This round-up of versatile oversized floor mirrors will give you the inspo you’ve been searching for to kickstart a mini home decor revamp in your house! 

A good friend of mine recently asked me what the best way to incorporate large floor mirrors into their home decor was. All of the sudden all of these crazy ideas were flooding my brain and I got so excited I could barely breathe. Don’t make fun of me. Homey things make me all giddy and happy inside. It’s just something I deal with and have learned to get used to. Anyway, I got so excited because OVERSIZED mirrors are so versatile and if you know me, you’ll know that I love anything versatile. Versatility is what dreams are made of and not just because it’s so important in everyday life, but because it makes it easier to splurge on the big things as long as you know you’ll be able to use them in many different ways down the line.

Bedrooms are my favorite room simply because they can be transformed with the switch of a duvet and the addition of new throw pillows. It’s fun to change things up every so often! After some research on innovative ways to use full length mirrors, I scrolled upon this symmetrical beauty:

Oversized Floor Mirrors Bedside Table Bedroom Throw Blanket and Pillows Duvet Comforter Lamp Shade Table Lamps Upholstered Headboard

Via Residence Style

Against a greige accent wall, the two oversized floor mirrors are placed on either side of the headboard, styled with bedside tables, lamps, greenery, and upholstered chairs. The colors are on the neutral side, but that doesn’t take anything away from this stunning bedroom. Not only do the mirrors stand out, but they also add depth to the room. Takeaway: everyone should love this and not just because I say so, even though I do.

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In other important rooms, such as the bathroom, styling options sometimes become limited to cabinetry and hardware. Smaller rooms are indeed harder to decorate, which is why hanging a large floor mirror horizontally above the sink(s) is the way to go. Enlarging the area, while also adding personality is what this is all about! Plus, large mirrors like this one can help bounce light around a room, making it brighter. That’s just perfect for the room where you do your hair and makeup!

Oversized Floor Mirrors Horizontal Bathroom Mirror Greige Pendant Lighting Clawfoot Bathtub Pink Towels Master Bath

Via Centsational Girl

Speaking of hanging things horizontally, an oversized mirror can also look great as an addition to a living room. Hang it above the couch (shown below) and you’ll take care of that boring open space with just one chunk of reflective glass. Compliments will fly your way regularly. If you’re a big bargain shopper or into antique/vintage items, you can usually find some great mirrors for sale at good prices at flea markets or antique shops!

Oversized Floor Mirrors Wall Mirror Horizontal Toolkit Hammer and Nails White Couch Throw Pillows Lavender Gold Floor Cushion Living Room

Via Style Me Pretty

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Since we’re in the living room already, I may as well show you the best example of a HUGE mirror you’ll ever see. How this made its way into a vehicle and doorway without breaking is a mystery to me, but no use over-thinking this oversized wonder because I just know I love the light it brings to this bright living room! I did say mirrors were good at reflecting light! Just see for yourself.

Oversized Floor Mirrors Large Mirror Behind White Couch Coffee Table Designer Books Flowers Wicker Furniture


Wide open spaces on the wall are begging to be covered with oversized floor #mirrors! #homedecor

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, January 9, 2017

Tucking mirrors of this stature away behind things seems to be a common trend when discussing where to place oversized mirrors. With that being said, the best thing you can ever do for your vanity is to grab the first oversized mirror you can find and gently throw your vanity or desk in front of it. Add a statement chair, and voila! You’ve hit the makeup-doing-thank-you-letter-writing-jackpot. (At least that’s what I use my vanity for, but you can call it whatever you want as long as you add ‘jackpot’ to the end of it because that’s what it is!)

Oversized Floor Mirrors Wall Mirror Vanity Desk Makeup Statement Chair White Furniture Hardwood Flooring Home Decor

Via Apartment Therapy

First impressions are a big deal and what’s the first thing people see when they walk into your home? Your entryway. It should be as stylish as you are and large mirrors are a simple, easy way to get the job done. Add a console table, bench, and some trinkets or flowers to the tabletop and you’ve got yourself one impressive foyer. Personally, I would opt for a different bench because zebra isn't my thing, but to each their own. You get the idea! Make it yours, and it’ll look fantastic!

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Oversized Floor Mirrors Wall Mirror Entryway Foyer House Design Zebra Bench Lamp Peonies Fresh Flowers Lantern Light Fixture

Via Dominique Decoratrice

The last thing I have to offer you in terms of oversized mirrors is quite the treasure. I hadn’t ever heard of this before and now I’m sold. I love barn doors. Love. Them. So much so, that when I saw this I began combing through every room in my house to discover the best place to make this happen. I had trouble coming up with just one place...suffice it to say they would be great anywhere. But, in this picture it leads to what looks like a mudroom heading toward a garage, which, let’s face it, is essentially like a trap door. Secret rooms? I’m not against it.

Oversized Floor Mirrors Barn Doors Secret Room Mudroom Living Room Pendant Lighting Throw Pillows Sliding Doors Doorway

Via Houzz

Bottom line is that if you have a large space you don’t know what to do with, oversized mirrors are an easy go-to solution. If I haven’t convinced you to get on board with this idea, then you probably already loved it! Hopefully, you’ll find ways to implement this design element into your existing home decor. What are your favorite styling options for large floor mirrors? Tell me all about your mirror styling secrets by sharing and commenting below! Happy hunting 😉

**Featured image via One Kings Lane