Create an on-the-go keepsake while traveling with a travel journal! They’re a great way to commemorate vacations and trips in an artistic way! 

We here at FurnishMyWay have a thing for journaling! From art journaling to thankfulness journals, we’ve just about covered them all! One I love to use, and just had to write a post on, is the Travel Journal. I first used one when I was taking a class that required us to write one up while we spent 9 days in Mexico. I was unsure whether or not I would like it at the time, but I am good at creative things, and I got to make a travel journal instead of writing a final paper, so I was all for it. And I absolutely loved making it. It was a unique and personal way to commemorate my trip, without having to make a scrapbook (which I find too tedious) or Facebook album. Plus, it’s small, and I can tuck it into my bookshelf until I want to read through it again. I think it’s a lovely way to showcase all the things I did on my trip.

The idea of a travel journal is simple. You make one every time you go on a trip, and every day you write, sketch, color, paint, or glue items or photos into it to show what happened that day. You can tweak from there, but that’s the gist. Today, I’m going to go over some interesting layouts and journals I have found that I think showcase the awesomeness of travel journals, and hopefully inspire you to create your own on your next trip or family vacation!

Travel Journal Map of Paris France Eiffel Tower Bucket List Adventures

Via Natalie Parker

First things first. What kind of journal should you get? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s really no right answer for this one. It all depends on your personal preference, and how much ink, paint, and glue you plan on putting on the pages. If you’re going to go all out with the inks, colored paints, and decoupage all the things onto your pages, I would suggest getting a heavier weight paper, like I talk about in my art journaling post. If you aren’t, and will use this more for a trip diary, any paper will do. Once you know that, you go out and get your journal!

You could buy a cute one like the featured one (which comes with a pencil too!), or you could use a plain sketchbook. You can find many in stores or online that come with pre-printed pages, so if you don’t know where to start, you can always go that route. As for my travel journal, I knew I wanted something unlined, with thick paper so I could (attempt to) sketch out things during my travels. I started out with a blank, unlined Moleskine. It came in a pack of three, which I thought was awesome, and I got them on sale at Target! However, you can find leather travel journals with beautiful covers, or maps like the one above. You could also either sketch a map or decoupage one on the cover, if you’re super crafty.

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Travel Journal Custom Cover with Photographs and Stamps from Trip Bucket List Adventures

Via Tea with Miss Beatrix

I bought a plain one, very similar to this one, because I knew I would want to decorate my personalized travel journal with zentangles and other cool lined drawings (which I am a stud at). I ended up going crazy with the zentangles, and had no room for anything else. But I love it. I had originally wanted to do something like this, with photographs, but I didn’t. Oh well. The key to this is to decorate it how you want. If you don’t want to decorate it, you can find a journal that has a cover you love. It doesn’t have to be a writing journal, either. You can use a sketchbook if you like! Or, you can have a super cool travel notebook journal and just use a spiral. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Remember how I said you can buy a travel journal with pre-printed pages? Well, my friend, you can also find printable pages online! You can find some you like, print them out, and use a pretty binder! This would be cool because you can rearrange the pages if you want to change the order of things, or add in more pages if need be! This way, you can make a travel journal exactly how you want. I love projects like that!

Travel Journal Pages with Collage Decoupage Scrapbook Bucket List Adventures

Via Punkrockparti

Now that we’ve talked about the journal itself, let’s go over some ideas on what to put into your journal. Again, this is all for you, and about you. You don’t have to try to be Michelangelo or anything. If you’re like me, and you pretty much can only draw stick figures, you don’t have to try to draw more than you can handle. You’ll just get frustrated, and we aren’t about that here. We want your journaling process to be relaxing and fun.

So, to show you that you can have a cool travel journal without needing great artistic skills, check out this one here. Look, there’s no drawing whatsoever! These also make cool travel journal filler pages, like in between art pages if you’re one of those people who is good at drawing. All you need here is glue and mementos from your trip. Business cards, receipts, candy wrappings. Whatever. Anything can be a part of your journal!

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Travel Journal Pages Daily Writings with Photographs Balcony Handwritten Notes

Via Leanne's House

I love the format of this journal. You have the date, what day of the trip it was, and even pictures from the trip to go with it! This is a wonderful set-up. They even used a blank paged spiral, like a smaller journal or a sketch book, for their travel journaling. This format works well in this type of journal, because you have the ability to add in so much stuff. You’ve seen the journals that get super fat because of all the things that are pasted into them. This one won’t have that problem as much. Also, there aren’t any drawings or sketches here either, and it’s still artistic and pretty.

Just a step up from the pages before, because this one has writing in it. I love how they talk about their day! I saw this one and giggled. The tiny arrow at the bottom? Yeah I totally do that on the bottom of my journals if I go onto the next page. I think it’s great that I’m not the only one! I added in a lot of pictures into my travel journal, but I didn’t even think about doing it like this.

Travel Journal Pages with Daily Writings and Sketches Coffee Cup Pasted Typography

Via Chubby Broccoli

This is a very similar travel journal layout to what I did in mine. It’s another step up artistically, but it’s still not out of reach for those (like me) who lack drawing skills. My coffee cups did not look nearly that pretty, but hey, they were adorable and I loved them. Since I come from a journaling and writing background, I have a lot of writing passages in my travel journal, like this one here. I added in tiny sketches where I could, like of coffee, food, and anything else I thought I could draw well enough. I didn’t stress if it didn’t turn out how I wanted. Well, I tried not to. It’s a process.

My second travel journal looked much better. I was actually able to draw more! But, my favorite part was still the writing portion. I tell you this because I want you to know it’s about the process of making a travel journal, of making the memento, and it doesn’t have to be perfect and look like a famous artist drew all the sketches. If you can do that, that’s fantastic! If not, you can be like me and we totally still have awesome options on how to make our travel journaling artistic and pretty.

Step aside, scrapbook! The travel journal is a new DIY way to remember your travels!

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Travel Journal Pages with Background Art and Daily Writings Watercolors Van and Landscape

Via Gadling

Now, if you’re one of those people who has epic drawing skills, you have so many options. You can make pages like this one, where the pages become scenes from your travels. I absolutely love journals that are set up like this. I tried to mimic this in my own way. Since I can’t draw (like at all), I just colored the pages I wrote on. Each day was a different color. It helped me feel more artistic since I was able to do that much. Maybe next time I’ll be able to crank out cute little cars and mountains like this as backdrops for my journaling!

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Travel Journal Pages with Map Sketch and Destination Markings Bucket List Adventures

Via Outside of Reading

This last one is something my sister would probably do. The person who drew this amazing journal actually drew the map of the country they went to, and marked on it where they went! I would love to be able to do that one day. Until then, those of us with less skill than this can either paste a small map on our pages, or even trace one.

You could use this as the beginning or end of your travel journal, to show where you have been on your trip if you go on a cross-country trip. Or, even if you do a trip across a state or two, you could definitely do this! One of the girls who went to Mexico with me drew Texas and Mexico, and showed our journey from the university to the airport, the flight path to Mexico, and all the places in Mexico we went. It was super cute. Would definitely be a great idea for those of you who do a lot of hopping across states or countries in one trip!

There you have it! Some beautiful travel journals for you all to look at and hopefully be inspired to create your own to help remember your next vacation. If you have already made a travel journal, please comment and tell me all about it. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Stay creative, my friends!

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