Striking light fixtures can really make a room pop! Dress up your white dining room with beautiful statement lighting. 

If you’re a frequent lifestyle blog reader like me, I think it’s safe to say we have two things in common: we like to eat and we like interiors. If you can identify with one or both of those, then you’ve stumbled into the right corner of the worldwide web. This post is about just what the title says—statement lighting for the white dining room. One thing I love about a white dining room is that there are plenty of opportunities to get creative! Typically, I think that a dining room should follow the “less is more” rule of thumb, but there's something to be said for a home full of surprises!

If space is limited in your home, there is really no need to fill up a room with large and bulky pieces of furniture that’ll just make your home look small. Instead, strategically place stylish pieces that will work wonders for the dining space. The best way to do so starts with what you have going on from the ceiling down! Trust me, adding a dramatic chandelier or pendant light is a super simple way to style a dining room.

When you go big with your lighting, you don’t have to put as much effort into the other details. Think about it like a piece of statement jewelry. You don’t need a lot of busy patterns or bold colors with just the right accessory!


The key is to keep it simple. In a way, a white setting serves as a canvas and it’s your job to use the tools you have to create an amazing interior. What really makes any statement light work is the contrast of monotone coloring with elaborate embellishments. Basic styling allows a white setting to act as a blank canvas that really showcases lighting fixtures. 

A pure backdrop really brings to light what’s actually going on in the room. That isn’t to say your dining room should be completely devoid of any decor or accessories. In fact, I encourage adding your own personal touch! However, what you place in your dining space will be noticed hugely based on the interior hanging lights you choose!

Depending on what your dining room looks like, my go-to place to hang statement ceiling lights is right above the dining table. With this one addition, you can create a unique dining experience. PLUS, it’s a great trick for rental properties or even new homes that are still in the bare bones stage. Sounds a whole lot like a buy one, get one kind of deal!

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Light Years Away

Statement Lighting White Dining Room Area with Gold Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Via Euro Style Lighting

This is a very mid-century modern interpretation of doing the white look right—all thanks to the help of one very bold fixture. No need to even look up before our eyes are immediately drawn to the golden sputnik chandelier. Imagining this area sans the large ceiling light gives us nothing to see but a fairly plain room. The metallic touch reinforces the feeling of luxury, while the small plant and wooden accents provide a slightly more casual feel that lends proportion to the space. Big isn’t a bad thing when it comes to this impressive modern interior. The lack of clutter and utilization of clean lines is what reinforces this simple but chic look that I’m loving!

Out of this World

Statement Lighting White Dining Area Room with White Starburst Chandelier Modern

Via Home Designing

This dining room set-up is all about using natural wood and striking white tones to fuel a look that epitomizes modern simplicity. The white wooden table has smooth lines and is joined by white chairs that are fixed on natural wooden legs that give off a subtle rustic feel. The space is finished off with a stunning white starburst chandelier which is what steals the show—although that fireplace is a close second. This futuristic fixture really pulls the entire design together and nails the concept of lighting!

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Crystal Clear

Statement Lighting White Dining Area Room with Black Furniture and Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

Via Design Crisis

I love seeing an unexpected mix of sleek lines, dark tones, and antique lighting. Mixing styles and eras is really what interior design is about and this dining room kills it! For starters, the wire accent chairs have an edgy look that contrasts with the flawless finish on the wooden table. To throw a curve in the design, this space is topped with a regal crystal chandelier, or as I like to call it: the perfect element of surprise. This is a nice eclectic mix of contemporary and luxuriant.

You're Making Me Blush

Statement Lighting Kitchen Nook Eating Area with Elegant Pink Blush Glass Chandelier

Via Style Me Pretty

When the opportunity arises, embracing your feminine side is the best move for your interior. Take this little space for instance. How perfect is that peachy-pink glass chandelier? I think it fits this dining nook to a T. The pink hue exudes a soft femininity that works well with the white and nude color scheme and pops up throughout this kitchen area. Subtlety is what best describes all the happs going on here. There’s definitely a glam vibe present, but it’s done with just the right amount of sophistication and elegance. Also, the bench on one side of the round table is a pleasant seating option. Gotta love it!

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Searching for Seashells

Statement Lighting Beach Bohemian Dining Area Room with Shell Chandelier

Via Lonny

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t this entire room make you long for a vacay?! I’m getting a major coastal vibe from this room and I think it’s beachy-keen! A bright and airy dining room calls for none other than a capiz, or windowpane oyster, shell chandelier to aid this dining space in its mission to become as beachin’ as possible. So many textures and natural materials went into making this corner of the house extra relaxing and that includes help from the statement lights!

Branch Out

Statement Lighting Rustic Dining Area Room with Bohemian Branch Chandelier

Via SF Girl by Bay

For those of you who are all about exposing earthy-feels, I’m throwing a bohemian-inspired look your way: 1) Chestnut stained wood: gorgeous; 2) White walls: gorgeous; AND 3) Really, really cool branch-like concept lighting: most gorgeous!! The chestnut stained wood floors have an almost smoky appearance that harmonizes perfectly with the lighter tones of the dining room furniture, which I personally really like. It’s the perfect contrast of two different types of wood! I can’t forget about the most important part—the fixture. They must call them that because you can’t help but FIX your eyes on 'em! It’s simple enough to go with the natural theme and glam enough to capture my attention. What a creative way to light it up!

Bold IS beautiful when it comes to statement lighting in the dining room!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, April 24, 2016

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