Don’t be fooled by their tasty looks, these pieces aren’t for eating! It’s unusual furniture that looks like food! 

It may not seem that way, but I usually try to keep my decor relatively classy. I love color, but I’m doing my best to not make impulse purchases of obscenely bright curtains that I won’t know what to do with in a year. I’ve reached the point in my life where I recognize that my decor pieces are here to stay. I’m out of a dorm and am living an adult-like life. Or trying to, anyway. That being said, every home is allowed to have a few quirky and unusual furniture pieces. Going home every day would be no fun otherwise! Insert my favorite internet search: food furniture. Let me tell you… it’s really hard not to squeal every time I see a new piece of food furniture. JUST LOOK AT THAT BANANA ARMCHAIR. I don’t even like bananas… and I need that chair. Not having that chair is driving me bananas.

Fair warning: the awesomeness of this furniture has brought out all the bad puns in me. I’m not sorry.

Because I love food furniture so much, I decided that its glory needed to be shared. Hold on to your seats, boys and girls, because we’re off to encounter the wonderful world of food furniture!

Unusual Furniture Egg Chairs Yolk Contemporary Furnishings


If you’re not digging the banana as much as I am, don’t worry because I have more unusual chairs for you! Take a crack at these egg chairs and tables. Aren’t they eggcellent? All puns aside, I love how the yoke is the seat cushion! Just so creative.

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Unusual Furniture Muffin Ottoman Matteo Bianchi Storage Ottoman Seating Puff

Via HomeCrux

If you’re looking for some unique storage furniture, look no farther! Who needs a normal storage ottoman when you can have a muffin storage ottoman? Muffin ottoman sounds way better in my opinion. It’ll definitely put your decor over the muffin-top.

Unusual Furniture Waffle Bed Syrup Sheets Fruit Pillows Etsy Maple Syrup Kiwi Banana Strawberry Blueberry Pillow Sheet Hand Painted Fitted Sheet Futon Bfiberandcraft Breakfast

Via GeekAlerts

“And in the morning, I’m making waffles!"

Yep, I went there. If you’re anything like Donkey and love waffles, this is the perfect bed for you! The details are just so great! The blanket is the syrup. Excuse me while I process(ed sugar) this genius idea.

Start warming up your waffle maker, because you can order one of your own waffle beds here!

Unusual Furniture Ice Cream Bench Sundae Cherry Whipped Cream Chocolate Sauce Waffle Cone Park Bench Ice Cream Shop Parlor Banana Split Melting Melt Sprinkles

Via Fifi Flowers

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! What ice cream shop (or house, no judgement) wouldn’t look awesome with this out front? It would definitely make me stop and scream for some ice cream.

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Unusual Furniture Baked Potato Bean Bag Beanbag Etsy Bfiberandcraft Soft Sculpture Butter Pillow

Via 22 Words

What’s the best way to be a couch potato? On this baked potato beanbag! I love all this weird furniture. This awesome piece comes from the makers of our waffle bed! Be sure to check out the rest of their awesome foodie furniture and home goods here.

This #furniture looks good enough to eat! Check out all our food furniture finds!

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Unusual Furniture Carrot Body Pillow Plush Stuffed Etsy Four Feet Pillow for Loneliness jumbojibbles Vegetable

Via BuzzFeed

Ok, is it just me, or does this carrot body pillow look like it’s giving you some attitude? It’s like he doesn’t carrot all that his photo is being taken. Maybe he doesn’t want his photo taken because he knows you’re judging him for not being real furniture. Don’t make fun of poor carrot! He may only be a large pillow, but he’s still a piece of unique furniture to me! But in all seriousness, if you’re in need of a body pillow, give this root a chance! The maker of this carrot pillow also makes other fruit and veggie pillows! They’re all just too cute to handle!

Unusual Furniture French Fries French Fry Bed Cecilia Carey Harry Par McDonalds Fast Food Red Bed Bedroom Headboard Pillows

Via Mashable

No need to count sheep, now you can count french fries! But since it’s fast food, will it make your fall asleep faster? I’d try a french fry headboard if it did! However, I think a food fight (ahem, I mean pillow fight) would be so tempting when sleeping in this bed!

I had no idea food could make for such fantastic and unique beds. There’s even a hamburger and sandwich bed! Now that’s some bedroom furniture design I can get behind!

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Unusual Furniture Candy Company Candy Chandelier Sugarchain Light Sugar Chain Lamp Pendant MÅAT Living
Unusual Furniture Candy Company Candy Chandelier Sugarchain Light Sugar Chain Lamp Pendant MÅAT Living

Via Maat

This pendant light is sweet! I did not eat (or wear) candy necklaces when I was a kid, but I can appreciate the nostalgia in this light fixture! Warning: as yummy as it looks, this lamp cord is not actually made from candy. Please do not try to eat it!

Unusual Furniture Cherry Creek Mall Shopping Center Denver Colorado Play Area Play Place Breakfast Food Playground Equipment Banana Waffles Bacon Eggs Sausage Strawberries


BONUS! Check out this playground area at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver! Those kids seem to be loving it! Who said you can’t play with your food?

I absolutely adore all this funky furniture, but I’ve only showed you a small portion of the food furniture market. Please do yourself a favor and google food furniture. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to share your food! I mean… this post!

**Featured image via HomeCrux