that before so I got to Googling and, soon after, the question of “what does transitional mean?” was answered:

According to Lisa Frederick, Houzz contributor: “You'll love it if ... You're a natural diplomat. You prefer a few statement accessories to layers of necklaces and wristfuls of bracelets. You serve mac and cheese on your wedding china. Your dream vacation involves chilling out at an elegant spa. You can't understand why people think beige is boring.”

That pretty much just summed me up in a short paragraph. I have actually eaten pasta off of wedding china and statement jewelry is my forte. Transitional style decor is mixing modern and traditional furniture with mismatched hardware and combined finishes, and adding personal touches. It is personable, while being removed of unneeded clutter. It is “greige” with a few other colors here and there. It is changing things around and tricking yourself into thinking that thing you’ve had for ages is brand-new because you moved it into a different room. Tbh...the transitional house design rocks.

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Now that we’ve put it into words, let’s explore what transitional looks like so you’ll be able to see why my newfound taste is so snazzy and cool. Perhaps, you’ll even be able to relate and take away some ideas!

Transitional Style Bedroom Layered Bedspread Gray Greige Soft Pink Accents Pillows Bedside Tables Classic Side Table Lamps Black and White Accent Rug

Via DecorPad

Bedrooms are meant to be cozy and relaxed. What I love about this one is that while being more modern in terms of the layered bedding and the upholstered headboard, the lamps and bedside tables lean more toward contemporary and traditional design. Neutral colors are a key player in the transitional game, yet if you look a little closer you’ll spot the subtle colors that serve as strategically placed accents. It just works and makes me want to take a nap ASAP!

Hardware is a big deal to me. I love brass/gold/copper/chrome because they’re all so different. They are beyond the simplicity and commonality of stainless steel. It can make your space have a totally different feel if you pick something other than stainless steel for your hardware. Sleek aesthetics got me getting all types of feels about this bathroom. And I think you’ll be able to tell why!

Transitional Style Bathroom Herringbone Floors Gray Cabinetry Greige Brass Hardware Gold Double Sink Side-by-Side Gold Mirrors

Via Studio M Interior Design

Herringbone flooring paired with gray cabinetry and brass pulls and lighting! Can we just stop for a second and take all of this in? The floors are lightly tinted, but still have a lot going on. They are perfect for a simple space, such as a bathroom. Not every type of flooring in your home has to be unified. It can contrast from room to room if done right!

There’s a common theme that has occurred in each of the rooms I’ve shown you so far and that was on purpose. Gray and white, along with other neutrals, are big in the transitional style file. “Greige” (a mix of gray and beige, of sorts) is something you’ll see a lot in the transitional color palette, as well.

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As Brick (from Anchorman) might say in a situation like this: I love light. Big windows are a must must must for me. They create openness, brightness, and what lies beyond them is usually nice to look at. I mean, who doesn’t love having a great view outside of their huge gridded windows? This space definitely has that!

Transitional Style Living Room Color Accent Pillows Open Big Window White Trim Gray Walls Olive Green Cushions

Via Carla Aston

The white trim and gray walls make a huge statement here. Because the sidewalls are relatively dark, it is important to keep the room well lit. Windows and overhead lighting can get the job done. Again, colors aren’t everywhere, but they’re still there and I like that about this space. The colors are of a different palette than normally seen, but really look great with the dark living room! While remaining comfortable and relaxed, everything has a purpose, be it simply looking good or being functional.

Transitional Style Gallery Wall Shoe Bench Shoes Modern Light Fixtures Chandelier Lighting

Via Liz Marie Blog

Gallery walls are great. I prefer structuring them on a wall as opposed to having a bunch of random paintings, canvases, or frames all scattered around. Don’t get me wrong, those are important too! There is just a place for everything. Try to mix it up, while keeping it all together. 

What I like about this gallery wall is that it is cohesive and well kept. The white frames and black and white photos are the ideal classic touch needed to balance out the modern light fixtures in this interior. Pair it with a bench like this and you have nothing to fear. I would like to award whoever was in charge of this design a ‘job well done’ sticker. You know, like in kindergarten. TBT!

Kitchens are kind of big deal. Luxe kitchens are an even bigger deal. No one wants to prepare a meal in a cramped, closed off room. Transitionally speaking, the more open the better! From the photograph below, you can see all of the important places from the kitchen sink. The dining room is shown directly to the right of where I would stand at the faucet, and straight ahead is what I’m assuming would be the living room. This is where all the fun happens. So, naturally you’ll want to be able to enjoy that if you have guests over or need some TV entertainment while cooking. This wide open space allows all this to happen.

Transitional Style White Kitchen Mixed and Matched Hardware Quartz Countertops Barstools Pendant Lighting Kitchen Sink Gallery Wall

Via Home Bunch

On top of that, the countertops are quartz (love quartz) and are not cluttered or messy with papers and things like those that tend to pile up on my counters. Plus, quartz is easier to take care of than marble. And, it looks just as good! The hardware is mixed and matched, but still meshes. There is a chrome sink, stainless steel appliances, and brass in the overhead pendant lighting.

Can’t define your style? Perhaps transitional style is worth taking a peek at! #homedecor

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Islands in the kitchen, that is where there’s a bar(stool). Nice Dolly rendition, you don’t have to tell me twice. Anyway, most every transitional kitchen style I’ve seen has this overhang in the island that is begging to be paired with a fantastic set of barstools. No one ever regrets adding this to their home. Looks great, feels great.

Lastly, I wanted to show off my favorite doors. Barn doors are fabulous. Because you’re reading this I’m assuming you are too, meaning this isn’t news to you. I won’t drag out the details because I think they speak for themselves. The one I’m posting is a pantry, which I’ve never seen before, but really like. The modern tiling in the pantry’s interior seals the deal. I’m definitely crushing on it, can you tell? Barn doors add a great statement to places like this pantry, and are very functional since they don’t open out, so there is more room for you to walk around and not accidentally run into your pantry door while cooking.

Transitional Style Pantry Modern Tiles Barn Door Black and White Kitchen Wood Floors

Via Town and Country Living

I guess I’ll leave you to process this info overload so you can let your inspiration flow and get to your transitional decor! There are so many ways to go about transitional styling. I think that’s why it is so appealing to me. If this isn’t really you, what is your favorite style? I love hearing from y’all! Let me know by sharing and commenting below!

**Featured image via FurnishMyWay Home Decor Pinterest