There are so many things to give thanks for this Thanksgiving including these apple cider cocktail recipes! Hold onto your glass and let’s get started! 

Wow! I can’t believe October has already come and gone and now it’s NOVEMBER. Can you believe it? We’re officially nearly done with the year 2015. The day-to-day routine seems to pass by slowly, but then before you know it the week is over and it’s Monday again, then it’s the next month, and all of the sudden it has been a year and you don’t even know what hit you!

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to begin prepping for the next holiday: Thanksgiving. This is a day worth celebrating! I’m so happy all of those scary commercials are done with!! Yes, I am one of those people who cover their eyes and ears when they come on, and yes I am an adult. An easily spooked one at that! 

Anyway, other than it being a busy time full of menu making/decoration hanging/turkey buying, I have yet another item for you to add to the list. Cocktail choosing! Specifically finding the most festive drinks for Thanksgiving! I thought this year we would go with a themed list of libations for y’all, which happens to be fall cocktails with apple cider. I have exactly five Thanksgiving drinks to share. We’re going to take a look at a margarita, mojito, mimosa, mule, and maple bourbon array of mmms to choose from!

Apple Cider Mojito, anyone? We’re used to seeing a traditional mojito recipe with simple fresh ingredients and of course, mint and rum. Those two ingredients are the same, but it’s given a crisp fall flair with the addition of apple cider (duh) and apples! Since I know you’ll want to mix up a batch of this, let me leave the directions for you here.

Thanksgiving Cocktails Apple Cider Drinks Libations Apples Fruit Mint Sprigs Bar Happy Hour Alcohol Rum Cinnamon Simple Syrup Homemade Thanksgiving

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Stop #cooking and start pouring! These #AppleCiderCocktails will wait for no one! #Thanksgiving

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If you’re a lover of bourbon and/or Kentucky then you’ll be a fan of this rendition of Bourbon on the Rocks. I present to you a Bourbon Maple Apple’s the stiff drink you’re thinking of, minus the edge. It’s probably not that strong, but it’ll get the job done. Click me for recipe!

Thanksgiving Cocktails Apple Cider Bourbon in Kentucky Striped Paper Straw Happy Hour Alcohol Stiff Drink Liquor on the Rocks

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Pinkies up for an Apple Cider Mimosa! Keep it classy, brunch style, with a deliciously sparkling flute in hand. This is probably the least extensive drink to mix up. All you need is champagne and apple cider! If you want to make it picture perfect you can put sprinkles on the rim and garnish with an apple slice. Voila! P.S. these are not just for brunching—enjoy at any time! Even after Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Cocktails Recipe Champagne Flute Apple Cider Sprinkles Salt on The Rim Garnish Apples Happy Hour Yum Orange Juice

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I can hear mariachis yelling “TEQUILA” as I type’ll be stuck in your head all day now. You’re welcome. Shake up an Apple Cider Margarita and let its many flavors tingle your taste buds! See how to get movin’ and groovin’ here. Tequila!

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Thanksgiving Cocktails Apple Cider Margarita Happy Hour Tequila Garnish on the Rocks Cinnamon Stick Alcohol

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Here I go again with another mule drink me, you’ll thank me later! Bring those copper mugs out and stir together the perfect Apple Cider Moscow Mule. The only abnormal step to this recipe is that you’ll add a splash or two of ginger flavored vodka instead of regular, as well as the addition of apple cider, which I’m sure doesn’t surprise you! Yum!!

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes Apple Cider Drinks Moscow Mule Copper Mug Cinnamon Stick Garnish Ginger Beer Vodka Lime Autumn

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These are among the most flavorful and different autumn drink recipes I’ve come across. You have to give them a try! Especially all of them...and once you do, I want to know which was your favorite and what your friends and fam loved as well! Fall recipes are the most fun to play around with, which is why I want to know what you’re loving this season! Share, comment, give thanks… below.

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