Upgrade your drawer space by upcycling T-shirts into something you’ll be happy to use again! After this read, you’ll be reminiscent of past times but happy to keep those memories close through several DIY-deas! 

Hello, readers! I hope that today has been a fantastic day so far and that you’re ready to hear my spiel on T-shirts. As I began my freshman year of college, all anyone wore was XL T-shirts and Nike shorts. Basically the ugliest, but most comfortable, outfit ever worn by womankind. Because I dressed like a normal person every day in high school, I had to nix the smalls and go big with the baggy stuff to fit in with this new trend. I dedicated every shopping excursion, vacation, club joining, etc. to hunting down and collecting as many XL tees as I possibly could. Little did I consider, my dorm room was the size of my pinky and I shared this tiny box with another person, which left me with pretty much three drawers and an entirely filled closet. Not to worry though, I fit every single shirt in there. How I did it is unbeknownst to me, but if the drawer shut, I was happy.

On to my sophomore year, where I went through recruitment and joined a sorority. More T-shirts. I loved it. There was nothing I wanted more than clothes that were purposely too big for me. Now, fast-forward to my senior year of college, as I approach the real world and a time where this attire is no longer acceptable, I am faced with the ultimate problem: what am I going to do with all of these Comfort Colors tees? Sure, I could throw them out, give them to Goodwill, or just hoard them. All decent options, but I decided to get it together and get to upcycling T-shirts. It’s like recycling...but better!

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I found so many ideas of things to do with an old T-shirt that I figured I wasn’t the only one facing this kind of dilemma and that it might be helpful for me to share what I found with y’all! 

1. T-Shirt Turned Bib

Okay, how cute are these? They don’t look that difficult and if I had a kid, I would definitely make these for him or her to spit up on. If someone gave these to me for my baby, I would be a little weirded out that they converted a tee they used to wear for me to wipe my child’s face with, but I'd definitely make them for my own kids! #germophobeprobz

2. Chew on This

Upcycling T-shirts Recycle Dog Toy Chew Toy Puppies Pet Store Spoiled Dogs Tee Grass Backyard Games

Via BarkPost

If you don’t have a kid, but do have a dog that you consider your baby, then this is the recycled T-shirt idea for you. Every dog has their day and you would make your pup’s a lot better by making them a toy made with love and old T-shirts.

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3. Knot Your Old T-Shirt

Upcycling T-shirts Headband Sweatband Workout Exercise DIY Do It Yourself Pink Headband Hairstyles Updo

Via One Good Thing

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when my hair gets in my face. You’ll always find me with my hair thrown up, braided back, or if it has to be down I’m usually pushing it back. I don’t know what it is about it that bugs me so much, but this idea is an easy way to say hasta la vista to those annoying fly-aways.

4. Cross-Stitch Your Tees

Upcycling T-shirts Blanket Quilt A&M Whoop Gig Em Sorority Sewing Machine Tees In My White Tee Memories Memorabilia

Via Tshirt Quiltery

Keep yourself warm with memories built into a one-of-a-kind quilt, made from upcycled shirts nonetheless. Most of the tees I have in my drawer all mean something to me or hold one type of memory or another, which is why I will be taking this idea and making it my own when I graduate. I would love to make it myself (lol sewing machine lessons, anyone?), if talent permits. If you want one of these but don’t want to do it yourself, throw your favorite stack of shirts in the car and take them to a professional. It’s a lot more hassle free that way! And yes, I did choose this picture of an A&M quilt because WHOOP!

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5. Totes: The Best T-Shirt Upcycle

Upcycling T-shirts DIY Reusable Tote Market Grocery Bags Made from Tees With or Without Sewing

Via Rush Order Tees

With the newest craze of being eco-friendly and not using plastic bags on the rise, this is the perfect opportunity to take those tees you like (but no longer wear) and make them into reusable tote bags! They’re perfect for hauling groceries from the store, and you can even use them as your school bag if you have a cool rock band tee. These are best suited for those T-shirts that have a big design on the front, because you can show it off! This DIY is super easy, and can be done with or without a sewing machine! How cool is that? So, basically I’m saying anyone can make these awesome totes out of their old tees, and you should! Because not only will you be freeing up space, you’ll be helping the environment. Rock on!

There is no time like the present! I’m hoping that you’ll be able to enjoy your T-shirts again with these ideas; and, if all else fails, they make pretty decent cleaning rags... Have you ever done any DIY projects with old shirts? Share and comment below! Thanks for reading, peeps!

**Featured image via Babble