Fashionista Rule #1: Look fabulous whether on land or in the air! Here are my travel fashion tips & beauty essentials to keep you looking fab. 

Most of you don’t know this, but I absolutely love traveling. It’s a dream of mine to travel the world for both business and humanitarian ventures. I guess that’s my version of the “American Dream.” I want to live comfortably in an organized manner, while helping out those who are in need of help. That’s my heart right there, friends! That being said, I’d like to bring up another one of my many passions and interests—fashion. I’ve traveled to a handful of countries and I’d like to say that dressing fashionably (let’s not forget comfortably) while traveling is totally possible!

I know it’s very tempting to wear sweats, a loose T-shirt, and tennis shoes to the airport for comfort’s sake, but trust me; it’s worthwhile to look fabulous in the air! I’ve traveled internationally quite a bit (one flight was 16 hours!), so I know a few things about traveling comfortably (keyword: COMFORT), while still looking put together. Here are my beauty and fashion tips that will help you travel like a true fashionista

Fashion Must-Haves

Travel Fashion Tip #1 - Large Purse and/or Bag

Fashion Tips Large Blue White Striped Michael Kors Purse Green Sweater Sunglasses Gold Watch Totes


I once traveled internationally with a large group of people for a school trip. One of the guys who came on the trip literally brought only a bag with a toothbrush, a few T-shirts, and some fresh under garments. I don’t know how some guys do it, but for my family and I (specifically the ladies), we need to pack quite a bit more. I’ve always traveled with a large bag or purse because having more space to hold all my travel gear is essential. Also, I usually carry a smaller bag inside my larger tote so that once I land at my destination, I can carry only the necessities (money, identification, lip balm, and my cell phone) as I explore. There are lots of large bags out there so you can flaunt your style while still having space to hold all your essentials, and some even have a matching or complementary small bag! Win-win!

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Travel Fashion Tip #2 - Hat

Fashion Tips Urban Travel Black Baseball Hat Sunglasses White T-Shirt


I’ve learned that I like to wear some kind of hat whenever I travel for the sake of messy, in-flight hair. Putting your hair up is great too. But, if you’re like me, you prefer to wear your hair down. This is because whenever I sleep on the plane and my hair is up, it gets messed up and falls apart as I try to find a comfortable sleeping position. For that reason, I like to travel with a hat to hide messy bed head! My “go-to” hats are my favorite straw fedora if I’m traveling to some beach-y area or a sporty baseball cap if I’m on a short domestic flight. Plus, you’ll love having a hat when you’re walking around as it will help keep the sun off your face and keep you feeling cool and stylish all day long!

Travel Fashion Tip #3 - Pashmina Scarf

Fashion Tips Black Floral Scarf Black Skinny Jeans Ballet Flats Leather Jacket Large Purse Travel Outfit

Via Glitter Guide

Wearing multiple layers at the airport is essential because you never know what airports will be super cold and which ones may feel more like a hot sauna. When traveling, one of the best layering items you can wear is a pashmina scarf. Pashmina scarves are great because you can easily pull them on and off when going through security. They also double as a pillow or even a great blanket during cold flights. Let’s not forget that pashminas are super versatile and can easily dress up an outfit. It’ll take your outfit from day wear to night out ready in seconds! They also don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase, so you can even pack a second one to change up your look during your trip!

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Remember to avoid wearing clothes that may make you feel too warm or too cold while you travel. Additionally, remember that when you fly, you want to be comfortable. That being said please do not wear anything stiff and/or tight. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting in a plane for a couple of hours (at least). You’ll definitely want to be comfortable so don’t wear overly tailored or extremely structured clothing. When in doubt, just remember the three “C’s” of flight fashion: keep things casual, comfortable, and chic!

Travel Fashion Tip #4 - Comfortable Shoes

Fashion Tips Travel Outfit Black Legging Long Sleeve Shirt Scarf Ballet Flats Louis Vuitton Purse Sunglasses Gold Watch

Via Glam Radar

Comfortable shoes are a definite must when it comes to traveling. Of course, amidst the thousands of women in the airport, there are always one or two who feel the unfathomable need to wear 4 inch stilettos. I always suggest wearing ballet flats or some comfortable kind of sandal. If you deal with your feet swelling on long flights, I’d suggest wearing ballet flats that are ½ a size or a whole size bigger because not only will they still feel comfortable when your feet swell, but they’ll also be super easy to take off whenever you have to go through airport security. If ballet flats aren’t your thing, stick with a simple slip on shoe of your choice! The key is to wear super comfortable shoes that are easy to take on and off. If you're more of a boot person, make sure they have a zipper for easy removal!

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Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Tip #1 - Rosebud Salve

Fashion Tips Travel Smiths Rosebud Salve Lip Balm Lotion

Via We Pick

I love Rosebud Salve! It’s definitely one of my go-to travel beauty products because it’s great for moisturizing lips, keeping fly-aways at bay, maintaining your cuticles, and soothing sunburn (essential if you travel somewhere tropical!). Plus it has a pretty, rose-y smell! If you’re not a fan of the smell of roses, I’d suggest you opt for those cute baby Vaselines they sell at the grocery store. I’m a huge fan of those as well. Regardless of whether you get Rosebud Salve or Vaseline (or whatever brand you opt for), bringing a multi-purpose moisturizing beauty product is essential because flights tend to dry out skin easily, what with the recycled air and all. (Thank you Michelle Phan for giving me that beauty advice so long ago!)

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Travel Beauty Tip #2 - Travel Size Toiletries

Fashion Tips Travel Size Moisturizer Lotion Toner Dermalogica Normal Oily Skin Kit Beauty Essentials

Via Dermalogica

This is one of the best beauty tips I can offer! If you’re on a long international flight, take the time you have as an impromptu "spa trip!" Rather than pulling out those unsightly facial masks, pop out a hydrating toner and treat your skin. Not only will your skin receive a great pick-me-up, but after your flight, you’ll look fresh and dew-y rather than dull and sleep deprived! People will be in awe of how fantastic you look after your long flight! 

Fashion Tips Travel Size Toiletries Molton Brown Body Wash Body Lotion Hand Lotion Body Scrub

Via Molton Brown

On top of the toner, don’t forget to complete your “spa time" with essential moisturizers like hand cream, eye cream, and face cream. Treat everything you can and give your skin the essential moisture it needs while en route! Also, make sure whatever beauty products you bring meet the travel requirements. I always like to bring whatever free beauty samples and goodies I get whenever I shop at Sephora because sample sizes always meet with travel requirements and are perfect for a single flight! Though, do be aware of the different fragrances of these items to make sure you don’t end up being that person putting on heavily scented lotions on the plane. Be courteous of other flyers when treating yourself to an in-flight spa!

Well, there you go friends! Those are my fashion and beauty travel essentials. I have personally tried and tested these fashion tips and beauty tricks, and I can truly say they have worked for me. So if you are traveling somewhere in the near future, keep these fashion and beauty tips in mind and remember to travel fabulously!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know your thoughts on these fashion tips for women in the comments below. If you have an amazing travel fashion tip (or beauty tips for hair) that you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to let us know about that as well. Make sure to share this post with all your friends and loved ones who may be traveling. Sharing is caring! ‘Til next time, friends!

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