When the harvest yields a lot of rice straw, these Japanese artists pick up the pieces and create gigantic straw sculptures for their annual art festival!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to our blog! I’ve been on a more artistic kick lately, and I have so enjoyed finding and writing about various types of unusual art. Normally I stick with more crafty stuff like knitting and embroidery, but today I have a new thing I want to show you guys. This all started in Japan, at the Wara Art Festival in Niigata. After they harvest rice, the straw is left over. When there is a lot of straw left over, the artists get to work and create gigantic and epic sculptures for the art festival! Kind of awesome, right? Who knew you could sculpt from straw? Apparently, you can! So for today, let’s look at some of the awesome, unique sculptures artists have made for this festival!

Straw Sculptures Wara Festival Niigata Japan Gigantic T-Rex with Open Jaw Photo Opportunity

Via RocketNews24

I am totally in love with these giant dinosaur sculptures. I mean, they’re just awesome! You can stand in the mouth of this T. rex for a great photo opportunity, too. So clever. And they’re HUGE! I know they said the sculptures were gigantic, but seeing them with people near them really shows how large they are. I just love this T. rex. They even put in his tiny little arms! The triceratops from the featured image is pretty amazing too. I never thought you could make a super cool, detailed outdoor sculpture from straw. You can see the different textures they created for the claws, teeth, and horns of the dinosaurs. It’s just fantastic. They definitely know something we don’t about sculpting with different mediums!

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Straw Sculptures Wara Festival Niigata Japan Gigantic Cobra Snake

Via @amymauscd

Holy moly, this giant cobra sculpture is so cool! Can you see where they braided the straw to create the look of scales? I can’t believe it. It must have taken so much work to braid all of that straw, but it payed off! I know not everyone is a fan of snakes, but you gotta be able to admire the tedious work that went into creating this giant snake. It’s so detailed, from the tongue and fangs to the striped “scales” on its underside. It’s so cool! This sculpture makes me think of that part in Aladdin where Jafar turned into the cobra. It’s huge, and the eyes practically glow.

These gigantic #dinosaur #sculptures may be made from straw, but they are still intimidating! Check some of them out here!

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Straw Sculptures Wara Festival Niigata Japan Gigantic Crab Interior Structure Made From Wood

Via @sta_R_chi

So how do they use straw to create these complicated and gigantic art sculptures? They have a base structure, of course! The artists will create and build an underlying wooden structure to attach the straw to, and that’s what makes these structures able to stand up and be sturdy enough for people to take pictures on and around them. As you can see from the structure of this future straw crab, they are pretty detailed. There are plenty of places for straw to be securely attached. That has got to be a lot of work to get those structures just right. Can you see the shape of the crab? Well, let’s check it out!

Straw Sculptures Wara Festival Niigata Japan Gigantic Crab

Via @sta_R_chi

Bam! Here’s the finished crab. Was it what you expected? I think it looks completely awesome! I love how they took the time to tightly wind the straw so it creates a hardened appearance. Perfect for a crab body! It still blows my mind how huge these sculptures are. The claws are bigger than the people! That gives some perspective as to how big these things are. That’s a lot of straw too! These sculptures were all made at the same time, so that’s a ton of straw that was used to make all these epic animal sculptures. There’s got to be so much straw left over after the harvesting, otherwise how could they make so many huge and unusual sculptures? Also, can we take a second to appreciate that they’re taking the leftovers of a harvest and creating some beautiful and unusual art?

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Straw Sculptures Wara Festival Niigata Japan Gigantic Praying Mantis

Via @amymauscd

How fantastic is this giant sculpture of a praying mantis? It’s so detailed! Even the texture of the creature is made to mimic a real praying mantis (I had a thing for bugs as a child, and this was one of my favorites!). So awesome! I am just in awe of the creativity that went into creating these weird sculptures. I mean, really, who would think to take a giant pile of straw and turn it into unique art? Even Rumpelstiltskin didn’t think to do that! He just wanted gold! Which, after seeing these sculpture ideas, was not the way to go. Why spin straw into gold when you can have cool wildlife sculptures? Crazy how artistic and creative some people can be, and I love it!

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Straw Sculptures Wara Festival Niigata Japan Gigantic Duck Floating in Lake

Via @amymauscd

The last cool sculpture I wanted to show you guys was this duck. I love how it’s actually swimming in the lake! Of course, I shouldn’t be at all surprised, as both wood and straw float. But it looks so cool! It’s actually a swimming gigantic duck! Again with this sculpture, you can see the difference in texture on the beak, eyes, and rest of the duck. I kind of like the haphazard way the straw looks to be put on the outside of the duck. It makes him look fluffy, like he is actually a fluffy little duckling. Okay, not a little duckling because it’s a huge sculpture, but you know what I mean. It’s still amazing, and the fact that they actually put it in the water makes it so much cooler to me!

Well, there you have it, folks! What did you think about these gigantic and awesome sculptures made from straw? I can’t believe how huge they are, and thinking about the amount of time it must take to make them just blows my mind. Which sculpture is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family! Until next time, stay creative, my friends!

**If you want to find out more about these amazing straw sculptures or see more pictures, you can find that here and here. Featured image via Niigata City