Ever thought about adding seating to your home that wasn’t just a simple couch? Check out these unique couch alternatives that you’ll totally want!

Hello, everyone! I have a treat in store for you today. As someone who loves a good couch, chair, pillow, or cushion, I had to do a post on them! Currently, I have two couches in my apartment; one deep loveseat, and a small couch I got at IKEA that the dogs have claimed. Even though I love my current couches, sometimes I think about getting rid of them and adding in some alternative seating instead (Don’t worry, Mom, I’m not actually going to do it. I would totally just add some of these options to what I already have!). However, if I was to do it, what would I do instead of couches? Well, today I’m going to show you! I’ve got some great couch alternatives for you, so let’s just get on with it and look at some cool seating options! Life is too short for boring couches, am I right?

Unique Couch Alternatives Patterned and Colorful Living Room Floor Cushions Glass Curtain Wall

Via Home Designing

Floor Cushions: I think it’s the boho in me that just loves a floor cushion couch. I don’t know why, but I have always loved the idea of a floor sofa. There’s something about the way they look. And, I love the color and patterns on these giant ones. Yeah. These aren’t your typical, normal sized floor sofa cushions, oh no. These are huge! I love them. 

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Also, I just love this living room. It’s so spacious, full of natural light, and is high on my “Julie Needs This in Her Life” list. You don’t have to go all boho and bright with your floor couch if that’s not your thing. They also look super sleek and pretty in solids, especially in deeper colors like browns, blacks, and grays. So, don’t count these out based on the colors and patterns. They look good in any shade, pattern, and home!

Unique Couch Alternatives Large Living Room Hammock

Via Furnish Burnish

Hammocks: I’m not going to lie; this is the alternative sofa option that I keep going back to. Um, what’s not to love about hammocks? I love the way you hop in and they sway back and forth and create almost a cocoon around you, and I just really want a hammock, okay? Always thought they were magnificent outdoors, hanging from a tree or on a patio, but indoors? Oh, how heavenly. I would absolutely love to have a hammock as an alternative couch in my living room. I could add in some floor cushions like the ones I mentioned before so other people can have somewhere to sit while at my place, but the hammock would be all mine. Or, I could totally have it set up to add in more hammocks when people come over. Hammock party, anyone? Is that a thing?

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Unique Couch Alternatives Large Brown Lovesac Gigantic Bean Bag Chair in Living Room with Glass Coffee Table

Via Lovesac

Lovesac Bean Bag: Another one of my favorite alternative couch ideas: a gigantic bean bag. And by gigantic, I mean gigantic. The Lovesac bean bags are so huge, and you can get them in a variety of sizes. My best friend has one and honestly it’s one of the coolest things ever. I knew they were huge from the pictures, but honestly, seeing it in person is a treat. The pictures do not properly prepare you for these sofa alternatives! You can fit so many people on one of them, and if you don’t like to share, there is a ton of room for just you. You can get them in a bunch of different colors in a traditional bean bag shape and a giant cushion-like shape too, so there are options for everyone!

Unique Couch Alternatives Modern Oversized Living Room Chairs in Black and White with Side Table

Via Furnish Burnish

Oversized Chairs: If you don’t like the idea of normal, standard couch designs because you like your space, then these oversized chairs are perfect for you! They are the ideal size for anyone to be able to completely lounge on, and the shape gives you the ability to actually curl up. This couch alternative is also great for lovebirds to curl up on and watch some good flicks, if you’re into that. But hey, no one said you have to share this awesome chair. You can always get more than one. Also, I love the little side table that you can get with this chair, and the fact it can spin. So cool! They come in a couple different colors, but I love this black and white combo.

Unique Couch Alternatives Clear Bubble Hanging Chairs Attached to Living Room Ceiling

Via irastar.com

Hanging Bubble Chairs: I’ve already mentioned how I love and want a hanging chair in my meditation post, so you all know how awesome I find these things. I would love to have one in my living room, too. I love things like rocking chairs; so, it’s no wonder I love furniture that has the ability to rock and sway (see the hammock again for more proof). I love this style of living room here, with the low couch that you could totally make from cushions, and two hanging chairs. So much sitting room, and the added benefit of the swaying hanging chairs! The bubble chairs like these are kind of cool too because they are clear, and they would go with almost any decor style.

Unique Couch Alternatives Large Bird’s Nest Couch with Brightly Colored Egg Shaped Pillows and Cushions


Bird's Nest: I think this is also sold as a bed, but come on. How awesome is this? It’s a giant bird’s nest with colorful and soft ‘egg’ pillows! Isn’t it just the coolest couch ever? I would take a running leap and dive into this creative couch and binge watch Netflix. No lie. I would burrow into this couch, among the brightly colored eggs, and I would never want to leave. I am also entertaining myself by imagining how my dogs would react if I had this. I have no idea if they would even try to get on this couch, which would mean more couch for me! This couch, though, is totally large enough for the whole family to curl up on (fur babies included!), so it’s actually a pretty amazing sofa design!

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Well, there you have it! A bunch of great examples of alternative couches and unique sofas for you to use instead of a standard couch. Which one is your favorite? Would you make the switch from a standard couch to something like these? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via iDesignArch