Is your bedroom design in need of a little something extra? Whether it be more storage or some personality, these unique headboard ideas offer you all that, and more! 

Hi guys! I don’t know about you, but the one place in my apartment that is lacking in storage and decor is my bedroom. I know, it’s my very own personal room that I get to keep to myself, but I think that’s why I don’t have it as decorated as I want. Needless to say, I’m getting a little tired of my current bedroom design, and I've realized I definitely need some more storage space. Well, while doing some searching on the good ol’ Google, I came across a great way to add some storage and fun into my bedroom. How? With a headboard! Changing up your headboard is an easy and simple way to update your room. Who knew, right? Check out these creative and unique headboard ideas for some inspiration!

Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Dip Dye Vintage Peacock Headboard White Bedding Green Walls White Curtains

Via Vintage Revivals

I am absolutely in love with the dip-dyed effect on this headboard. As soon as I find a vintage-style peacock headboard on one of my thrifting adventures, I am so doing this! All you really need for this project is some paint, a brush or two, and a little luck. Sometimes the simplest of changes can make the greatest of differences. Plus, I just adore the bright little pop of lime green. You could add in a nice accent shade very easily with a headboard like this!

Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Pegboard Headboard with White Pillows and Eclectic Accents

Via Sugar & Cloth

The options are endless with this innovative pegboard headboard. Hello, why didn’t I think of pegboards as headboard ideas before? They’re totally one of the best ways to add fun decor and storage to any room! It’s a very minimalistic look, loaded with functionality. I think my favorite part is the addition of the planter! A 24 by 48 inch piece at Home Depot is only about $40; and it even includes all the hardware. The possibilities of how to decorate this in a space are numerous. Are you a crafty, creative person? You could totally do this, and make it look pretty as well. I’m thinking about how cool cakes of yarn would look stuck between pegs. Colorful and inspiring!

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Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with String Light House Headboard Blue Walls Colorful Bedding and Pillows

Via Decor Hacks

How cute is this?! Add a little warmth and glow to any bedroom with this adorable headboard made from string lights shaped like the silhouette of a house. You will never feel more at home! This would be so perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, though no judgment here if you put it in your own bedroom, since I would totally do that! Such a cozy (and cheap) design. There are many other designs you could go with to make some very unique headboards, too. Do you have a favorite book or movie? Maybe a favorite quote or word? I’m thinking about how cool it would look to mock up a bat symbol in the lights. Too nerdy? No such thing.

Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Natural Wood Slab Headboard Rustic Bedroom Design

Via Zillow

Wow. That’s really all I can write about this one. (Just kidding, it’s my job to write stuff.) But, seriously, what a gorgeous piece. There's so much character present within the varying tones and grains and blemishes of this large slab of wood. It looks like a piece of art more than a headboard. Absolutely stunning! Where can I get one? And more importantly, who’s going to help me put up this wood headboard because this is definitely a several person job! Totally worth it, though. Who wants to help me find and install a piece like this? Anyone?

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Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Wood Pallet Headboard and String Lights Rustic Bedroom Design


Crisp white bedding and walls paired with dark wood accents give this space a very serene feeling. The string lights dress up the headboard a bit, adding a touch of warmth. And what a great idea to fasten a wall mounted light fixture to this piece as a reading lamp! I could definitely see myself cozying up with a book in this space. Seems like it would be pretty easy to DIY. All you need are some pallet boards, hardware, a simple lamp, and a few tools. I do love the incorporation of string lights again. They’re such a cheap and easy light source to install, and they make cool headboards! Okay, I may just have a thing for lights, but they do look rather awesome.

Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Storage Headboard Shelving Green Bedspread Yellow Footstool


I am 104% sure I need this. So much room for BOOKS! And THINGS! Love it, want it, gotta have it! This would take a little more commitment as a DIY than some of the other designs I’ve posted, but I’m always up for a challenge! This would be the perfect addition to a smaller bedroom lacking adequate storage space. Plus, you’re adding in storage that isn’t taking up too much floor space, just wall space. And you have walls from the floor to the ceiling! If you're seriously lacking in storage, this is definitely the way you should go. And, it’s super customizable. You can make cool designs, shelves any size you need, and have as many cubbies as you want. It’s so perfect I may cry. Not really, but it is the perfect DIY headboard.

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Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Hidden Storage Headboard Book Shelf above Bed

Via Remodelista

What a clever idea! This conveniently hidden storage space maintains the clean, uncluttered look of this wooden headboard. It appears to have just enough space for all your bedtime necessities. Books, your phone, a glass of water, etc. This is perfect for people who need some storage, but still want the sleek, classic headboard look. Though, if I had one like this, I think my cat would probably just try to hide inside of it. And knock everything over, as she is wont to do... This is why we can’t have nice things.

Unique Headboard Ideas Bedroom with Chest of Drawers Dresser Storage Headboard

Via StyleCarrot

An excellent use of space. This piece acts as a headboard, a dresser, a nightstand, and a partition to separate and define spaces in the bedroom. It looks like it even includes the bed frame itself. Five in one! It is rare to see a bed positioned in the middle of a room, but I’m really digging it in this design. If you have a larger bedroom, you could totally pull this off. There’s also a theory in Feng Shui about pulling your bed away from the wall to increase the flow of good vibes, and make the room feel more homey and used. Cool, right? If you’ve got the space for this, I say do it! That headboard with all that storage is totally worth it. And, honestly, who needs a TV in their bedroom when you’ve got a view like that? Breathtaking!

Who knew there were so many different kinds of headboards out there? The creativity and evolution in design I see every day seriously baffles me sometimes. As always, please share the love and comment below to let us know which style was your favorite!

**Featured image via Freshome