As someone who loves to travel, whether on road trips or flying to other countries, there are things I have to have on my trips. Check out my travel essentials!

Hello, readers! I don’t think I have really done anything travel related for you guys, and I find that kind of sad. I love to travel, whether it’s driving to a town a few hundred miles away or flying to another country. I love seeing new places. I try my best to travel with very little to save space (unless it’s a baseball road trip, then I pack lots of food to save money!), so I thought I would share some of my favorite travel essentials with you guys! I typically try to travel with a carry-on only, so here are some of my go-to travel items that I always pack to make sure I have everything I need, and I’m saving space!

Travel Essentials Large Duffle Weekender Bag for Women Pug Perfect Weekend Bags

Large Personal Bag: Essential item number one is a large personal bag. I alternate between my R2D2 backpack I bought for like $20 and a large weekender/hobo bag I got on clearance for $6. As you can probably tell, I like to save money when I can. Both of these bags I have had for at least 3 years and they are holding up well. The backpack is ideal because of the straps, and the weekender bag I have has both short handles and a long strap so I can wear it either crossbody or over one shoulder. They’re perfect to hold many of the items I will be listing below and to make everything easy to find and carry.

Travel Essentials Small Shoulder Bag Mochi Things Carry-On Airport Bags Laptop Sleeve

Small Purse/Wallet: Essential Must Have for travel. You got to have a small bag you can keep on your person when you are traveling so you aren’t lugging around that large purse everywhere you walk. You pretty much will just need your wallet, phone, water bottle, and any tech or chargers you might bring with you. I have been eyeing this bag here, because I love the size, shape, color, and the incredible amount of pockets and space it has. Normally, I have a small crossbody purse I roll up into my larger bag and use it when I am walking around. Though, I want this one eventually. It’s a great little size, and it’s such a pretty color!

Travel Essentials Packing Cubes Aether Aeronaut Suitcase Portable Luggage

Packing Cubes: When you’re packing into a carry-on, you have to make use of your space. I love packing cubes like these for three reasons. One, they come in different sizes so I can sort my clothes and zip them up into the individual bags. Two, I can sort clean and dirty clothes into separate bags so if I am traveling to multiple places; I don’t have to worry about mixing up clothes. And three, you can fit a lot of clothing into these bags. These packing cubes make everything fit SO WELL, and they’re also made perfectly for a Samsonite carry-on or similar suitcase. Definitely one of my favorite travel necessities.

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Travel Essentials Light Layered Outfits Striped Shirt Skinnies Ankle Boots Watch Purse

Light Layers: Typically I like to pack line dry clothing that is wrinkle resistant, so it’s perfect for taking and washing when I need. Because I travel places that are cooler than I am used to, I pack light layers. Tanks, light cardigans, tees, and one good jacket or heavier cardigan that I wear on the plane are always on my travel packing list. I also make sure I have at least one scarf. That saved me in California when I was not ready for the chill of San Francisco.

Travel Essentials Reusable Silicone Bottles Seashell Shampoo Conditioner Soap

Travel Bottles + Resealable Bag: These are essential travel items when traveling without a checked bag. You want bottles and bags (like a stasher) that won’t bust open and leak. I tend to pack a shampoo bar and bar soap to save room in my resealable bag for things like contact solution, extra contacts, and laundry detergent. Remember when I said line dry clothing? This so helps on longer trips. You don’t have to worry about packing enough tees or anything else to last the entire trip, nor do you have to find a laundromat. All you need is a sink or bathtub, and you can wash and dry your clothes. If you happen to have an Air BnB with a washer, perfect! But, line dry makes everything simple just in case, and then I make sure I have detergent I am used to and know I’m not allergic to. Plus, these bottles are cute!

Travel Essentials Portable Charger iPhone Cell Phone Charging Cord Battery

Portable Charger: I cannot stress the importance of having a portable charger when you are in another country. You never know if you’re going to get lost, or forget to charge your phone at night. You’ll always be prepared for the worst case scenario when you have one of these travel gadgets, and they take up very little space. You can find ones that will charge your phone multiple times, or ones that are solar powered. And they can be pretty cheap. Also, make sure you have the right adapters to be able to plug into wall outlets. Having a universal adapter is not a bad idea!

Travel Essentials Kindle eReader Paperwhite Amazon Ebooks Tablet

Kindle: As an avid reader, I need to have my books with me. Having my Kindle is the best way to make sure I have all the books I want or need ready to go. I sometimes use the Kindle app on my tablet, but I don’t like reading off that unless I have to. The Kindle is easier on my eyes. I usually save my iPad for internet purposes, or if I am working on articles or papers for my thesis. Then those can all be loaded onto that and I can use it for writing and research. My Kindle is purely for books. It’s also much lighter and takes up less space than even one single book.

Travel Essentials Reusable Water Bottle Kleen Kanteen Coffee Mug Sustainable Items

Reusable Water Bottle: When you travel, it’s important to stay hydrated. Making sure you have a bottle you can always fill is perfect. Even if you can’t use the tap water in certain places, you can almost always get a restaurant or coffee shop to fill your bottle up with filtered water (or even coffee or tea!). This is great for on planes too. You can have them fill your water bottle with cold or hot water so you can either have refreshing water or make a cup of hot tea. I always have a stash of tea bags or leaves and a strainer for this purpose. I love hot lavender honey tea on a plane! Plus, sometimes water in other places, even if it’s filtered, can taste different than you are used to. Turning it into tea is the perfect way to solve that last problem!

Travel Essentials Headphones Laptop Cell Phone iPhone White Earbuds

Headphones: On car rides or planes, having good headphones can be a lifesaver. Or, if you happen to be in a room with someone who snores, you can at least attempt to drown them out with music. Noise canceling headphones are of course the best at all of this, but even if you just have the headphones that came with your phone, that’s better than nothing!

Travel Essentials Snacks in Reusable Lunchskins Baggies Grapes Goldfish Crackers

Snacks: Julie loves her snacks. We all know this. Remember when I talked about a large bag at the beginning to fit all of my items? Basically I was talking about everything in this list BUT the packing cubes, and solely bring a larger bag specifically for snackage. I could totally get away with just having a mid-sized bag, but Julie needs room for food and souvenirs (or more food). How do I pack my food? In reusable bags, of course! Then, I can use those same bags over and over, even for some leftover breads, pastries, or even snacks I buy along the way.

Travel Essentials Coconut Oil Organic Bowl Fruit Milk Lotion

Coconut Oil: Lastly, my ultimate travel hack. Coconut oil. If you have the ability to eat this, you are in better shape than me. It’s great as a coffee or tea additive, and is great to internally soothe a lot of things that I’m not really going to go over because I don’t have experience. However, this is great as a makeup remover, lotion, lip balm, and even great for if the water does weird things to your hair. It can also be used to help soothe sunburns, as it moisturizes the skin. Basically, it’s amazing, and I always keep at least one if not two containers in my 3:1:1 bag. It’s something I always have with me, too. Even in my normal bags!

And that’s it for my travel essentials! Are there any travel items you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below, and share this post with all the travel lovers out there! As always, stay creative, my friends!