Ahoy! Join me on my trip to the coast and check out these seven beautiful coastal living rooms. 

As I’m sitting here bundled up with the heater on, I can’t help but long for the warmer months. How about you? Longing to feel the warm summer heat? Or, perhaps you would like to travel to the coast and go to the beach to get those rays in and have the cool waves rushing against your body? The warm sand beneath your feet? Or, maybe you’re like my mother and have a love of the warmth of the beach and the smell of the ocean, but hate sand. I don’t blame her. It does have a tendency to get everywhere, and it never really comes out of your car. Well, if you’re like her, you can experience the coast from your own home with these seven cool and refreshing coastal living rooms. You don’t need to travel for this one; I'm bringing the coast right to you.

Coastal Living Rooms Subtle Bright Living Room Area Interior Design

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I love the beach. It is one of my all-time favorite places to go. While on vacation visiting Disney World at the tender age of 8, my family stopped by a Florida beach that was right across from our hotel. After so many years the name of the beach has slipped my mind, but the experience was amazing. It was fun, calming, peaceful - no wonder people love the coast. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near the coast. In fact, it is an eight hour commute so I have to live vicariously through beach ready designs. Which, if you can tell from the awesome coastal living room ideas I picked to show you, I’m having a great time doing. I do wish I was able to visit the beach more, but alas, maybe later. The ultimate goal is to have a beachy coastal house based off the ones I’m showing you here. And if that’s as close to the coast as I can get, that’s perfectly fine with me. I mean, check out these awesome homes!

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Coastal Living Rooms White with Mint and Coral Accents Cute Living Room Area Interior Design

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I've always had a soft spot for coastal decor. There’s just something pretty about the sometimes subtle pops of color, like in this living room. I just love the soothing nature of the neutral space with added bits of accent colors. Not all coastal living decor is this subtle, but the same concept of neutral base tones and accent colors is key. If you think about it, it’s actually a very easy style to add to your home! Since, at its basic form, it’s just the addition of elements like colored glass and pillows in a neutral setting, you could totally rock this theme yourself! I know you’re thinking about it! Keep reading and checking out cool ways to make this decor fit your space!

Coastal Living Rooms Coral and Turquoise Bright Living Room Area Interior Design

Via Elizabeth Bauer Design

A typical coastal interior design color palette is made up of corals, light shades of blue and iris, dark blues, white, mint, browns, and various shades of orange. The color scheme should match the essence of the coast and give off a nautical feel. The colors should reflect the shades of blue from the sky and ocean, the browns or whites of the sand, and the bright, bold pinks, oranges, and yellows of the sun. Some interior designers love to catch the essence of the calm and relaxing aspects of the coast, while others are captivated by the exciting, fun, and thrilling parts. These different aspects bring about different color schemes. So, that’s where you get the more subtle and soft themes versus the really bright and epic ones! Cool, right

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Coastal designs are no strangers to fish, anchors, whales, and other sea-themed decor like seashells and coral. This nautical-themed decor makes the designs seem more casual, while embracing the beauty of the coast. You can either go more realistic with these ocean-themed animals, or go more cutesy or abstract. I really like that giant seahorse sitting on the coffee table above. It definitely captures that theme without taking away from all the bright, pretty colors.

Coastal Living Rooms Nautical Theme Living Room Area Interior Design

Via Elizabeth Bauer Design

You don’t need to live on the coast to bring beach influences into your home decor! What are your thoughts on these gorgeous coastal living rooms?

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

You know those cute little beach baskets you see people with at the beach or the sun-blocking beach hat that comes in handy during blazing heat? Well, coastal living designs sometimes mimic these ideas by using wicker. Wicker is woven fiber used on many different kinds of furniture and other items we use every day. The designers use wicker chairs, baskets, and furniture to further relate the design to the coast. Wicker is also a very light and very sturdy material, so it works great for furniture! You don’t have to phone up your friend every time you want to shift your couch around, because they’re so light you can do it yourself! Plus, they also paint fairly well, so after a while if you decide to change the shade of the wicker, or add a pop of color, you can do it yourself! 

Coastal Living Rooms Modern Wicker Furniture Living Room Area Interior Design

Via Dotter & Soljfeld

Coastal decor ideas are usually very fresh looking. The paints used for these designs are typically light blues, soft tans and browns, and white. Although, I’m sure some designer, somewhere stepped outside of this box. Many designers include flowers as a part of coastal-themed decor. I have seen many different flowers used, but white flowers are the most common. White is a color known for its purity, completeness, and innocence, which consequently makes it a color that is very relaxing. In addition to white flowers, designers might paint the walls white or incorporate lighter couches and flooring as well. This lighter flooring is usually light woods or light colored carpets. 

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Coastal Living Rooms White and Neutral Living Room Area Interior Design

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In addition to the styling of the space, coastal interior designers are known for their obsession with light. Coastal interiors usually have large wide windows, which allow a lot of light that really fills the space. Say hello to gorgeous natural lighting and lower electricity bills! And, you see that trick they did on the windows, where the curtains are attached neat the ceiling? That’s a great trick to use if you want your space to look bigger than it is! Add in that with the glow from the natural light, and your place will look fabulous! You don't need to live on the coast, to enjoy the coast. Coastal interiors are a fun way to go on vacation without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Coastal Living Rooms White with Mint Accents Living Room Area Interior Design

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Do you prefer a more traditional and authentic coastal design or a more modern take on the style? Share, then comment below and let us know!

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