We all dreamed of having an amazing tree house growing up. Check out these grown up and awesome tree houses that bring to life our childhood tree house dreams. 

Growing up, I had a dream of having a super awesome tree house. However, my family and I lived in a nice apartment complex in California and trees that were tree house worthy were few and far between. So that dream was buried deep down inside and long forgotten. Recently, as I was skimming through television shows, I happened to see a commercial for Treehouse Masters and thought about how tree house designs today have far surpassed the tree houses of long ago! I mean seriously, have you seen some of the tree house getaways out there? They are like architectural masterpieces! So, today I am going to take you on a journey and show you some awesome tree houses and bring back those childhood memories!

Awesome Tree Houses Luxury Treehouse Floating House in Trees with Lounge Chairs Eterra Samara Canada Bruce Peninsula Forest

Via Daily Mail

This tree house escape looks like something straight from a movie. Whoever came up with the idea to create this uniquely shaded tree house lounge is absolutely genius. I can picture myself lounging around while reading a good book in this luxurious floating abode. Being a lover of interior design, I just have to say that I love that they used a lighter teak colored wood to create this tree house. I feel like the lighter wood blends in nicely with the lush surroundings.

The only question I have about this awesome lounge area is how do you get up into it? This is one of my favorite tree house ideas, but really, how do I get up there? Anyone have any information for me? Maybe there are some hidden steps on the tree, or a ladder we can’t see? I need this information like ASAP.

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Awesome Tree Houses Geometric Architecture Treehouse with Stairs Multiple Rooms

By ThomasPusch - Own work, GFDL

Here’s another great example of a fun tree house with an unique architectural design. This tree house actually reminds me of some architectural models that friends of mine in the Department of Architecture made a year ago. I think this amazing tree house would make for a fun play area for elementary and middle school-aged kids. If I was in middle school and got to play in this awesome tree house, I think this would literally be my favorite place to hang out. I’m picturing hanging out here, and even as an adult, I would have to say that I would be all up in this tree house and you would not be able to get me out of it. I may be an adult, but I am very much a child at heart.

Awesome Tree Houses Large Enchanted Treehouse Two Story Mushrooms Spiral Stairway

Via Zillow

I love this whimsical tree house so much! If I had kids, I would design a tree house for them just like this one. I feel like this is something you would see at Disney World. I love the shape of the roofing and the shingles. Of course, if I made this for my kids, they would probably have to be older because I wouldn’t want my children to be on the higher part of this tree house without adult supervision! From an architectural and interior design stand point, I think the design and layering of the structure is very unique and fun. Plus, this enchanted tree house would be awesome for those grown-ups who are kids at heart and want to tone their legs! Seriously, friends. Those stairs to the third floor of this out-of-this-world tree house would definitely make for an awesome leg workout!

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Awesome Tree Houses Fig Shaped Tree House

Via Katie Long Ceramics

Check out this cool tree house! The shape of it kind of reminds me of a fig, right? I think it’s super cool and very interesting. It’s definitely different than the simple tree house designs of my childhood, but that’s what makes it so unique and awesome! The idea of using multiple curved vertical beams versus an actual wall allows for more light. I like this tree house idea because if you're in a scenic location, like this tree house is, then having a tree house design like this helps to optimize your view while still keeping things slightly private. Plus, I just can’t get over how completely awesome the shape is!

Awesome Tree Houses Dome Treehouse with Ladder Modern Tree House

Via Home Trend Design

Last but not least, check out this super cool modern tree house! You’ll definitely be able to see the great view from up there. I have no clue how they made it, but whatever they did, it looks awesome! I would definitely love to have a tree house like this, especially if I lived in such a wooded area. Are those reflecting mirrors, or maybe some kind of solar panel? I’m not sure, but I like it and would like my own tree house made out of this material! Plus, I totally love the balcony and ladder set-up that this one has. It’s just lovely.

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Tree houses are really fun, right? I feel like now-a-days both kids and adults have a deep appreciation for super cool tree houses. So whether you’re into ultra-modern tree houses that are pretty much like mini-houses or whimsical and rustic fairytale-like tree houses, I’m sure there will always be a tree house that will suit your fancy!

Alright friends, that concludes our post for today! Did you enjoy it? If so, let us know in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to share this post with all your adventure loving friends and family who might appreciate it. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via Inhabitat