Say hello to this fabulous home decor idea: stenciled floors. This uncommon (and stunning) DIY will definitely change the way you view floors from now on! 

Hey there, friends! I hope your day has been dandy. Have you encountered any unexpected things or had any fun adventures today? Just wondering. Anyway, I’ve got a story for you guys. Before I started working here at FurnishMyWay, I actually worked as a decorative painter for high-end homes. The job was actually a lot of fun and a great experience overall! The responsibilities of my job entailed glazing cabinets, stippling walls, creating wall murals, and stenciling ceilings, walls, and just about anything that can possibly be stenciled.

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I learned a lot from that job—particularly the fact that you can make A TON of things look gorgeous with a few creative stencil ideas. Walls, ceilings, and floors. Yup, that’s right. Stenciled floors look amazing. Now before you shake your head in disbelief, give me a chance to prove to you that stenciled floors are stunning. Check out Exhibit A below!

Stenciled Floors Bedroom Lace Pattern Stencil Gray Painted Walls Chalk Paint

Via Hometalk

This floor is gorgeous, is it not? And you said you didn’t believe me! (JK, I really have no clue if you actually disagreed with me or not.) Seriously though, if you're in a tight pinch budget-wise but you want to do something that’s unique, different, and has a big impact on your home decor, then consider stenciled concrete for your flooring. I love the way this gray floor gives the bedroom a little extra character. Since the room is fairly neutral without a lot of embellishments, the flooring really kicks up the style a notch and adds a ton of visual interest. Come on, you can’t deny that the silver metallic walls paired with the gorgeous flooring is a fabulous combo.

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Now get a look at this beauty! These floors are definitely a BOLD interior design statement. Notice there isn’t any furniture in this hallway. That’s for a reason! Why take away from the stunning masterpiece that is the flooring? These are the kind of floors that leave a lasting impression on people!

Stenciled Floors Black and White Graphic Design Columns and Arched Windows

Via Kika Reichert Inspirations

If the previous floors were just too much for you to handle, check out this more subtle floor stenciling. Do you have a favorite quote or song lyric? Consider stenciling those words on your floor like this. I think this would be especially fun in an office where you may need inspiration on a daily basis. Just picture this - you’re slumped down in your chair at work, feeling kind of frazzled, and you look down, and there’s inspiration right at your feet. Talk about a motivator that gets your feet going (literally!).

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Stenciled Floors House Tour Maryam Montague Office Pendant Light Artwork Color Block Walls

Via Lonny

So this floor isn’t necessarily stenciled, but it’s definitely gorgeous. Just check out that stunning mandala! I wanted to show you guys this painted floor just because well, I haven’t shown y’all a painted or stenciled floor with color, which by the way is totally possible and can absolutely look good. What’s my proof? This picture right here! I love the colors combined in this room. I think they’re fun and fresh.

Stenciled Floors Hardwood Flooring Mandala Pattern Floor Lamp Minimal Design


Before ending this blog post, I had to show you guys a gorgeous stenciled outdoor patio. I love the black painted floor with white stenciling. I like the boldness and impact this graphic adds to this cool space. Plus, I love the throw pillows and how they add such a nice pop of color. What a fun idea, right?

Stenciled Floors Patio Outdoor Seating Bench Throw Pillows Black and White Deck Flooring

Via Zillow

Well, that brings an end to my post, friends. Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Which stenciled floor was your favorite? Also, as a daily reminder, sharing is caring so make sure to share this post with family and friends. Spread the love! Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!

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