If you want a quick way to update your decor, look no further than awesome unique lamps or light fixtures! 

I’m sure we’ve all felt a little blah about the state of our decor. We love what we have, and don’t really want to redo the whole thing, but we're just bored with it. Well, friends, I have a quick and easy solution for you. Allow me to shine a little light on a trick I have used a few times: unique lamps. Yep, it’s that simple! All you need is a new statement piece, like an awesome lamp, and the whole atmosphere of your room can change. Your decor is still the same, but now, with the addition of a unique lamp, your space has a totally different aura. Today, I’m going to illuminate the possibilities, and help you get those creative juices flowing. So if you’re looking for a change to your decor, here are some pretty sweet lamps to light up your life!

Unique Lamps White LED Mushroom Lamp on Wooden Base Exotic Home Decor Accessories

Via We Shape Life

I mentioned these bad boys in another blog post, but oh my goodness I am still not over how completely awesome and adorable these mushroom lamps are. They come in so many colors and varieties. I honestly have a hard time picking a favorite! 

Unique Lamps Red LED Mushroom Lamp on Wooden Base Home Lighting Fixtures

Via We Shape Life

This red one is awesome, but the small white mushrooms are just precious to me. These fungi lights would be a great eclectic addition to any home! You don’t even have to have a forest or outdoors-y theme to your decor. They’re just fun, unique table lamps!

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Unique Lamps Melting Salvador Dali Inspired Lamp

Via Fancy

This unique desk lamp makes me think of that Salvador Dali painting, The Persistence of Memory. You know, the super iconic one with all the melting clocks? It was always one of my favorites, and I’m still not sure why. It just looks cool, with everything melting into the background. Well, this lamp definitely has Dali written all over it! If you have some free counter space, or an area on a table, this lamp would look pretty sweet! It’ll add a bit of a glow to the room, and definitely be a conversation piece! It would look really great on a white table like this, so it looks like it’s also melting into the table, like the clocks melting into the background of Dali’s painting.

Unique Lamps UFO Alien Abduction Lamp with Artificial Grass and Cow

Via Freshome

Talk about unusual lamps! This one is totally out of this world, right? When I first saw this one as I was searching for unique lamps, I started giggling. I wanted a unique lamp that was totally fun and different, and this definitely delivered! You’ve got this pretty typical UFO looking space ship with little aliens peeking through the windshield at you. It even has a cow right in the middle of being abducted. Maybe the aliens ran out of milk? Poor Bessy. I think my favorite part though is the artificial grass. Who would have thought to put fake grass on a lamp? That totally makes this unique light fixture one of the best in the galaxy!

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Unique Lamps Starry Night Projector Lamp Light Up the Night Stars on the Wall


Speaking of space, this starry night projector lamp is amazing!! You can find ones like this, that are just random star shapes on a lampshade, or you can find some that actually show the stars in our galaxy. My nerd mind exploded at that. I love looking at the stars, and the thought of being able to flick on a lamp to see a replica of the star map of our galaxy just makes me grin. But, I also love the haphazard craziness of the star pattern on this one. This would make a unique table lamp during the day, because it has all these tiny cutouts, and at night? All the stars, everywhere! You could even make one yourself and project whatever you want. If you want a world map, butterflies, or the Bat symbol to be plastered on your wall, go for it. And please send photos if you make a Bat symbol one, because I would love, love, love to see it!

Unique Lamps DIY Glow Cloud Raincloud Lamp

Via Just DIY

I have seen similar beautiful lamps like this one in the past. I mean, would I want a giant, fluffy, cloud that glows and looks like there’s a storm in my apartment? As a fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, the answer was “OMG, totally yes!” Until I saw how super expensive the lamp was, and I died a little inside. It’s been in the back of my mind for years. This is one of those unusual lighting fixtures that I absolutely need in my life, and I won’t rest until I have it. Well my persistence has paid off. I found this super great tutorial on how to make your own rain cloud, or glow cloud if you're also a fan of WTNV. If you haven’t listened to it, and you have a quirky sense of humor, you should totally check it out. All hail the Glow Cloud!

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Unique Lamps Tiny Cute Cloud Friend Lamp on Bed in Gray Bedroom

Via MollyMooCrafts

When searching for that tutorial on how to make your own cloud lamp, this unusual lamp popped up and I may or may not have squealed. How adorable is this thing? It’s smiling at us! It just looks so happy, and it puts out a nice bit of light too. It isn’t very large (12” x 8” x 8”), so this cute little cloud can chill on your desk, nightstand, or wherever. He kind of looks content where he is, chilling on the bed, don’t you think? I cannot get over how cute his face is!

Well, there you have it, folks! Some quirky and unique lamps to inspire you to update your decor. Which of these funky lamps was your favorite? Would you want one of them to light up your space? Let me know in the comment box below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Until next time, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Blog of Francesco Mugnai