Need some new, gorgeous artwork for your home? Check out the well-known American painter, Thomas Kinkade, also known as the Painter of Light!

Howdy, friends! I want to share a little bit of my favorite artwork with y’all. Now, I don’t know very much about art, art styles, periods, etc. I did take an art history class back in college, but I don’t remember very much … Anyway! My parent’s house is adorned in wall to wall paintings by Thomas Kinkade. In fact, I don’t think I can remember a time when his paintings weren’t in their house. I grew up with his artwork, and I even have a few pieces of his in my apartment.

Thomas Kinkade (b. 1958, d. 2012) was an American artist known as the Painter of Light. He is known for his landscape paintings, cottage paintings, Disney pieces, and paintings that capture memories. His work is so well-known; that I actually read that 1 in every 20 Americans has a piece of his in their home. Thomas Kinkade’s paintings promote serenity and tranquility, and I think that’s why I like them so much. Today, I’m going to show y’all some of my favorite pieces by him and give you some decorating tips!

Thomas Kinkade Artwork Country Living 2008 Bluebonnets Scotch Broom Wild Poppies

c/o Thomas Kinkade Company

As a native Texan, there is nothing more beautiful (in my opinion) than a Texas Hill Country field full of gorgeous bluebonnets and wildflowers. I actually never saw such a thing until I went to college. I remember the first time I went back to my hometown in the spring; I saw that the entire side of the highway was completely filled with Texas bluebonnets. People will pull over on the side of the road and take pictures with them (I don’t advise this!). I love this piece (called Country Living) because I can have those Texas bluebonnets in my apartment all year round. This is the type of Thomas Kinkade artwork that would sit beautifully above a fireplace. Decorate your mantel with simple decor pieces, such as a tiny clock or a small candle, and let them highlight the beauty that is your Thomas Kinkade art. This painting is so gorgeous and calm. I love it. I need it.

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Thomas Kinkade Artwork with the Pumpkin Festival and Halloween Autumn Leaves Crisp Air

c/o Thomas Kinkade Company

If you’re like my mother and me, you change your artwork depending on the season. Well, I have to show y’all the perfect Thomas Kinkade painting for autumn! This is the type of scene that screams autumn to me. I wish we had this type of fall in south Texas. I want gorgeous orange and red leaves, crisp cool air, and fall festivals. Okay, I know we have fall festivals but orange leaves and cool air are nonexistent here. Anyway, since I’m always living vicariously through other things for autumn, this is the perfect Kinkade painting to let me do that!

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This Thomas Kinkade autumn painting is called The Pumpkin Festival and features a town’s fall festival/pumpkin harvest. It’s super gorgeous and probably my favorite painting by Kinkade Studios. Put this painting in your dining room so that when people walk in they immediately see this beauty. Decorate your dining table with small pumpkins and your favorite fall decor, and you’ve created the perfect setting to show off this awesome painting!

Thomas Kinkade Artwork with Christmas Home for the Holidays and Sleigh Snow Snowman

c/o Thomas Kinkade Company

Continuing with the theme of changing your artwork as the season changes leads me to this next Thomas Kinkade painting: Home for the Holidays. Like I’ve said, I live in south Texas, and we don’t really get autumn, so we definitely don’t get winter. However, this is the type of painting that brings winter and Christmas into your home! I love all the aspects of this painting - the Victorian home, Christmas sleigh, snowman… Now, this is the Thomas Kinkade Christmas painting that I’d place above my fireplace because it’s homey and creates a cozy vibe. Decorate your mantel with Christmas tinsel (blue or gold), baby Christmas trees, and whatever other Christmas decor that you’d like! This is the perfect painting for both the holiday season and your holiday decor.

Thomas Kinkade Artwork with River Queen Mississippi River Steam Boat Weeping Willows

c/o Thomas Kinkade Company

I love love love this painting known as The River Queen. This painting features a grand steam boat, and I like to imagine it floating down the Mississippi River. I also really like how there is a weeping willow in the corner of the painting. Willows are my favorite tree and are typically found by rivers, as seen in this painting. Personally, I’d put this picture in my bedroom above my bed. The sunset in this piece signals the end of the day, and that’s the type of environment I like in my bedroom. It’ll be the first thing you notice when you walk in.

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Thomas Kinkade Artwork with Disney Ariel Picture in Brick Bedroom The Little Mermaid Canvas Print


Last but not least, check out this image for inspiration. Hang your favorite piece of art by Thomas Kinkade in an area where it’ll be noticed: entryway, above your fireplace, above your bed, or in your dining room.

I’m happy that I could share one of my favorite painters with y’all. His paintings make me calm and relaxed, so I’m sure they’ll do that for you, too! Comment and let me know what you think of this artwork! Be sure to share these beautiful paintings and decor tips with your friends!

**Featured image c/o Thomas Kinkade Company