Whether it be a romantic date or a family outing, picnics are one of the best ways to spend time together. Here’s how to prepare your way to the perfect picnic! 

Growing up, I always loved going on picnics with my friends and family. There's just something about going outside to eat on a beautiful sunny day that brings people together. It could be because of the great food. It could be because being outdoors on a gorgeous day usually puts people in a cheery mood. Or possibly, it’s a mix of the two that makes picnicking so grand.

As wonderfully amazing as picnics can be, let’s be real… Some picnics are just better than the rest. Although impromptu picnics can be fun and super memorable, I’ve learned that some of the best picnics are planned. That being said, the little planner inside of me is brimming with joy to share with you some of the cutest perfect picnic ideas, and I think you'll love them. Whether you decide to go on a picnic date or you’re just picnicking with friends and family, these creative and cute picnic ideas are sure to inspire you!

Picnic Practicals

Perfect Picnic Cute Picnic Foods on Gray and White Striped Blanket Cheese Fruits Nuts

Via Julie's Kitchen

Alright, before getting into the depths of my cute picnic ideas, there are some practical tips that everyone should keep in mind when planning a picnic.

  • Keeping cold picnic food cold is IMPORTANT: I can’t stress this one enough. If you're bringing things that need to be refrigerated, please (I repeat: PLEASE!) bring a cooler. Just imagine bringing condiments like mayonnaise or foods like ice cream that need to be refrigerated without a cooler. That would be a hot mess, literally! I know that bringing a cooler for refrigerated food seems like common sense, but trust me when I say, not everyone remembers to keep this rule. This applies to drinks as well. I surely hope you’re not serving warm sodas to your friends and family. Or, even worse, warm wine on a date. YIKES!
  • Bring a vinyl tablecloth to put underneath your picnic goodies: Now this tip is entirely optional, but if you are concerned about trying to keep your fancy picnic from getting dirty, then putting a vinyl tablecloth underneath can be extremely helpful.
  • Don’t forget eating utensils: Yes, here is another common sense tip, but I can assure you, even the best of us can forget the simplest things like eating utensils. So friends, let’s all remember to pack forks, spoons, and knives, if necessary. Also, don’t forget to include napkins, especially if you’re on a date. Here’s a tip for you fellas out there, ladies tend to eat slower and need napkins to prevent any possible eating mishaps (girls tend to try to look dainty whenever they eat on dates)! Napkins are pretty essential for family outings with young children and messy eaters as well.
  • Make a list and check it twice: If your mind immediately went to the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” after reading that, I applaud you because mine did the same exact thing. Seriously though, there’s a reason why Santa does that. If he forgot someone on Christmas, that would be entirely catastrophic! So when planning your perfect picnic, make sure to make a list and double check that you have everything that you planned to bring. Wouldn’t it be awful if you made a special dessert and completely forgot it? This is why making lists and double checking them is necessary.

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Perfect Picnic Ideas

Perfect Picnic Moonlit Picnic Dinner on Red and White Checked Blanket with Wine Glasses and Candles

Via Atlantic Shores

Romantic Moonlit Picnic: Here’s a picnic idea that is perfect for a romantic date with that special someone in your life! Feel free to break out the candles or LED lanterns for this one. If you’re planning to picnic beneath the stars, I’d highly suggest that you pack a few extra blankets to prevent the cold from ruining your romantic night. Also, friends, be mindful of where you set up your picnic spot. Sure it may be a great idea to have a romantic, private picnic date in an enchanting woodsy area, but the mood might be abruptly ruined if some nocturnal critters decide to stumble upon your delectable picnic goodies. So, just keep in mind where you are going to set up, and be prepared to save the food!

Perfect Picnic at the Beach with Clouds in the Sky and Table and Chairs with Luminarias


For this moonlit picnic idea, I’d suggest you bring light but delicious foods like cheese and crackers or chocolate covered strawberries. Don’t bring foods that are too heavy or starchy like turkey sandwiches because foods like that tend to make us sleepy! Due to the fact that it’s probably already pretty late, I wouldn’t suggest eating any foods that may induce sleepiness whatsoever! You don’t want to end up cuddling with one of those little critters that was trying to steal your food earlier!

Adventurous “outdoorsy” picnic: Here’s a picnic that is perfect for the adventurous at heart! This is ideal for both outdoorsy families and adventurous couples. The fun part about this idea is that you can do it just about anywhere, whether that be at a campsite, in a canoe, or even simply at a bench area near a park walking trail.

Perfect Picnic in a Canoe on the Water

Via Oh Happy Day

Here’s a one-of-a-kind picnicking idea that will definitely make for lasting memories—a canoe picnic! This idea is great for a date, but I can also see it as being a memorable father-daughter lunch outing. Just be careful not to move too much and tip the canoe! If you’re feeling ultra-romantic, you can combine this outdoorsy canoe picnic idea with the moonlit picnic idea. Remember that scene in Tangled when Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are on a boat watching the lanterns slowly rise. Such a sweet moment, right? Now add food to that and you have probably made one of the most memorable and sweet picnics in the history of picnics! Just one more reminder: be careful not to flip the canoe and lose all your food! That would be sad.

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Perfect Picnic Cute Movie Picnic Collage Film Reels Blankets Movie Projector

Via Design Sponge

Fun and family friendly movie night picnic: This sweet picnic idea is perfect for family get-togethers! Get the blankets, your kids’ favorite movie, some good grilled foods, and Jones sodas and you have a fantastic family outing. I’d suggest bringing pillows as well to keep the kids and family guests extra comfortable as they lounge around on the ground. Make sure to leave plenty of running space around the picnic blankets in case the kids get bored and begin running around (as kids generally do!).

This is one of my favorite picnic themes. It’s just so fun! This would also be wonderful with hammocks or even tents! You could set it up like a campsite, and watch movies and snack on yummy foods all night. That would be great, right?

Perfect Picnic Indoor Picnic with Trees and Lights Red and White Checked Blanket Suitcase Picnic Basket

Via Mikaela Ruth Blog

Cozy indoor picnic: This idea is perfect for those rainy days or cold nights when the weather is just too unbearable to eat outdoors. I love the cozy set-up in the picture above. From the Christmas lights to the candles, this indoor picnic is oh-so sweet and romantic looking. I love the different textiles and throw pillows used. I think the decorations are really what threw this picnic over the top. The color coordinated decor is absolutely adorable! This would be perfect for a date or even a sweet surprise engagement idea. Just tossing out some ideas for some of you serious couples out there!

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Perfect Picnic Kids Indoor Picnic Colorful Plates with Lunch Snack Time

Via Family Sponge

Indoor picnics aren’t just for cute couples. They're great for kids too! However, be sure to prepare foods that aren’t too messy. Keep the picnic blanket simple and don’t go over the top with the decorations and picnic items. Once when I was younger, my friends and I had a picnic underneath the dining room table. It was something different and slightly odd, but it was definitely a memorable picnic! It didn’t even take a lot of time or effort to set up, since it was quite literally under the table! Do the same with your kids and I’m sure they’ll never forget it.

That concludes all the fun picnic ideas, friends! Have you been inspired to go set up your own creative picnic area for your significant other or family? Savor the time you have with them. Make picnicking a special occasion for your family and loved ones.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know what you thought about these picnicking ideas in the comments below. If you have a feeling that someone you know may love these picnic ideas as much as you did, don’t hesitate to share it with them. Thanks for reading, friends. ‘Til next time!

**Featured image via Kimberly Davis Photography