For those of you who love fashion but are also super tech savvy, check out these stunning and unique tech accessories that should be coined #SmartLuxuries. 

Who knew that fashion and technology could collide so gracefully? Seriously, friends, I’m so impressed by all the stunning top tech accessories out there that have so many other purposes other than just looking well, gorgeous. Like the stunning Tory Burch tech accessory above. I wouldn’t mind rocking that on my arm day and night!

Alright friends, I’m sure you can tell that I’m a little excited about these gorgeous tech accessories. I’m a big lover of things that are multi-purpose. Really though, technology accessories that look cute just kind of excite me. I was thinking about writing y’all a long, cute, and witty intro on why I was inspired to write about designer tech accessories, but the amount of excitement I have for this topic can’t be contained! Like seriously, tech accessories for women are fab. So, let’s just jump in, shall we?

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Ringly Cocktail Rings

Tech Accessories Ringly Cocktail Ring Wine Bar Pink Sapphire White Nail Polish


Alright, so I happened to be cruising through BuzzFeed when I saw this and I was instantly intrigued. I never knew something so stylish could be so tech savvy as well. Ringly is most well known for their tech accessory rings that come in both silver and gold. What these rings do is keep you connected by notifying you when you receive a text or instant message. They have a variety of different colored stone options that you can choose from that are absolutely stunning. Recently, Ringly introduced a new line of bracelets that does the same thing their lovely rings do. I would definitely love to get my hands on the Blue Lace Agate Ringly bracelet. You can bet your bottom dollar that that lovely bracelet is going on my wish list!

Moto 360

Tech Accessories Moto 360 Watch Motorola Gold Accessories

Via The Verge

I’m a huge fan of the Moto 360 watch. One of my roommates has it and it’s absolutely fabulous. The Moto 360 is very similar to the Apple Watch except for the fact that it’s made specifically for Android phones. The MOTO 360 is so chic, and is very versatile for just about any outfit pairing!

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MICA Bracelet

Tech Accessories MICA My Intelligent Communication Accessory Black and White Bracelet Gold


This smart bracelet is pretty chic! Intel partnered with Barneys, Opening Ceremony, and CFDA to come up with the design of this gorgeous bracelet! The whole goal of this bracelet was not only to create something tech savvy for women to wear, but to make something women didn’t want to take off as well. Thus, they created this ultra-chic design that looks pretty stinkin’ amazing paired with a mix of other bracelets and bangles!

Tech Accessories MICA Bracelet Luxury Smart Bracelets Fashionista Gold Bangles and Rings

Via Chipchick

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JUNE Bracelet

Tech Accessories JUNE Bracelet Black Leather Bracelets Gold Stone Sun Exposure

Via Coolthings

Take a gander at this unique bracelet. What does it do, you ask? Well this bracelet actually lets you know if you’re getting too many UV rays. This bracelet is great for those who need to be aware of their UV ray exposure (i.e., skin cancer survivors) and for those who want to preserve their skin as they age (because too much sun = wrinkles, friends!!).

Rebecca Minkoff Cable Bracelet

Tech Accessories Rebecca Minkoff Bracelet Holiday Gift Guide for Women Black and Gold Bracelets


This chic bracelet is definitely more than meets the eye! This simple bracelet is not only a very streamlined and simple accessory, but it doubles as a lightning connector to USB cable. If you need to charge your iPhone, this accessory will definitely come in handy.

Mezzi Handbag

Tech Accessories MEZZI Handbag Red Purse Plaid Jacket with Skinny Jeans

Via Rant Chic

This gorgeous streamlined purse is known for being a #SmartLuxury. What’s awesome about it is that each purse comes with a lightweight charger and a TrackR Bluetooth. That means, not only can you store and charge your cell phone on the go, but also, if you lose your purse or it gets stolen, you can easily track it down. This tech handbag is definitely a game changer!

Belkin USB Leather Tassel

Tech Accessories Belkin USB Tassel Black Purse Accessory


Last, but not least, check out this awesome Belkin tassel that’s not only a cute add-on to any purse, but it doubles as a lightning to USB charger. If you’re a student, this tassel is a must because just imagine all the times you were without a charger and needed to send an email to your professor ASAP. Yikes. Let’s avoid these hypothetical disasters and come prepared in a fashionable tech savvy way.

Alright, friends, that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, don’t hesitate to share this blog post with the ones you love most. I’m going to end with a short n’ sweet, thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Philly Mag