Revitalize yourself as well as your space with these perfect apartment plants. They are the green that really can buy you happiness! 

Caring for plants is widely known to be a therapeutic activity. There’s just something about being responsible for and tending to your very own little corner of the universe that lifts the spirit. And, it’s not only good for the soul, but also the environment! In a world where we are wasting faster than we are able to restore, every little bit counts. At the beginning of the summer, I started my very own small balcony garden, and I’m loving it! Here are a few of the best plants for apartment living.


Breathe new life into your home with these beautiful and low-maintenance indoor plants!

Apartment Plants Cactus Cacti Best Plants for Apartments Indoor

Via Mother Earth News

Cactus: If it can survive the driest of deserts, it can definitely survive your apartment. Plus, they can be the perfect small apartment plants, especially if you start with a really little one. Place it on a sunny windowsill and give it a few drops of water every week and you are good to go. No matter how un-green your thumb is (also called a purple thumb, in case you were wondering), cacti are nearly impossible to kill. Well, one of my best friends did kill her cactus plant recently…But she’s got some deep-rooted (pun definitely intended) issues with anything falling under the domestic sphere.

Apartment Plants Succulent Garden Best Plant for Apartments Indoor Planters

Via Quinn Cooper Styling

Succulents: These are also fantastic apartment plants! They come in like a thousand different colors and shapes, from Echeveria, in bright pinks or blacks, to Aloe Vera, in blues and greens. Plus, these adorable plants grow well indoors. All you need to do is keep them in a place where they can get a lot of direct or indirect sunlight, like near or in a window, and make sure they are in a well draining pot. To water your succulents, soak the soil and don’t water again until the soil is dry. Of course, the amount and frequency will vary based on humidity, species, as well as many other factors. My advice is to experiment and see what works best for you. These plants also do well together, so you can plant a bunch of them in one pot and make your very own succulent garden!

Lucky Bamboo Best Plants for Apartments Indoor

Via Houseplant Care Guides

Bamboo: This is a hardy, low-maintenance apartment plant, which needs minimal light and water. But don’t feed it vodka. Another one of my close friends (cacti-killer’s roommate, actually) has done this to her poor bamboo plant on more than one occasion. If you are looking to kill your bamboo plant, vodka will definitely do the trick. Maybe it’s time for me to make some new friends...

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Apartment Plants Peace Lily Best Flowering Plants for Apartments Indoor

Via earth by anna

Peace Lily: The peace lily is another easy-to-care-for potted plant. It doesn’t need much light and, when it’s thirsty, its leaves droop, basically telling you it needs to be watered. This plant is super hardy. Like, you honestly have to try really hard to kill it. Feeding it vodka may do the trick, but other than that, this plant will survive just about anything.

Added bonus: It even improves the air quality of your space by consuming carbon dioxide containing harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from its surroundings, converting the contaminated air into food, and eventually letting it out once again as clean oxygen. So, yeah, plants are pretty smart. Especially if they’re air cleaning plants. But be sure to keep it out of your furry four-legged family members’ reach, as lilies can cause vomiting and diarrhea if ingested, and can be very dangerous to pets. If you have fur babies, I would either avoid this plant, or keep it way out of their reach.

Apartment Plants Braided Ficus Tree Best Plants for Apartments Indoor

Via cgtrader

Braided Ficus Tree: While the braided ficus tree does prefer bright, indirect sunlight (which is sometimes difficult to come across in a small apartment), it only needs to be watered every four to seven days. So, overall, it is fairly low-maintenance. Just water it whenever the soil is dry to the touch; water until it soaks through and drains out the bottom. This is one of my personal favorites simply because of its unique braided trunk. These branches begin as separate trunks when the ficus is young, but eventually grow together into a permanent braid as the tree matures.

If you don’t see an indoor plant here that strikes your fancy, you can find other cool plants that are great for cleaning your indoor air here!

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These outdoor plants are the perfect accessory to liven up your small apartment balcony or patio. Plus, not to get ahead of myself here, a lot of these are either super pretty flowers, or make yummy fruits and veggies. So, you can grow your own food and have some pretty floral decor! Cool, huh?

Apartment Plants Rose Bush Roses Best Plants for Apartment Balcony Patio Outdoor

Via Progressive Charlestown

Roses: These gorgeous flowers need quite a bit of direct sunlight. As they are prone to root rot, be careful not to overwater them, especially when growing inside a container. Having them in pots with good drainage is key, but if you can’t find one you like, just be very, very careful not to over water them. You should also bring roses indoors during harsh winter weather. Floribunda, patio, and miniature strains of roses do best in containers. Roses smell wonderful, and you can always prune them and bring a few blooms indoors to liven up the place.

Apartment Plants Basil Best Herb Plants for Apartment Balcony Patio Outdoor

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Basil: This is one of my favorite herbs. Love the smell, the flavor, everything about it! I will have an extensive herb garden one day, but, for now, I will settle for a small pot of basil hanging from the ceiling of my balcony. Not only is it pretty, it’s edible and very easy to care for. Just be sure to keep the soil moist and prune when necessary, as they do tend to all of a sudden start growing like crazy. You can easily make dried basil by pruning and letting the cuttings air dry, or by drying them out in the oven so you can store and have your own basil year round. Basil does not do well in the cold, so harvest before winter weather hits.

Gardening isn’t just good for the soul, it's awesome for the environment too!

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Apartment Plants Marigolds Best Plant for Apartment Outdoor Bug Deterrent


Marigolds: These are great plants for apartments. They come in shades of red, orange, gold, or yellow. They are pretty easy to take care of, too. Give them lots of sunlight, and water them when the soil starts to feel dry. These do very well in pots, make sure they are draining pots, and my favorite part is that they are a natural bug deterrent! Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of marigolds, so if you are a mosquito magnet, this is the plant for you!

Apartment Plants Tomato Tomatoes Best Plants for Apartment Balcony Patio Outdoor

Via the green life

Tomatoes: Delicious and low-maintenance! Tomatoes are one of the easiest edibles you can grow. They need bright, direct sunlight and consistent watering. Just water until the soil is moist to the touch, and keep it that way. They’ll be ready to add to a crisp summer salad in no time! Plus, you can find tons of varieties from cherry tomatoes to large Romas, Heirlooms, and more! These can even be pretty decent house plants, but they typically do better outdoors, which is where I have mine.

Apartment Plants Strawberry Strawberries Best Plants for Apartment Balcony Patio Outdoor

Via digthedirt

Strawberries: Juicy and sweet, strawberries are one of my favorite snacks. They are also relatively easy to grow in the right conditions, and make great potted plants! They need between six and ten hours of direct sunlight a day. With such shallow roots, moisture is incredibly important. They need about an inch a week. Be careful not to over water and ensure that the containers are properly drained so your plant won’t develop mildew and root rot. Weed frequently (especially at first) to prevent weed invasion, which will hinder the plant’s growth. Also, bees LOVE strawberries, so be careful if you have any allergies. Birds also love to steal your strawberries before they are ripe, so keep an eye out and either drape netting over the plant, or have something around to deter birds. We don’t want those birds eating all of your strawberries!

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**Featured image via Home Designing