An accent wall is a great way to add color and personality to your home. Find out four fan favorites that will help you get the perfect look! 

Riddle me this: what's the reason behind this fear so many people seem to have that drives them to paint their entire house the same old tan color? I mean honestly, if you don’t like the color you chose or get sick of it, all you have to do is repaint it. That’s the beauty of paint! You can easily change the color of walls in your home with a few coats of paint and a couple hours of your time. Don’t think I don’t understand how scary, time consuming, and crazy it can get when you’re trying to repaint your home. But I also know that having every wall in your home exactly the same color can be boring, so, let’s deviate from that in a totally easy, non-scary way with accent walls! Today, I want to share accent wall ideas that will give that tan I just mentioned the break it deserves, and make some of those walls in your house pop with amazing style. Here are a few accent wall DIYs that will definitely make you want to branch out!

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Gallery Frame of Mind

It’s time to bring out the tool box, and dig out the hammer and some nails! The easiest way to dress up your blank walls is to pick out some type of picture or typography and frame it. Gallery walls are a creative way to add personality to your home. I know that images flood your Pinterest stream announcing “the right way to make a gallery wall,” but there isn’t really a right or wrong way. Gallery walls are great for the home decor-challenged individual. That means a lot coming from a rule-following, type-A person such as myself. I would not lead you astray!

Something like the accent wall decor in the image below fills up a lot of space and looks absolutely amazing while doing it! I think this is the perfect idea for living room accent walls, don’t you agree? You can showcase your gorgeous photos, art prints, and paintings in a place where anyone who comes over can easily see them!

Accent Wall Gallery Wall White Credenza Ceiling Fan Typography Pictures Frames Coral Couches


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Contact Information

If gallery walls aren’t your thing or you’re looking for accent wall designs that are a little less common, this one’s for you. Contact paper is at your service outside of just lining drawers and cabinets. Perfect for the renter, this DIY is easy to remove, doesn’t leave holes in the focal wall, and still offers a fun, fresh look. What more could you want?

Pictured below are gold contact paper polka dots. Trace ‘em out, stick ‘em on, and call it a day! Wouldn’t this be cute on bedroom accent walls? So chic and pretty! This is exceptionally perfect for dorm rooms! You can’t always paint them, and you’re usually only there for a year anyway. But, you can totally add in some fun designs made from contact paper to spice up your dorm room walls!

Accent Wall Gold Contact Paper Polka Dots DIY White Cork Board Frames Green Tree Plant

Via Lauren Conrad

Think outside the box & paint outside the lines…Here are 4 ideas to brighten your home!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, June 13, 2016

Chalk It Up To Fun

As trendy as they seem to be lately, chalkboard accent walls are still seldom seen in the homes of real people that exist outside of Pinterest. Of course, this idea seems perfect for a playroom or child’s bedroom, but I also really like the idea of having an accent wall in an open space where everyone can see it. It looks especially cool in a kitchen or dining setting where a menu can be written or grocery lists can be made! This makes this one of my favorite accent walls ideas!

I can just picture myself in my kitchen going over my grocery list and writing everything I need for the killer meal I’m going to make right there on my kitchen accent wall. Plus, I could totally sketch out the recipe of said killer meal on the wall to really wow those I invite over to enjoy my cooking. Ahh, wouldn’t that be nice?

Accent Wall Chalk Paint Wall Bar Kitchen Window Dinner Menu Drink Menu

Via Hative

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Wood Work

This accent wall trend is a little more labor intensive than the rest, naturally making it my favorite. The originators of this idea from Classy Clutter created this look with the help of plywood, a homemade stencil, a gold sharpie, a jig saw, and mounting tape. With the right tools, duplicating this wood accent wall doesn’t seem all that difficult, but it does seem like it would take a little bit of time to complete. Regardless, if the result looks half as good as it does in this picture, I think it’s worth it!

There are many other designs you could go with when creating your accent wall from wood. Maybe you could make squares or diamond shapes. Don’t get me wrong, these rounded shapes are ah-may-zing, but not all of us are talented with power tools, or have access to them. Think about what you have access to and can use, and design your wood pattern from there!

Accent Wall Scalloped Wood Cutouts Gold Sharpie Chandelier Focal Point Throw Pillows White Dresser

Via Classy Clutter

These are just four out of probably close to a million ways to turn that blank wall’s frown upside down. There are tons of unique accent wall ideas out there so please share! I am always interested to see how y’all decorate and appreciate your homes and would love to hear about your ideas. As always, let me know by sharing and commenting below!

**Featured accent wall image via Classy Clutter