Last time I showed you how to dress like my favorite superheroines, now I’m back with some superhero fashion.

Remember how I said that another fashion post might not happen? Well… I spoke too soon. Due to a little bit of prodding and a whole lot of inspiration, I’m back for more. I still don’t know how I got here, but let’s stop questioning it and just go with it!

Last time I wrote about how to dress like your favorite female superheroes. That was mostly accidental. But let’s be real, I love the male characters as well… and they all dress so fantastically! So I’m back to show you some more superhero inspired fashion!

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In general, the men of the comic universes are much more popular. For example, if you left your house in a green top and purple cutoffs, I’m pretty certain most people could gather that you were trying to dress like the Hulk. I’m not going to talk about the Hulk (though, you’re welcome for that free idea). No, the characters I’m going to share with you are a bit less… green.

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That being said, let’s jump right in! Naturally, I will start with my favorite male character. Yes, that is Grant Gustin’s portrayal of The Flash. Is it a coincidence that last time I chose to write about Supergirl first and now this time The Flash? Nope! They’re easily my favorite characters on TV right now. And, their crossover episode was the best thing to hit television all year. Frankly, when I’m finished writing this, I may go watch it again! So cute!

Frankly, Barry Allen is pretty darn fantastic without even being The Flash. Yes, I might be partial to Grant Gustin, but that’s beside the point. Barry is a working man, so like Kara Danvers, he has his working clothes (for his job as a CSI) and his working clothes (for his job as The Flash). After all, it would be hard to keep his identity a secret if he donned his superhero attire at the police station!

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When trying to don the Flash suit, I think it might be safer to try something a little closer to Earth-2’s Flash than Earth-1’s Flash. Let’s be real, wearing red leather head to toe might work for a metahuman, but it’s not really something a regular human can pull off very fashionably. So instead, stick to a pair of dark jeans, a red leather jacket, and some red sneakers. And yes, feel free to wear your Flash T-shirt while doing so. After all, Barry has the medallion on his chest, too! Superhero logo shirts are the best, aren’t they? They’re an easy way to get one step closer to looking like your favorite superhero!

If dressing in Barry’s street clothes or his Flash suit isn’t quite your style, another easy option is to pick up a Star Labs T-shirt (or pullover) and pair it with jeans (I may or may not be wearing that exact outfit as I write this…).

Yes, I said I was sticking to characters a bit less green than the Hulk. Yes, Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. To be fair, I meant skin tone (nothing against anyone being green, I just don’t think you want to walk around in green body paint all day). Depending on what Oliver is up to, Mr. Queen’s style tends to be a bit more relaxed than Barry’s. With the exception, of course, being while Oliver was running for mayor. But regardless, Oliver’s life is far more about being the Green Arrow than being Oliver Queen (I’m pretty certain that’s the story line for about two whole seasons). So we’ll skip over how to dress like Oliver Queen.

The Arrow (or Green Arrow, depending on where you are in the show) wears, you guessed it, a lot of green. Again, only a vigilante can walk around town wearing green from head to toe. Disclaimer: this is not me suggesting you become a vigilante. I do not suggest walking the streets in a mask. Also, I don’t suggest jumping from a rooftop like the Arrow frequently does. However, I do suggest walking around in a killer green jacket, black skinny jeans, and fabulous green boots. You could choose a green leather jacket, but I’m partial to the hood aspect of the costume. After all, Detective Lance did call Arrow “the Hood” for quite some time. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been on the lookout for an awesome green hood (with jacket attached, of course) to pull off a Green Arrow look. I’ve always loved hoods, and there’s just something that gets me about Green Arrow’s hood.

Steve Rogers, like Oliver Queen, spends far more of his life as Captain America than Steve. Like many other superhero costumes, he tends to wear mostly one color. However, he has the one color you can wear head to toe: blue. You can copy Captain America’s Winter Solider look by donning a pair of jeans, Captain America Winter Solider T-shirt, and a nice pair of brown boots. You can always throw in a jacket for good measure. The shield earrings are a nice touch, since most people don’t have a vibranium shield to carry around with them all day. You can, however, use this awesome Captain America Shield Backpack to carry all your superhero gear in. I love that the backpack straps match the straps Cap wears in the movies!

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I bet you weren’t expecting this one. You’re casually scrolling through my superheroes list and think “Ok, next will probably be Iron Man, Superman, or Batman.” Nope! There’s nothing wrong with any of those characters, but Hawkeye is far more interesting. I mean, look at that outfit! That’s far more interesting than a red metal suit (sorry Tony), blue onesie, or a black cape. With Hawkeye, you get to wear purple! Frankly, that makes this one of the best superhero outfits in my opinion. A nice purple tank, leather vest, black pants, black boots, and you’re good to go! Add in some arrow accessories and you’ve taken your superhero apparel to the next level!

Extra credit points if you realized you can extend your superhero fashion budget by wearing the same pants for Barry Allen, The Flash, Green Arrow, and Hawkeye!



BONUS. Currently there’s no actor portraying Robin anywhere on TV or the big screen. However, I really enjoy this casual cosplay rendition of Robin from the comics. I mean… let’s be honest, this outfit perfectly matches the comic clothing! At least Robin doesn’t wear one color from head to toe! I mean… seriously, who does these superhero designs? I’d think even superheroes would prefer more than one color in their wardrobe!

I think my venture into the world of fantasy fashion is officially over. Though, I have to admit, fashion is more fun when I’m looking at it in terms of cool superhero outfits. What do you think? Do you want to dress as your favorite characters now? Are you about to go shopping for some awesome superhero wear? Or am I the only one? As always, please be sure to comment and share!