Just like the Mad Hatter loves tea parties, I love drinking tea. However, tea storage can be an issue if you have a lot of tea. Here are some great solutions! 

So, I found this amazing tea shop in town the other day and let me tell you, I got myself in trouble. There were so many loose leaf teas! Varieties of white, green, rooibos, fruit, herbal, and black teas I had never heard of, and combinations I had never seen. I may or may not have spent a bunch of money buying several ounces of loose leaf teas. But hey, tea is very good for you, but that's a topic for another post! The only problem I have had with tea is storing it all. I quite literally have a cabinet full of tea, and I mean full. The Mad Hatter would completely lose what is left of his mind if he could see my tea stash.

Since I just bought all of this loose leaf tea that needed storage, I decided, why not revamp my entire tea cabinet? Plus, I need new ways to store my loose leaf teas so they last longer and stay perfectly flavorful. Today, I’m going to show you some awesome ideas I found, and go over a few pretty sweet DIY tea tins and containers. You ready? Let’s talk tea storage ideas!

Tea Storage Small Glass Jars on Wooden Boards for Storing Loose Leaf Teas

Via Slim Tea Detox

I love the look of these small glass jars! They really let you show off the beautiful shades, colors, and shapes of the different teas! You can find ones (or make them!) that have spaces to slide the jars in, and the jars hang down beneath a shelf or rack. It’s a rather gorgeous way to display your tea. However, be careful where you store your tea. Teas should be kept in a cool area, away from heat sources, so your tea stays fresher, longer!

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Tea Storage Organized Drawer with Containers for Storing Loose Leaf Teas and Wooden and Metal Strainers Whisks and Spoons

Via All Sorts of Pretty

I might need to add something like this to my current tea storage. I have a lot of tea accessories, like in this photo. I kind of have an obsession with cute tea strainers. I have a silicone shark tea infuser, two mana-teas, and a metal and silicone leaf, not counting the ones that came with my teapot and my awesome tea tumbler. Plus, I have this adorable set of silicone snails that can sit on the edge of your mug and hold a tea bag! They’re quite cute. I found them on Amazon here.

But I digress. I love how organized all of the accessories are. There’s a space for wooden spoons, wooden strainers, metal strainers, bamboo whisks (which are needed to make excellent matcha drinks!), and even honey spoons! I don’t have quite that many accessories, but hey, I’m headed that way!

The cool thing about this organization is that it also has space for tea. Oh, but if I had that small amount of tea, I wouldn’t be needing to re-organize my entire cabinet, and this post would not have been written. I do like the containers they used for their loose leaf tea storage though. You can see the beautiful leaves in the clear containers. Also, it’s really important to keep your tea in airtight containers. That’s why bagged tea comes in either re-sealable bags or in little packets.

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Tea Storage Upcycled Mason Jars with Chalk Painted Lids for Storing Loose Leaf Teas

Via Wit & Whistle

I really like these tea storage jars. Coming from a farming family, we did a lot of canning growing up. Jellies, preserves, pickles, salsas; you name it, we probably did it. So, since I still can every once in a while, I have a very nice collection of mason jars of various sizes. Plus, mason jars had this whole Pinterest thing where they were super popular for a while, and well, I may have bought more around then. This would be a great way to keep loose leaf teas. You can keep them airtight, they stack well, and you can paint the lids with chalkboard paint for easy labeling!

Since I am experimenting with blends of tea, and buying an ounce or two of new loose leaf teas when I can, I have a lot of small amounts, and not all of them are ones I would buy again. So, having the ability to easily re-label the jars is genius. I wish I had thought of it! This idea can also be used for certain kinds of bagged tea. I have a few that do not come individually wrapped, so when I opened the box, I put the rest into a mason jar to keep them fresh. Totally need to chalkboard paint the lid for easy labeling now!

Tea Storage Upcycled Chalk Painted Containers for Storing Loose Leaf Teas

Via Living Your Creative

This is something very similar to what I started doing. I found some Republic of Tea containers in the back of my cabinet that I still had hanging around, which is only odd because I haven’t bought Republic of Tea in probably 3-4 years. Oops. Talk about really, really old tea! Tea can last a year or more, but not several years! I was about to pitch it all when I realized I could peel off the labels and reuse the tea storage tins for my new tea!

Right now, they have this plain silver finish, and I created a label for each tea I have, with the name and brewing instructions. I totally wish I had now painted my loose leaf storage tins with chalkboard paint! First off, they look awesome this way. And secondly, these would be so much easier to re-label than what I did. I may be fixing this soon, if it starts bothering me too much.

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Tea Storage Magnetic Board with Metal Containers for Storing Loose Leaf Teas

Via Cuchikind

I’m not gonna lie. I have been eyeing these magnetic metal containers from IKEA since my mother bought one for her sewing room to store things like eyelets, closures, and other small things needed for costuming. I couldn’t actually come up with what I would use it for, so I never bought one. I have a good setup for my spices, and I don’t need it for my craft room because I just don’t have the setup for it. I don’t make costumes as often as my mother does, sadly. However, I have kept this awesome setup in the back of my mind ever since.

This great hack may be the thing that makes me buy it. I could totally store some of my loose leaf teas in something like this. You can purchase the containers in sets of three, and there’s a great magnetic board. However, I think they could look awesome stuck to a fridge, don’t you think? You can also create your own tea storage containers like this! I used to have this collection of round mint tins that closed similarly to these. Stick on a good magnet (and stick it down well!) and voila! You can DIY these tea canisters yourself, and I’m a sucker for a fun DIY!

Have too much tea to store? I’m sure the Mad Hatter has tea storage issues that could be solved with these great ideas! #drinktea

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Tea Storage DIY Tea Box for Bagged Teas

Via Tonya Staab

Speaking of DIY, I also found this super cute DIY Tea Box you can make for your bagged tea. I know, I am a huge proponent for loose leaf tea, but even I still own a ton of bagged tea. Some of my favorite tea brands come in bags (Yogi, Numi, Traditional Medicinals, and Alvita: all natural, mostly herbal teas) and I have a lot of different flavors. I am in desperate need of better tea bag storage!

I have one tea chest my mother gave me years ago, but it’s completely full already, and I keep that in my desk on campus so I have a good variety of tea to make while I’m in my office. I always wanted to buy more tea boxes, but they can get very expensive, so I never bought one. But, I’m definitely going to make a few of these to keep my tea in. It’ll help cut down on the wasted space from countless boxes of tea, and these are super cute! You can find the tutorial here.

The blogger, Tonya, had found a great box to upcycle into her tea bag storage box, but it’s really not too difficult to create a box from scratch. This WikiHow tutorial is pretty straightforward. You don’t even have to make one with a hinged lid. A lift lid, a sliding lid, or if you’re storing your tea in a cabinet, no lid is perfectly fine! However, if you get lucky and find great boxes at thrift stores like she did, kudos to you!

Well, there you have it, folks! Some great and cute tea storage ideas you can either buy or make yourself! Which idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, especially if they love tea! Until next time, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Storybook Woods and tinywhitedaisies