Trench coats can be the perfect touch to a gorgeous outfit. Check out all the different styles and colors that this magnificent fashion item comes in!

Before I begin, doesn’t the model in this photo look absolutely stunning? I’m coming at y’all this morning with a fashion trend that has been around for many, many years. Trench coats were invented (is that the right word here? Are fashion items “invented?” Not totally sure. Anyway...) in the 1850s. They got the name “trench coat” because they were used so frequently by the men who were on the front lines - aka in the trenches - during World War I. They had large pockets and also functioned as raincoats and windbreakers. Trench coats were used in World War II during poor weather, as well. Post World War II, the trench coat became a fashion piece in the 1950s and can be seen in many popular Hollywood movies from this decade. Today, they’re a symbol of professionalism!

Thanks, Wikipedia, for that mini fashion history lesson! 

Trench Coats Classic Castiel Supernatural Business Suit Fashion Style

If you've read some of my other blog posts, it will come as no surprise that a TV character inspired me to write this post. If you’re a Supernatural fan, you know exactly who this is. For everyone else, say hi to Castiel. He’s one of the main characters on the show, and he wears this exact outfit in every single episode. His trademark is the classic, detective trench coat.

I own a classic trench coat that looks very similar to the one in the photo above. It’s tan, long, and everything that you picture a trench coat being. I love to wear it when I need to step my fashion game up, or when the weather is cold, but not that cold. One thing that I love about my trench coat is that there are like a million ways that I can tie the belt. [Check out the different ways that you can tie a trench coat here.]

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What I really love about modern day trench coats is that there are so many different styles that trench coats come in, and that’s what I’m writing about today!

Trench Coats Cream Trench Coat Short Classic Sequin Dress Black Purse Coats for Spring

This first trench coat is a feminine rendition of the classic trench coat. It’s cream colored and has the tie belt; however, it has no buttons! A classic trench coat has buttons! This trench coat is also a little shorter than a classic one, but it looks stunning. I love how this particular woman’s trench coat is paired with a sparkly dress. This is the perfect simple overcoat for a fancy night out. It’s classy, elegant, and chic!

Trench Coats Short Navy Trench Coat Black Tights Black Heels Outfit of the Day Fashion Style

This navy trench coat is amazing! I really love how this fashionista paired this short navy blue trench coat with black tights and a gorgeous suede black heel. I also really like how her dress doesn’t go past her coat - that’s what makes this outfit so fun!

Trench Coats Long Black Trench Coat Riding Boots Black Purse Over the Knee Purse Fashion Style

This next trench coat is for more modest and professional looks. This long black trench coat is perfect for your work attire. It’s loose yet still work appropriate. For a work appropriate outfit, you can pair this coat with your favorite dress and flats/heels or even a pantsuit. Because this coat is black, it will go with basically anything! You can also dress this trench coat down for a more casual look by doing something similar to what this fashionista did. Pair this trench coat with riding boots, jeans, your favorite blouse, and your casual look is complete!

Trench Coats Loose Beige Long Trench Coat Heels Jeans Blonde Styles for Women

This loose beige trench coat is similar to the long black one right before it. The main difference between the two (and this is hard to tell) is that they are made of two completely different fabrics. The black one is made of a thin, lighter material, while this beige one is made of something thicker. I really like how this model styled this coat. It completes her outfit and is extremely chic, sassy, and fierce!

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Trench Coats Men Classic Beige Jeans Scarf Gloves Sunglasses Mens Fashion

I really love this entire outfit! This classic men’s trench coat will go great with everything! Dress it up for work, or dress it down exactly like this model did for a casual yet sophisticated look.

Trench Coats Olive Green Short Trench Coat Heels Louis Vuitton Purse Womens Fashion

I love this trench coat because of its color! Olive green! Lately, I’ve been meaning to find a coat/light jacket in olive green. There’s just something about the color + fashion that speaks to me. This particular green trench coat is perfect for a cool spring day. I love how this short trench is paired with those gorgeous lace-up heels. This outfit is fun and playful! It may be my favorite of all the ones I’ve listed. Maybe.

As y’all can see, you can dress a trench coat up or down! You can find them in myriads of styles and colors! Comment and let me know which one is your favorite. Share this post with your friends so they can get some trench coat and fashion inspo, too!

**Featured image via JadeGreenbrooke on DeviantArt