Check out a few of the endless applications of chalkboard paint! It’s great for walls, furniture, and just about anything! 

I’m sure you remember those dusty black chalkboards from back in your grade school days. They were great for learning your ABCs and 123s, plus you could doodle all over them. Well…they’re making a comeback like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Not only are chalk surfaces helpful in busy work environments, but they can be used to add an artistic flair to any space. Likely a combination of the crooked lines and accidental smudges, there’s something about imperfect handwriting and drawings that feels authentic and personal. It’s a fun way to connect with your creative side! Adults and kids alike will love getting their hands a little messy. What these examples might lack in color variety, they most definitely make up for in originality.

Remember those dusty old chalkboards from back in the day? Well, they're back, but in a super cool and fun way!! Check it out!

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You can find chalkboard paint in any color, even clear, at nearly all home improvement stores. With a little patience and a few coats, you can transform a bare surface into a handy writing or drawing area. There are lots of options for using chalk paints. Here are a few ideas from diy network and Benjamin Moore

Want to know how to create a chalkboard wall? Check out this video from superholly, which will give you step-by-step instructions for making your very own chalkboard wall. This one is even magnetic!

Who would’ve thought that chalk fabric and removable wallpaper actually exist? They are available at select craft supply stores, home improvement stores, and online retailers. Beautiful handmade designs may be more difficult to locate, but they are well worth the hunt. Thanks to modern-day innovations, it’s possible to turn just about any hard surface into a chalkboard.

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Chalkboard paint headboards are a really clever way to leave funny notes or important messages for a loved one to read when they get out of bed. Instead of having a bulky, wood headboard, these illustrative pieces get the job done. A blackboard that’s about the same width as the mattress can be easily decorated and placed against the wall. Another option is to paint an accent wall that can be used as a large canvas for the headboard design, like the ones below. You can paint part of the wall that lines up with the bed frame or use the entire space. I really like the bedroom on the left because the black chalkboard is so large, you can decorate it in almost any way! You can make a headboard and still have plenty of space to draw, write, and have fun!

Bedroom with Chalkboard Accent Wall and Chalk Style Headboard Chalkboard Paint

Via emily trent dickens

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These next few ideas are great for anyone who wants to entertain their guests with a personalized touch. The chalkboard painted tabletop can be used to list the menu, dish labels, or decorated to suit the occasion. This chalkboard dining room table would be perfect for parties! You could have each guest decorate their place setting, and have them sign their work afterwards. Then, you could photograph it, and collect photos of all of your friends’ drawn chalk place settings! What a great keepsake item! A more temporary alternative such as chalk cloth cut into a table runner or placemats would definitely make for a memorable dining experience as well.

A larger piece, like this ocean blue chest of drawers would work great in any room. It’s useful for organizing table linens or storing dinnerware. You could even use this to organize other parts of your house, like in your bedroom or even living room, and use colored chalkboard paint if you want to add a pop of color. The possibilities are endless!

Chalkboard Paint Dresser Chest of Drawers Dining Room Organizer Buffet Table

Via homelife


Chores and grocery shopping won’t seem like a last-minute scramble. You can make a large visible list of household needs with ease on the pantry door or label kitchen cabinets. Produce an original backsplash design to liven up the countertops. Or draw up an original display on a kitchen wall listing favorite recipes, seasonings, or drinks and cocktails. It’s perfect for entertaining friends and family during housewarming parties, BBQs, birthdays and holidays. Better yet, you can use it as a guestbook marked with fun-filled memories. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, and it adds a lot of visual appeal.

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Chalkboard Paint Kitchen with Chalkboard Refrigerated Cabinets Chalkboard Paint Shelving Hardwood Floors Wine Fridge
Chalkboard Paint Kitchen Bar with Chalkboard Accent Wall Shelving Hardwood Floors

(above) Via decor8

(left) Via BHG

I really love this blackboard paint accent wall with the great shelving for spices, baking items, and other kitchen needs (like that bar!). I think this would be great to be able to decorate for holidays and parties, or just for fun when you have spent a little too much time sampling the bar items!

Chalkboard Paint Kitchen Backsplash over Stovetop

Via aStoriedStyle


Sometimes the wash room doesn’t get as much thought as other rooms. Chalkboard wallpaper can be fun and a little messy, but the location ensures that cleanup is a breeze. Instead of repainting the walls or removing old wallpaper, you can easily erase the previous design to free up space for a new masterpiece. This handy trend can also be used for leaving friendly reminders or labeling and organizing bathroom products.

I have a thing for krakens in the bathroom. It's a great twist on the very common nautical/sea life bathroom theme that cropped up all over the 90s! You could even have your child help you create a scary sea monster in the bathroom on black chalkboard paint, and maybe add in an awesome pirate ship!

Chalkboard Paint Bathroom with Chalkboard Counter and Shelving Chalkboard Paint

Via Theo Keetell

My dad would totally use this. He already uses his bathroom mirror as a to-do list (FYI, dry erase markers work great on mirrors) so this would be great for him! Anyone else guilty of using their bathroom mirrors, or walls, as a to-do list, rejoice! And grab yourself some chalkboard paint and get painting!

I love all the options that chalkboard paint gives you! Such a versatile design AND it makes a huge statement. What other creative uses have you seen for chalkboard paint? Please share our post with your friends! And comment below to let us know what you think!

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