Whatever happened to slow afternoons and high tea? Our world keeps moving faster and moments fly by. Follow these tips to slow down and taste the tea! 

I spent six years of my early childhood in a three-story home in the heart of Cheyenne, Wyoming’s historic district. My parents had decided to go on an adventure and move my rather large Texas family north. It was a bit of a fixer-upper, but my dad is extra handy with a hammer and nails so we weren’t totally doomed. This is the house in which my parents introduced me to hot breakfast tea. The home boasted a large sunroom lined with windows dressed in white lace curtains. My mom hosted many tea parties here to keep us children entertained through the long snowy winters. Those are some memories I will never forget. Now, I drink Earl Grey, a traditional tea, almost every morning. It makes for a very warm beginning to my day! I even have a tea corner in my kitchen dedicated to different leaves that match all my friends’ diverse taste buds.

Though I love tea, I don’t find my affinity a common obsession. Most movies and books I read about European history talk about tea as a part of everyday life. So, what happened to making time for tea during the day? And when I say tea, I mean that moment where we stop the onslaught of our business (work, cell phones, computers, and iSomethings) for a real conversation and time with the people in our lives.

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I feel as if the art of taking time to relax with our families in the afternoon is slowly being lost. Not that there's never a high tea party or two anymore, but there's just something special about the habitual practice of an afternoon tea party and the memories that come with it! I mean, you get to relax, and spend time with your loved ones without having to deal with work, technology, or any other distractions. It’s just you, your loved ones, and a refreshing cuppa.

Here are some thoughts I’ve conjured up that I hope will be the catalyst for your very own afternoon tea time. Whether it’s after school with your kids, or when dad gets off work, or time spent with a friend, having a cup of hot English tea with the ones you love is a perfect excuse to stop the business of life and just enjoy the moment with the people who truly matter!

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I love this quote by author, Henry James, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

Making time for high tea is most definitely agreeable and something you won’t regret. Afternoon tea is hyped up to be a lot of different things by a lot of different people. It sounds really fancy, almost like it’s too fancy, right? But, basically, it’s whatever you want it to be. It can be as formal or as casual as you like. Picture yourself scheduling two afternoons a week to invite a friend for tea. Whatever you were doing before can wait; there’s no substitute for time with your loved ones! 

How relaxing does a Sunday tea time with your best friend sound? Or, with your furry friends, just chilling and sipping your British afternoon tea. Maybe one time you and your friends can dress up, and pretend you are aristocrats sitting down to take high tea, and talk about posh things. It could be fun!

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Tips for Making Time for Tea

  • Schedule, tea time into your week. Whatever it may look like, however fancy or casual, make sure you stop and share a cup with someone you love.
  • Keep it simple. If you don’t have cookies, crumpets, and cakes ready to serve, just serve tea. Don’t have fine china? Serve tea in mugs! Wear your pajamas if you want! It’s your tea party!

  • Share it with a friend. Make the time about being with the ones you love. Maybe it can be a time between you and your spouse to catch up during a crazy week.

  • Dedicate an organized cabinet or table for your tea. It’s more fun if you know where everything is and it’s easy to make a choice. Stock your cabinets with sugars and honey for sweeteners. You can buy flavored sugars, too, or even make them yourself!
  • Offer tea to friends. It’s so much fun to offer a warm drink to a friend after dinner, over a board game, or just for a visit. Talk about life, crack jokes, and sip your tea.

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I think we should thank tea for giving us the perfect excuse to practice hospitality and enjoy a savory moment. I encourage you to make time for the things in life that matter. If this post isn’t your cup of tea, then use it as a metaphor for the special venue you enjoy using to connect with those near and dear to you so that you can make those moments happen more regularly. Maybe you have friends over for a game night, or afternoon coffee! No one said it has to be tea.

Share this if you think your friends could use a tea break as well! Please comment below, I’d love to hear if tea plays a part in your week!

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