Longing for the Italian hillside but not willing to relocate just yet? Achieve Tuscan style homes without leaving the comfort of your own country! 

Buongiorno my friends! Do you ever long for a place far, far away, say, Italy? Well folks, I can definitely relate. When I was in high school I had a bit of an obsession. I used to fantasize about traveling to Italy, and I have to say watching Gladiator for the billionth time in a row definitely didn’t help. (Are you not entertained?!?) When I say obsession, I’m referring to the time I straight up drew a fresco of the Italian countryside on my bedroom wall. Sunflowers and all. Seriously, call my mom, she will tell you in full detail. What kind of weirdo 16-year-old kid actually draws a fresco on their wall anyway? Me, that’s who. Proud weirdo for sure, guilty as charged!

Thanks to the extreme generosity of my family, my dream to visit Italy actually came true this past summer! Yes, people, I WENT TO ITALY AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I EVER DREAMED OF AND MORE. My dad had to physically pull me away from the gelaterias (gelato is the best dang ice cream you will ever have in your life), and there was no amount of time in the world for me to have seen everything I wanted to. There’s definitely another trip to Italy on my docket in the future. In the meantime, I will settle for the closest I can get to going back—Tuscan style homes. After reading, I hope you feel just as inspired as I was with these Tuscan designs. Maybe you’ll even paint a fresco on your wall like I did!

Tuscan Style Homes Interior Design Italy Wrought Iron Living Room Countryside Villa Arch Wooden Ceiling Chandelier Fireplace

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Are you looking for something rustic and earthy yet other-worldly? Good news, Tuscan style decor is the look for you! Channel your inner Sophia Loren (or Robert De Niro) with this Italia-inspired look. Tuscan interior design is all about earth tones and channeling the essence of the Italian countryside.

When it comes to your living spaces, specifically your Tuscan style living room, try to highlight your space with warm earth tones like oranges, reds, yellows and browns to achieve this look. When it comes to accessories, you’re not going to want to shy away from anything wrought iron, especially large wrought iron wall accents. Try your best to incorporate woods mixed with metals and large natural stones into your look. Anything that you think could have been repurposed from the natural Tuscan hillside is probably your best bet here!

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Tuscan Style Homes Interior Design Italy Wrought Iron Kitchen Countryside Villa Lamp Wooden Ceiling Chandelier Stools Cooking Cabinets


When it comes to Tuscan style decorating for your kitchen or dining room, look for pops of contrasting copper metals and darkened woods to accessorize. Rounded arches are a must, and repurposed wine bottles are a FANTASTIC addition to your Tuscan kitchen! Feel free to use them as vases for flowers or even as a repurposed lamp! (Check out the DIY below.)

Speaking of flowers, sunflowers would do just fine in a pinch! If I were you, I would head over to Michaels right now to pick up a fake sunflower to use in one of those vases. They typically have a 40% off one item coupon featured on their website and I’m a little ashamed of how many times I’ve used that bad boy for the sake of savings. I personally love the color of sunflowers because they always make me feel so happy, but feel free to employ any variety of foliage you like! When it comes to accent pieces, look for terracotta motifs and big beautiful ceramic vases or plates. Hand-painted tiles are also a showstopper when it comes to subtler accents.

Tuscan Style Homes Interior Design Italy Wrought Iron Bathroom Column Countryside Villa Arch Wooden Ceiling Chandelier Sink Vanity

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For bathrooms, a painting of the sweeping Italian countryside would fit nicely hung above your bathtub. Rub-a-dub-dub in your Italian tub! That was really dorky but super fun to say in my head. Reclaimed beech wood and blown-glass accents aren’t necessarily the stereotypical Tuscan decor style, but would definitely fit with the theme!

When it comes to chandeliers, they can be found ALL OVER Italy. I visited a glassblowing factory in Venice and it's safe to say that city is like a glass blowing factory exploded all over the place. Glass centerpieces are everywhere, especially chandeliers, some of which came in bright and surprising colors! If you’re looking for authentic Italian glass for your villa, look for Murano glass straight from Venice. Don’t worry about having to cross the sea to get your hands on it either! You can have it shipped to virtually anywhere.

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Tuscan Style Homes Interior Design Italy Wrought Iron Bedroom Nightstand Countryside Villa Arch Wooden Ceiling

Via Exclusive Resorts

Lastly, when it comes to your bedroom you will want to apply many of the same concepts you did everywhere else. Here, natural stone was used as wall texture (see, rock isn’t just for floors!) and a rounded arch was used to create the doorway. Take a look at how beautifully the walls transition into the wooden ceiling! It looks as though the decorator used plaster to transition the stone into the wood, thereby giving it an authentic labor of love look. I’m in love!

Brick is an element that is introduced here, as well as dark wooden accents used for the bed frame and nightstand. Pops of warmer Tuscan colors such as yellow and golden tans are visible in the beautifully patterned throw pillows and Tuscan style furniture as well. Don't be afraid to think outside the box! As you can see, eggshell blue was used to as a complementary color to the yellow accents and acts as a soft contrast. What kinds of accents or colors would you incorporate into your Tuscan home?

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Inspiration Nook

I want to introduce a little something different to my blog post, something that will go beyond reading some words on a screen and inspire you in other ways. I will call it my Inspiration Nook! Here you will find my curated recommendations for music, movies, and sometimes recipes to get you into the decorating groove. Divertiti!

What to watch to be inspired: Under the Tuscan Sun - Diane Lane in the countryside surrounded by Italian hotties and equally attractive Italian meals? Yes, please! GREAT movie to gather Tuscan interior design inspiration from as much of the movie centers around her revamping her Tuscan cottage. See how she integrates existing motifs from the house into her designs and which ones she changes. Phew! Revamping a house in the hot Italian sun sure takes a lot out of you, who wants some limoncello?

If you’re looking for something a little less light-hearted and a little more macho, I recommend checking out the iconic film, The Godfather. In this film, you will be exposed to authentic scenes from the Italian countryside and see how true Italians lived. I should note that I don’t necessarily recommend watching the third film, but the second installment holds up extremely well. (You have been warned!)

What to listen to in your Tuscan style homes: Al Caiola Radio - Hear love ballads from the Italian countryside by the great classic voices who made it such a romantic destination in the first place. It’s the perfect playlist for that romantic date night you’ve been planning in your newly designed Tuscan kitchen! Spaghetti and meatballs, anyone?

Design-It-Yourself: Want more DIYs to match your Italia-inspired abode? Check out these adorable wine glass lamp DIYs ranging from easy to expert: 

Dig this look? Check out this article from Homedit. It has some fantastic advice on how to incorporate Tuscany style into your living space!

Well, that’s about it for our journey through the Italian countryside! I hope you picked up some new tips and tricks along the way, and don’t forget to share this post and write a comment about how you would incorporate Italian living into your unique home style. Ciao bellas!

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