Give thanks and leftovers this Thanksgiving! See how to dress up a doggy bag and get rid of that cold turkey this holiday season! 

Hello pretty people! Can you believe it’s already this time of year again?! And by this I mean the time of year where you spend all your time planning a Thanksgiving menu, taking headcounts, and grocery shopping for that one special turkey that has just the right amount of poundage. The only kind of turkey trot you’ll be doing is from the oven, to the stove, to the sink...because let’s face it: you’re about to cook enough food to feed a village double the size of the one coming to Thanksgiving dinner!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me assure you that the Thanksgiving holiday is one of my all-time faves. Everyone gets together and eats and gets a tryptophan high and drinks and naps and says thank you (repeat all day)—overall, it’s a grand ol’ time. There is truly just one thing I’m not a huge fan of and that has to be the copious, never-ending amount of Tupperware that refuses to fit in the refrigerator. Can I get an amen? It’s like all of the best side dishes for turkey and pies got together and decided it would be fun to double in size. This year, I came across something that just changed the game of Thanksgiving dinner planning. As I’m sure you gathered from the image above, as well as my rant, we will be discussing how sending guests home with to-go boxes made with love will free up a little space in that fridge of yours.

Thanksgiving Dinner Cold Turkey Refrigerator Space Leftovers Doggy Bags Friends and Family Give Thanks Pretty Packaging Brown Bag


Say sayonara to leaky Ziplocs and HELLO to pretty packaging that doubles as a secret tool to get people to actually take those leftovers home! That’s right peeps, there’s no “oh shoot, I forgot my leftovers at your house” this year. I know that there’s a large portion of the population who love them some legitimate turkey sandwiches, but to eat the same thing for a week? I simply cannot! In the spirit of not letting things go to waste, the best thing to do in this situation is to allocate resources evenly to all who are graced with your presence—or should I say presents! 😉

Your friends & fam will be extra #thankful when you send ‘em home w/ #Thanksgiving #leftovers!

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Going the extra mile is always encouraged. Adding simple touches, like this chalkboard paint, does just that! You can write clever sayings, indicate what’s in the box, or even label who it belongs to just so everyone knows which is theirs!

Thanksgiving Dinner Cold Turkey Refrigerator Space Leftovers Doggy Bags Friends and Family Chalkboard Paint Gobble Gobble

Via Brit+Co

Truth be told, there are always two things that are prepared in excess at my house on Thanksgiving: turkey and pie. Why oh why is there so much turkey and pie? I’ll tell you. My family struggles with being decisive so we end up with a baked turkey, a fried turkey, any other ideas for turkey dinner kind of turkey we might come up with...and then cherry, pecan, pumpkin, and apple name a few. It’s out of control. That is why some extremely wise individual created to-go boxes...which inspired to-go pie boxes. Genius, I know. Add that to the list of things I wish I dreamed up. Anyway, I call these bad boys “pie-bye boxes” because that’s what makes each slice of pie leave my house in an orderly fashion!

Thanksgiving Dinner Cold Turkey Refrigerator Space Leftovers Doggy Bags Friends and Family Pie Crust Homemade Dessert

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When your friends and family get home and hunger starts to set in, they will be so happy that all of the delicious dishes you prepared for that yummy Thanksgiving feast are now available for their midnight snack. It’s the perfect amount of food, for just the right amount of time! Nothing gets sweeter than that!

Thanksgiving Dinner Cold Turkey Refrigerator Space Leftovers Doggy Bags Friends and Family Holidays Take Home Box


Hostess-ing can get a little hectic at times, but sending guests home with leftovers that probably won’t all get eaten is great for two reasons: no waste and less clean up! I’m down with both. What are you planning on whipping up this Thanksgiving? Share thoughts, questions, Thanksgiving recipes, stories, ideas, etc. below!

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