What does your home decor say about you? Leave nothing to doubt! Spell it out with these awesome typography decor ideas. 

Here at FurnishMyWay, we have a bit of a penchant for typography. Alexa wrote about it here, but I’m here to give you even more awesome typography decor ideas for your home.

But first, let me back up. You need to properly understand my love for typography. In my undergraduate program, I focused on graphic design. During my first semester at school (thanks to a pretty fantastic teacher), I learned that I love typography. Most of my favorite projects were type-based. Coincidentally, these were also the projects I received the highest marks on. Despite having graduated, I still love working with type. In fact, I’d consider myself a bit of a type junkie. A font fanatic. A word nerd, if you will. Good typography gets me really excited. Bad type makes me cringe. A lot. Growing up my mom always reminded me that “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Typography is your written tone of voice. So what can your home decor say about you?

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Typography Decor Wonderful Diana Miks Pop Art Typographic Die Cut Hallway Type Word Art

Via Apartment Therapy

Being someone that loves typography, I cannot allow it to just sit on my screen or a simple piece of paper. Type is such a beautiful art form... I need it everywhere. And let’s be real - typography really is wonderful. And so is adding it into your home decor! Everyone knows you can hang framed typography… but that’s boring. This is so much more.

These letters (spelling out wonderful) look like they’re a part of the wall. Like this home is telling you how wonderful it is. I don’t know about the rest of the home, but this one wall surely is wonderful. You may not be a graphic designer who can go out and die cut your typography wall art design, but you can certainly mimic this look by picking up some paper mache letters from your local craft store or cutting your own out of scrap cardboard. Just make sure your letter forms are as beautiful as you are!

Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Chalkboard Wall Welcome To Our Home Chalk Kitchen Kitchen Aid Mixer Black White Power Outlet


A chalkboard is always a good place for typography. I’m a total a sucker for a good chalkboard typography wall. Every Whole Foods has a Store Artist whose responsibilities include drawing every one of their chalkboard signs. Now, your home is probably not anything close to Whole Foods (in terms of sheer amount of food, that is), but you can certainly add some chalkboard designs. The image above is one of the best chalkboards I’ve seen in quite a while. What appeals to me most (aside from the fact that it’s a chalkboard wall and not a framed chalkboard) is that the type interacts with the home around it. The H adjusting heights to the power outlet is just perfect. And the artist knew better than to hide some of the letters behind the mixer. After all, you want to see your work and who would ever put away a mixer that pretty?!

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Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Pegboard Plants Pots HEY P T Office Desk Organize Graphic

Via Curate & Display

More pegboard! I promise I’m not purposefully working pegboard into all of my blogs… but how could I not? LOOK AT ALL THE TYPOGRAPHY.

Ok, so the pegboard itself is not actually what is hosting the typography, but it is displaying it! I’m loving these typographic pots. It’s like the plants are saying, “Hey, you! Yes, you! Water me!” Of course, you can have your pots spell out whatever you’d like. All you need is a blank pot and some paint for this easy DIY typography project. (If you’ve missed my other pegboard mentions, check them out here and here.)

Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Bookshelf Read Books Black Graphic

Via Dornob

It’s a bookshelf that spells out read. I just can’t comprehend a universe where that’s not AWESOME. This word wall art and bookshelf leaves me speechless; it’s simply just too cool for words. This bookshelf is just a small piece of Italian designer Claudio Scotto’s furniture line entitled Decor Type. An entire line of furniture made from type. Is that what graphic design heaven is decorated with??

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Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Letters Concrete Book Ends DIY Cement Alphabet

Via Little House on the Corner

Get your typographic decor off the walls! DIY yourself some awesome concrete letters. They can be used as book ends, door stoppers, or even just plain ‘ole art. It really doesn’t matter how you use them, decorating with letters is awesome!

Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art That’s My Spot Sheldon Cooper Etsy Graphic Throw Pillow Case Cover

Via Minnie and Maude

My family likes to joke that I’m Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. One of the many reasons why is that I have my spot at the kitchen table. We’ve lived in the same house my whole life and it’s just where I’ve always sat. So excuse me for getting attached. It’s not like I’m 100% to blame here… everyone else has their spots at the table, too! But regardless, I can guarantee if my family saw this pillow, they’d buy it for me. I’m quite known for my spot. If you too have a spot, snatch up this typography pillow and let everyone know where your spot is.

Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Pillows Scrabble Etsy Home Pillow Case Burlap Cover Graphic Throw Pillow Alphabet

Via dirtsastudio

While we’re on the subject of pillows, check out these typography pillows! These four pillows spell out home, but you can spell out anything your heart desires! A few that come to this introvert’s mind: sleep, go away, mine. You could even make your pillows holiday themed with words like boo, thanks, and merry. Just be careful not to make your word too long, otherwise you won’t have left yourself anywhere to sit on your couch!

Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Alphabet Letters Wood Dresser Carved Drawers


Your typography doesn’t have to be limited to purely decorative items, either! This dresser is a unique way to incorporate some awesome typographic flair into a bedroom! Can you imagine alphabetizing your wardrobe? Though, I think the T drawer is a bit too small for all my t-shirts!

Typography Decor Typographic Type Word Art Moss Graffiti Grow Brick Green DIY

Via The Guardian

BONUS! Grow your own typography decor! You can DIY living moss graffiti for a really interesting way to add typography to your home. If you do make grow your own typography, I would definitely suggest keeping this decor piece outside! If you’re more interested in keeping it indoors, check out this non-living version.

I love the question “if your house could talk, what would it say about you?” Now that you know how to make your house talk though the art of typography, what will it say? Let me know in the comments!

**Featured image via Apartment Therapy