Pumped for this upcoming game day and tailgate? Don’t forget the snacks! Here are some simple and easy tailgating recipes that are perfect for game day! 

Howdy, friends!

It is that time of year again … COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK, WHOOP!

Y’all know what that means - tailgating, delicious food, and watching your favorite make touchdowns. I love game day and tailgating, but not just for the game itself (please don’t tell my friends). Instead, I come for the food!

My love of game day food is why I’ve compiled a list of simple and easy tailgating recipe ideas that are perfect for your tailgate menu. As a student, when the words “simple and easy” are used to describe food preparation, I’m sold. Besides, with all the chaos that accompanies game day, simple and easy sounds perfect.

All of the tailgating recipes that I’ve chosen actually come from Pinterest, and the majority of them come from our Pinterest

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Tailgating Recipes Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce Tailgating Recipe that is Simple and Easy

Via Damn Delicious

I wanted to start off with a tailgate appetizer that can be eaten with a bunch of things: cilantro jalapeno sauce. This is an amazing tailgate dip recipe that only takes 5 minutes to make, and it is the perfect food to prepare as an appetizer because you can serve it with your favorite chips, french fries, or even veggies. If you find yourself having any leftover (which I doubt, but you never know!), you can add some of this sauce to your burger or whatever main food that you’re eating. It’s even perfect for fajitas or hot dogs - yum. I can already feel my mouth watering. Is it Saturday yet?

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Tailgating Recipes Bacon Wrapped Potato Skins with Barbeque Sauce

Via One Sweet Mess

Next up on our tailgate dishes is a recipe that combines two of my favorite foods: potatoes and bacon. These bacon wrapped potato skins are perfect for game day because they don’t require many ingredients! All you really have to do is quarter each half of a medium red potato, wrap the potato skins with bacon, glaze the potatoes with barbeque sauce, and cook. Just like in the image, you can place some barbeque on the side for dipping purposes. They’re easy to prepare, are the perfect finger food, and just look so yummy! I need to try these ASAP!

Tailgating Recipes with Mini Corn Dogs that are simple and easy to make

Via Damn Delicious

Let’s move on to a “main course.” Since the theme of this blog is simple and easy tailgating recipe ideas, I wanted to make sure I stayed within that realm, even with the main food. That’s why I searched high and low until I came across these easy homemade mini corn dogs! According to the chef who created this recipe, these are actually very simple to make even though you have to whip up a quick cornbread batter. They cook in about 2-3 minutes, which makes them perfect for game day because you can cook a huge batch if needed! I can just see myself now … sitting in our tailgate booth eating mini corn dog after mini corn dog … and who cares?! It’s GAME DAY!

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Tailgating Recipes including Spicy Cheez-Itz Fire Crackerz

Via Plain Chicken

For all my friends who like tailgate food that has a little kick, this next recipe idea is for you! Spicy Cheez-Its, aka Fire Crackerz. This tailgate snack is perfect if you’re really short on time to do any food prep. All you have to do is combine three simple ingredients and Cheez-Its in a large bowl, mix all together to make sure you coat each Cheez-Its, and then pop them in the oven to bake for about 15-20 minutes. How perfect is that for simple and easy?!

Tailgating Recipes with Strawberry Donut Kabob Skewers Simple Recipe Foods

Via Katarina's Paperie

Of course … we cannot forget dessert. I wanted to choose a dessert recipe that also had a healthy component so that we (and by we I mean me) don’t feel so guilty after eating all these yummy finger foods! These strawberry and donut kabobs are perfect because all you have to do is buy strawberries, donut holes, and skewers. Then, you just put them on the skewer stick! Simple and easy! You can also be creative and mix it up by doing some skewers with both donut holes and strawberries (like in the image above) and others with just donut holes or strawberries only. You can use any type of berry or fruit that you’d like, too! Yay for quick and easy - and a (semi) healthy tailgate!

No matter what college or professional football team you plan to support this game day, you can’t go wrong with these simple and easy tailgating food ideas. They are all effortless to make and transport to your tailgate party. Be sure to share these ideas with your friends and comment to let us know that you are pumped for game day and tailgating fun now that you have these recipe ideas. I’d love to hear any of your tailgating ideas and your favorite quick and easy recipes for tailgating!

**Featured image via Pizzazzerie