Does your home decor seem to be falling a little flat? Try out these unique tufting design ideas that will fluff up just about any space in your home! 

When I was younger, I remember seeing chairs and couches that looked as though they had buttons pushed into them. I had no idea what magic allowed them to stay like that, but I was completely mesmerized. I would flip through magazines and find offices and studies filled with books and knickknacks, and usually right there in front of an abundance of books sat the button couches. I associated them with class, sophistication and an eclectic sense of style. I told my mother, “When I grow up, I want one of those chairs." To which she replied, “Ok, hunny" because she (like I) had NO clue whatsoever what these chairs and couches were called. This nostalgic walk down memory lane is why I want to explore some amazing button tufting designs.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve chosen 7 amazing designs that feature button tufting! Tufting is a type of textile weaving that can be used on couches, chairs, and nearly anything else.

Tufting Design Colorful Rainbow Ottoman in Dark Living Room with White Chandelier and Fireplace

Via Erika Brechtel

I love to see button tufting done with color. I think it really shows off the design of the actual tufting. This rainbow ottoman is perfectly paired with the dark walls and neutral fireplace. The colors of this button tufted ottoman contrast lovely with the living room around it. Doesn’t the tufting just make that ottoman look totally awesome? The rainbow coloring and contrasting textures add that extra oomph and take this stunning sitting area to the next level.

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Tufting Design Bedding Cushion in Neutrals on Four Post Bed Frame

Via the Tao of Dana

Button tufting works well with any color variation and any design, but the color I love the best is a tan or light-brownish color as exhibited with this button tufted bed. The way the neutral color blends with the vintage four poster bed is just stunning. Plus, I love the way this room is set up with the prints and vintage looking photos on the walls. It makes me feel like I have stepped back in time. I totally want to hop on this bed and read a good classic novel!

Tufting Design Blue Velvet Wing Back Office Chair with Mood Board Accent Wall


After hearing about my childhood, you probably surmised that I really enjoy seeing a nice button tufted chair or couch in an office. So, of course, this deep blue chair immediately caught my eye. I like how this office is modern and not overly designed. This diamond tufted chair makes the office seem more formal and sophisticated. The armchair is definitely the focal point of this design, and maximizes this office’s appeal. Also, check out that mood board design wall in the back. What a great touch! Makes this space feel like a ritzy designer works here, and I love it!

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Tufting Design Pastel Light Mint Green Antique Couch with Gallery Wall and Chandelier

Via The Curated House

The mint green button tufted couch is gorgeous. It really stands out and gives the space a creative and artistic energy. Plus, it reads very nicely against the pale pink walls. It reminds me of 1960s decor. I totally dig it ! I also appreciate how the designer framed the pictures around the couch further adding to the upbeat energy of this room.

Tufting Design Cream Coffee Table Ottoman with Cream and Tan Wing Back Chairs in Teal Living Room

Via Matchbook

I never thought about button tufting a table, but that is where creative designers come in handy. They come up with new and fresh ideas that the rest of us would never think about. This sitting area has an elegant look and the addition of the button tufted coffee table increases the overall appeal. That table is definitely a statement piece.

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Tufting Design Yellow Headboard on White Bed with Yellow and Blue Accent Pillows and Gray Chevron Lamp

Via the Tao of Dana

And what about this yellow headboard? After seeing this design, I think a button tufted headboard is the way to go. I just bought a headboard for my own bed, and it is super comfortable. If you’re like me and like to sit up in bed to read or do work, then a good headboard is something that you should consider investing in. Mine is a dark brown color, but had I known that I would love this striking yellow button headboard so much, I probably would have redesigned my bedroom all together. There’s always next time!

Tufting Design Vintage Bath Tub with Ornate Drapes and Curtains

Via materialicious

Can we all collectively come together to appreciate the different and bold colors that are used in these designs? We have mint green, yellow, deep blue, and rainbow to name a few! Button tufting can work with any color, and as displayed by that button tufted tubyou’re welcome—it can be used on just about anything!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these fun design ideas as much as I enjoyed writing about them! If so, please share with your friends and family, and leave a comment with your own ideas!

**Featured image via Cost Plus World Market