Struggling to find the perfect gift for the person in your life who has it all? Kiss that stress goodbye and make way for my holiday gift guide! 

Aside from it being an incredibly joyous time of year, the holiday season is typically bumper-to-bumper busy. Things get crazy. If the holidays were in a race for how many commitments you could have scheduled in a given period of time, they would come in first place. Every. Single. Time. It’s just one of those unavoidable facts of life.

Luckily, I learned this early on and am fully prepared for what’s ahead. In fact, I’m excited! This is my favorite time maybe ever. The part that gets stressful for me is gift giving. Don’t get me wrong, I love holiday gifting, but there are just some friends and family of mine who are nearly impossible to buy things for! About a week ago, I was having major issues coming up with Christmas gift ideas for about seven peeps. It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying either! I would find something that I knew they would like, but once I got excited about it my dreams were crushed the second I learned they already had it or were already going to receive the item. Around the fifth round of rejection, my creative shopping juices were completely drained. It was to the point where I was about to stoop to “and none for Gretchen Wieners,” i.e., about to cross names off the list. But all I wanted was to stay excited at “four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!”, and buy them what I initially wanted.

At this point, I was determined to come up with an easy holiday gift solution that would leave all parties involved happy. I reached deep into my pool of memories and remembered when I was younger, around this time of year my mom and I would receive a box of assorted cheeses from friends of ours who own a dairy. It was a lot of cheese and it made me a lot of happy. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese? No one. Even lactose intolerant people like it. Imagine the cheese platter you could make with this...

Holiday Gift Guide Subscription Boxes Fair Oaks Fairlife Cheese Box Dairy Farm Presents Gifts Christmas Tree Wine Cheese Plate

Via Fair Oaks Farms

After this realization and many hours of pouring my heart and soul into shopping for the best Christmas presents had passed, it hit me like a box of cheese: subscription boxes. In that second I had a huge DUH moment. How did I not think about this before? If cheese won’t cut it, then there is another package that will and I’m here to enlighten you. There is a box for every kind of person you know. Let’s check some of them out, shall we?

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1. Try The World Box: The box that you buy for the traveler in your life. Or for the person who wants to travel, always says they are going somewhere and don’t, or the one who likes to try exotic new things. In case you didn’t guess from the name, several items are gathered and put together from around the world for the recipient to try. It’s pretty cool if you ask me!

Holiday Gift Guide Subscription Boxes Travel Try The World Box Passport Foodie Snacks European Presents Gifts

Via Try The World

2. Mantry: The box that you buy for the man in your life. If I know one thing for certain, it’s that guys like food, and some even hate going to the grocery store. That is why Mantry is the gift of all gifts when you’re stumped. It comes with the finest American artisan goods to fill the modern man’s pantry and tells the recipient what to do with what they’re given.

Holiday Gift Guide Subscription Boxes Mantry Food Foodie Snacks Recipes Gifts For Men Presents Mail Order

Via Mantry

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3. Bestowed: The box that you buy for the health nut in your life. I have a few friends who are hard to shop for unless it’s at Lululemon, in which case they want everything. This is a unique alternative! Bestow your friends with healthy products through Bestowed and you’ll probably get a hug or something.

Holiday Gift Guide Subscription Boxes Bestowed Bestow Healthy Health Products Organic Foods Foodie Snacks Presents Gifts Mail

Via Bestowed

4. Citrus Lane: The box that you buy for the baby lover in your life. Chances are if you have a friend who blows up social media with pictures of their kid(s), they’ll be extremely happy to be on the receiving end of a gift box from Citrus Lane. All you have to do is specify age and gender and they’ll customize clothes, toys, etc. before the package is sent on its way! Pretty coolio if I do say so myself.

Holiday Gift Guide Subscription Boxes Citrus Lane Baby Gifts Present Mail Order Box Package Rubber Ducky Children Kid Products Bath Time

Via Citrus Lane

5. Coffee Cargo: The box that you send to the person always in need of coffee in your life. I’m more of a tea person myself, but coffee is a really big deal to a lot of people. Feed your friends’ addiction and have K-Cups sent straight to their door each month. These aren’t just any plain ol’ K-Cups, they’re artisan, hand-picked, special ones, so you know peeps will be extra excited to try ‘em. Plus, you’ll be credited for giving them the best holiday gift they’ve received.

Holiday Gift Guide Subscription Boxes Coffee Cargo Keurig K-Cup Presents Christmas Gifts Mail Order Mailman Starbucks Artisan Hand Picked

Via Coffee Cargo

There are so many subscription boxes out there, these are just a few that I thought deserved a little attention and would serve as some of the best presents! The best gifts to give and receive are the ones that you will get some use out of, don’t you think? Have you ever gotten one of the boxes I listed on this holiday gift guide or another one that you just love? Let me know below and don’t forget to share!

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