Quick question for you fashion lovers! Do you get inspired by looking at blogger’s fave looks? Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by my personal fashion.

Hey amigos (I thought I’d try calling you guys something new today)! As you may or may not know, I have a lot of passions and interests in life. One of my passions is definitely fashion! I’m one of those kinds of people who love to dress up and try to look nice every day. Looking put together makes me feel extra confident!

I remember my freshman year in college when my then roommate was telling me that I put a certain flair to my fashion outfits that wasn’t one certain style but rather uniquely me. I never would have thought of my style as eclectic, but the more that I look at my ever growing (I need to go to Goodwill and donate stuff soon!) closet, I’ve started to realize that my tastes and style have really evolved into something unique.

I’ve been told I have pretty good taste in clothes. However, I do admit as a college student, sometimes I take a break from dressing up and just wear workout clothes. When I’m not wearing yoga pants and some fun collegiate T-shirt, I would describe my style as minimalistic with an eclectic flair. I’m not huge on galaxy prints or graphic tees, I prefer simple and chic closet staples. I do wear bold jewelry here and there, but I often find myself not wearing jewelry at all. I prefer to stick to either my two everyday silver rings and rose gold watch combo or one bold necklace. And, although I don’t like to accessorize a ton or like bold prints or accessories, I LOVE a fabulous bold heel (because I’m only 5’3”).

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So now that you kind of have an idea of my personal style, why don’t I show you some examples of fashion looks I love and would wear in a heartbeat!

Outfit #1: A Perfect Everyday Look

Personal Fashion Blue and White Striped Banker Shirt White Cropped Jeans Strappy Heels Black Bag Chic Outfit

Via Bloglovin'

This is a look that I would totally rock! In fact, I can definitely vouch for myself and say that I’ve worn something very similar to this multiple times. It’s simple and chic, but still has some unique trendy touches. Let’s start from the bottom up. First of all, those heels! I’m a girl who loves a good trendy heel. I’m a huge fan of nude heels as well. The heels here are unique but definitely not overdone—perfect for a day out. I would probably opt for nude wedges just for the sake of comfort. Although I like looking chic, I try to be as comfortable as possible! The only other thing I think that I might do differently is instead of wearing jeans that are cut at the end like these, I might wear a pair of white (or even faded blue) jeans cuffed at the ankle.

I think this look is great for a casual lunch with coworkers. You could wear this to work if you swap the ripped jeans for something a little more professional. You could even wear this to your local farmer’s market or a super trendy coffee shop. If I wasn’t attending a college where workout clothes are the norm, I would probably wear this look absolutely every day. At my university, something like this is actually kind of dressy!

Outfit #2: Date Night or Special Event Outfit

Personal Fashion Royal Blue Mini Dress Silver Heels Silver Bangles Statement Necklace Date Night Outfit

Via LuLus

I love this look! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve noticed that when it comes to formal events, I tend to gravitate toward three colors: black, cream, and cobalt blue. I’m not sure why I am naturally drawn to those colors, but I am. I think this mini dress would be perfect to wear to a wedding or on a dinner date with someone special. When I’m dress shopping I’m very conscious of fit over pattern. Generally, in my every day style, I like things to be a little bit loose and ultra-comfortable. However, when it comes to special occasions, I like my dress fashion to be more tailored; fitted on top and looser/flowy on the bottom. I prefer solid prints over bold floral patterns. I still wear a dainty floral pattern here and there, but due to my minimalist tendencies in my personal fashion, I really like solids. I adore the silver accessories and heels paired with this blue dress as well. Overall, I think this look is super put together and would gladly add this dress to my closet.

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Outfit #3: Workout Clothes

Personal Fashion Black Yoga Pants Workout Top with Jacket Black Headband Fitness Gear


I feel like if I didn’t show you guys a workout look, then I wouldn’t be properly showing you my style because I wear workout clothes on a regular basis. My taste in workout gear generally looks like the outfit above. I usually opt for black yoga pants over patterned ones. I’ve tried to get into printed and brightly colored yoga pants, but they’re really not my style. I like my yoga pants to be black because they’re simple, chic, slimming, and classic! You can wear almost anything with black yoga pants (maybe not anything).

I like to wear mostly black with one pop of color whether that be a bright teal, hot pink, or even just a really crisp white. I’m not a huge fan of grays when I work out because of sweat marks. I don’t always wear the cutest workout clothes, but if I know that I’m going multiple places before I go to the gym, I try to opt for a cuter gym outfit over an over-sized T-shirt with Nike shorts.

So, those are three looks that I would go for friends! Before I bid you adieu, here are a few fashion tips that I use whenever I go shopping.

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Be bold, ladies! Although I tend to have a minimalistic style, I definitely try to get out of my comfort zone. Bold prints are not what I am naturally drawn too, but sometimes a good bold print is great to break up the ho-hum of solids!

Personal Fashion Bold Shift Dress Gold Pendant Necklace Blonde Waves Orange Manicure Gold Bangles


Add a little variety in your closet! I love this bold shift dress. This is something I would definitely want to try to wear. The geometric pattern on the bottom is very eclectic and so me! I love the vivid colors. Although my day-to-day wear is generally very simple, something bold like this would be great to wear on a special occasion like a graduation or birthday party! Plus, it would add a nice change to my normally minimalist and simple style with those bold colors!

Personal Fashion Colorful Tribal Shorts Love Bracelet Navy Blue T-Shirt


Here’s another trendy, fun piece that I would like to try! I love the colors and bold print of these shorts. They definitely aren’t something that I would wear every day, but I would love to try them as a nice little spruce up for my spring and summer fashion outfits! They would definitely bring some fun and cheer to my closet! I would pair these shorts with either a white or navy tank. That way, the bold pattern of the shorts would be the main focus of my outfit!

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Tip #2: Trendy or timeless? You choose!

This tip is especially helpful if you are shopping on a budget! When I go shopping if I’m buying a timeless piece that I know I can wear for years to come, I don’t mind spending a little more money. However, if what I’m buying is a little more trendy, then I prefer to spend less because I know that it may not always be in style. I think it’s super helpful to invest in closet staples like a great pair of jeans, a classic button up blouse, etc. But, like I said in tip #1, be bold and don’t be afraid to try out trends!

Personal Fashion Marsala Hat with Knit Sweater Floral Scarf Classic Makeup Side Braid Bold Brows

Via Glam Radar

The look above is a great example. This year Marsala is super in! Why not buy a Marsala colored hat that has a timeless shape? That way, you get the best of both worlds. And here in Aggieland, a Marsala hat is the perfect accessory, so technically here, even the color is timeless! Whether you’re looking to buy something timeless or trendy, the choice is really yours!

Tip #3: Get inspo from fashion bloggers and retailers!

When I’m shopping for an event or for something I know I’ll be photographed at, I like to look up outfit inspiration. I don’t always do it, but looking at OOTDs really gets my fashion engines going and helps me decide what I want to wear. I’m definitely one of those girls who will try on three different outfits before I finally choose what to wear. That’s why I find using fashion bloggers as resources to be super helpful!

Personal Fashion Shop Til You Drop Orange Boxes Black Shorts with Orange Heels Monuments


So what online resources do I use? I’m a lover of Pinterest for sure! I love to look at Pinterest for ideas for holiday events or even day-to-day wear. Feel free to check out FurnishMyWay’s Pinterest for fashion ideas because there are plenty of awesome pins there that I’m sure you’ll love! Other resources you can use are online fashion blogs (some of the best fashion blogs in my personal opinion are A Beautiful Mess and Lauren Conrad’s blog), fashion magazines, or even lookbook videos on YouTube! There are a plethora of online resources available for fashion inspiration.

If you’re an avid online shopper (or online window shopper like me) and you’re shopping for a formal event, but you’re on a budget, I love online fashion boutiques and fashion sites like Rent the Runway and Dressometry. I think these fashion sites are great if you ever need some fashion help or are in need of specific fashion advice.

Tip #4: Stay true to yourself and your personal style!

I think the best fashion tip ever is to stay true to your personal style. This is something that I’ve been constantly hearing everywhere in pop culture and today’s media due to the need that some people feel to conform to a certain fashion and style. I say whatever style you like best, whether it’s similar to mine or not, is definitely what you should rock! Just because I’m not huge on super bright colors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be!

Personal Fashion Bohemian Style White Blouse with Pendant Necklace and Brown Wedges


When it comes to fashion, like Heidi Klum would say, sometimes you’re in, sometimes you’re out! My advice is to try timeless pieces, but don’t be afraid to dive into something fierce and trendy. You’re only young once, so wear something you couldn’t imagine seeing yourself wear fifty years from now. In general, just be you!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to share this post with any and everyone either. Thanks for reading, friends!

**Featured image via Old Navy