Come with me as I travel to Asgard and bring back some wonderfully nerdy ways to create golden and ornate Thor inspired superhero room decor in your home on Midgard!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my Marvel home decor series! I only have a couple more left, and that is making me sad. I have so enjoyed this series! Today’s superhero is none other than the Asgardian God himself, Thor Odinson. Even though we don’t actually get to see his room, we do get a lot of great shots of the palace he lives in. It’s quite ornate, and pretty fantastic. So, that’s where I’m drawing my inspiration from for this post. We’re going to see how we can add a little Asgardian style into your home, whether you want it very ornate or a little more subtle. Let’s go check out how to incorporate this vibe into your Marvel decor, shall we?

Superhero Room Decor Avengers Thor Odinson Asgardian Palace Decorations Marvel Fandral


The big takeaway here? Everything is ornate, gold, and quite awesome. I’m not normally into the whole metallic, sleek decor thing, but this is just gorgeous. Obviously it screams “otherworldly palace, here!” but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some of this back to Midgard and spice up our own Marvel room decor. Some things I notice immediately that can be used in your own home are the use of gold on the walls and floor, the ornate designs, and the gold accessories. Let’s start with the walls.

One way you could totally start with this is to add lots, and I mean lots of gold elements to your home. If you can, I would totally start with the walls. Maybe the furniture too! This would be a completely awesome place to start. Bonus points to you if you do two toned walls and incorporate the Asgardian or damask designs into it, like what you see on the walls here, or in many images you can find from Thor: Dark World. Talk about a great way to do Marvel wall decor, right? If this is too much metallic gold for you, or too much gold in general, don’t worry. I’ll go over a more subtle way in just a bit! For right now, I want to show you how extravagant you can go with the paint. This doesn’t even have to get expensive.

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Have you seen this tutorial on how to turn plastic toys, glass vases, pieces of wood, and even plates gold? Gold Krylon spray paint will be your friend here! Grab yourself a can of the metallic paint, head to thrift stores and dollar stores, and find items for your Thor inspired home decor. You can use items such as plates, vases, glass bottles, and various other things you happen to come across in a thrift store. You might even be able to find some Avengers action figures. That would be hilarious to add in!

Superhero Room Decor Avengers Marvel Thor Odinson Asgardian Palace Chaise Lounge Natalie Portman

Via Comics Alliance

Can I take a second to note how much I love the clothes? Gah, Asgardian fashion is that medieval Viking meets new age mix that I kind of want in my life and wish to wear on a daily basis. But, the main reason I chose this image was this epic chaise lounge. I just love the color. Navy is an excellent way to ground all the gold, while still keeping that opulent home decorating flair. Plus, chaise lounge chairs just shout “fancy” at me, and the gold embroidered pillows second that thought. This picture also lets you have another look at some of the detailing on the wall, so you can find one you like if you’re going to paint your walls a vibrant shade of gold.

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Superhero Room Decor Avengers Marvel Thor Odinson Golden Bedroom with Yellow Gold Curtained Walls

Via Decoist

In the midst of all the gold you have, try to add some navy elements yourself. Turn the couch navy. Get a navy chaise lounge if it is calling to you. Go navy with the headboard in your gold Marvel bedroom, or even add a couple of navy pillows. That will help keep your space from being too other worldly, if you’re totally going all out. If you’re going for more subtle, navy is also great for that!

Looking at this bedroom here, it definitely has that ornate feel with all the gold. And, I just love the curtains! This is a great idea if you are unable to paint or wallpaper your walls. You can still get that solid gold atmosphere for your Marvel bedroom decor! I would keep an eye out for yellow gold curtains and snag them as they go on sale or see if you can find someone you know who sews and can help you make them, or make them yourself if you’re crafty!

Superhero Room Decor Avengers Marvel Thor Odinson Living Room with Golden Accent Wall and Ornate Navy Elements

Via Concepts and Colorways

Speaking of subtle, I love this idea for a living room. The one gold accent wall really makes this place pop. I love the mirror too. You don’t even have to find a gold mirror, as you can always paint it! Plus, the ornate detail on the chairs (which are also navy!) mimics the Asgardian designs I mentioned earlier. This room is definitely classy, with hints of ornate chicness and glam. It’s perfect for superhero room decor!

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I also like how this room is exactly how I would picture a cross between Asgardian decor and modern day Midgard decor. I think what sells it for me is the open shelving unit. That would be the perfect place to add in the gilded items you made! Unless your guests have read my post, there is no way they would know you drew inspiration from Thor! Well, if you have the Marvel Comics decor item below, they might figure it out eventually.

Superhero Room Decor Avengers Marvel Thor Odinson Hammer Gentle Giant Mjolnir Bookend


In my opinion, you can’t have superhero decor that is Thor related without Mjolnir! This bookend is the perfect way to incorporate Thor’s Hammer into your home. If you wanted to stick it in your golden Asgardian bedroom, it would look lovely on a gilded nightstand. If you decorated your living room like the one above, with that great open shelving unit, this bookend would look absolutely fantastic holding up your favorite novels. I wonder if this is the point where people would start to wonder if your decor was inspired by Marvel superheroes. Who knows? I think it would be great to find out! Plus, it would just be fun to have a gilded home inspired by Thor, don’t you agree?

There you have it, folks! My take on decor inspired by the Asgardian God, Thor, and how you can incorporate it into your own home. What was your favorite part? Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, and also comment! Let me know what other heroes or even villains you would like to see. I’m starting to compile a list and once I’m done with the Avengers, I’ll start a new comic book decor series! So, share with me who you would like to see, and as always, stay nerdy, my friends!

**Featured image via Screen Rant