Who said tacos were only for Tuesdays? You can have delicious tacos any time of the day, night, or week with these awesome and easy to make taco recipes!

Hello, wonderful readers! Taco Tuesday is probably my favorite day of the week. I love any excuse to snag tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even dessert! I grew up in South Texas, so this should be no surprise. Tacos are life, y’all! With that being said, I love making tacos, and I mean all kinds of tacos, to eat at various parts of the day. What can be better than starting the day with a breakfast taco, having tacos for lunch and dinner, then ending the night with a dessert taco? Not much, let me tell you. Especially if you make tacos that are mostly healthy. Less guilt = more tacos! If you love tacos as much as I do, then this is the post for you. Let’s go over some fantastic and tasty taco recipes that will get you craving tacos every day of the week!

Taco Recipes Huevos Rancheros Tacos Refried Beans Eggs Tomatoes Cheese Diced Avocado

I just had to start with breakfast tacos! I grew up with Huevos Rancheros tacos, so I definitely needed to share a recipe for this. This one is a twist on the traditional Mexican tacos recipe, and I gotta say, it looks and tastes amazing. I love that they used eggs cooked over medium instead of scrambled. I think it adds a whole new dimension to the taste. They just look so nice. I love food that not only tastes good, but it looks good too. You have to try these out if you love breakfast tacos!

Taco Recipes Summer Breakfast Tacos Eggs Avocado Onion Tomatoes Cilantro Salsa Cheese

These breakfast tacos looked too good to pass up. Like I said, I love breakfast tacos, and these summer breakfast tacos look heavenly! Look at the yumminess they have piled onto those slightly charred tortillas. Talk about YUM! They look like the perfect, warm yet refreshing healthy taco recipe that would start any summer day off the right way.

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Taco Recipes Beans and Greens Tacos Cloves Kale Pinto Bean Onions Cilantro Chili Powder

Lunch and dinner tacos are fun too. There are so many ways you can go with them. This first one is a Beans and Greens taco filled with yummy black beans, avocado, and a homemade guacamole. Oh, this is definitely a taco recipe I want! These are made on corn tortillas, which I also have found a taste for. Normally where I’m from, we use flour tortillas, but I have found some amazing tacos in Mexico and Guatemala that were made with corn and they were so good that I was hooked. Blue corn is my favorite, but I digress. If you haven’t tried them on corn tortillas, give it a try. I typically warm up the tortilla a bit on the burner to give it some stability, then stuff it with goodies like the ones from this easy taco recipe!

Taco Recipes Carne Asada Tacos Flank Steak Onions Cilantro Homemade Salsa

Probably my favorite taco. The classic Carne Asada taco. Oh, I do love carne asada! This is so easy to make, and all the ingredients will last a while in the fridge, so you can make a big batch of the taco meat and fillings and have tacos throughout the week. I love recipes like that. Carne asada is just marinated flank steak (much like the tacos in the featured image) then this taco is stuffed with onions, cilantro, and topped with a homemade salsa. Oh, it’s just too good to be true! These are one of those classic Mexican recipes that anyone can make.

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Taco Recipes Curried Chickpea Tacos Cabbage Lettuce Radish English Cucumber Tomatoes Avocado

This is a unique taco that I tried recently and decided that it had to be added. I love chickpeas, and had seen many recipes using chickpeas in things like tacos. Well, whoever decided to do that was a genius. This curried chickpea taco is so good! The curried chickpeas (which are so easy to make) are what give this taco the perfect amount of sweet and spicy flavors. The cabbage salad inside adds the best cooling and crunchiness factor. I could go on and on about these yummy tacos, but you should try them for yourself!

Taco Recipes Ice Cream Dessert Tacos Cinnamon Sugar Chocolate Chips Crushed Nuts Chocolate Dip

I said I would give you dessert recipes, so let’s talk about ice cream tacos! You can take a flour tortilla and either bake it or heat it up in a skillet (sometimes I add butter and cinnamon sugar to it after heating!) to make a shell. Then, after it cools into shape, pile on the ice cream and dip in chocolate! Keep these puppies nice and frozen until you’re ready to serve them, and your family or guests will be in love! Experiment with different flavors of ice cream, sugars, and toppings to make the ice cream tacos of your dreams. Maybe use waffles instead of tortillas, or think of something else that’s creative and sweet. There’s almost no way to go wrong here!

Taco Recipes S’mores Dessert Tacos Flatbread Mini Marshmallows Chocolate Chips

This was so clever! Instead of using tortillas, they used flatbread and carefully molded it into taco shell shapes. Fill with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham cracker bits and you have the perfect s’mores taco! You can bake them in the oven to get that nice toasted marshmallow flavor and gooey-ness. These would be perfect for a camping trip, or a backyard camp out!

Taco Recipes Cinnamon Apple Dessert Tacos Vegan Coconut Sugar

Lastly, these cinnamon apple tacos! I love anything that is like apple pie, so when I saw these tacos that were made like apple pie, but in taco form, I was in love! I thought it was really awesome that they fried the flour tortillas to make a puffy shell and then coated them in cinnamon sugar. Talk about delish! Stuff it with yummy apple cinnamon-y goodness, then top with whipped cream of choice. They used coconut cream, but if that’s not your thing, use whatever type speaks to you. Or, like what I would do, I would totally add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or gelato! My mother would be appalled (she doesn’t mix ice cream with pie or anything resembling pie) but hey, it’s delicious!

There you have it, folks! My Taco Tuesday inspired post where I got to share my infinite love of tacos. Do you have a taco recipe you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget, sharing is caring, so share this post with all your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Want to try the tacos from the featured image? You can find the recipe here! It’s got a killer cilantro yogurt dressing on it that you will love!