Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the messiest vanity of all? Not yours with these awesome vanity organization tips! 

It’s confession time, friends! Have I told you guys that I really love makeup? Most of my friends know that I rarely go out without makeup (except on those few sleepy days when I’m just feeling too apathetic). Let me clarify that I don’t wear makeup because of any insecurity. I think that’s a false assumption a lot of people make when they see someone wearing a full face. To be honest, I look pretty much the same with or without makeup. I wear makeup because I enjoy it! Simple as that!

For all my fellow makeup lovers out there, you probably know that through the years you start to get a collection going of makeup items you like or have tried. Even if you aren’t a full face kind of girl, I bet you probably have a stash of your fave lipsticks or mascaras. Come on, friends! Fess up! There's nothing wrong with loving makeup!

Well, if you’re like me, you probably have a small (or extensive—whatever floats your boat) makeup collection that you need to organize. You don’t want a messy beauty station or vanity, do you? I hope not! If your current vanity/beauty station looks like a catastrophe, here are some awesome vanity organization tips that will help you transform it from a war zone into a beautiful, perfectly organized space.

The Modern Woman

Vanity Organization Contemporary Vanity Round Mirrors Vanity Lights Stool Makeup Station Beauty Products Wooden Wall and Decor

Via Top Home Designs

If I were to close my eyes and imagine a beauty station that I would consider to be characteristic of the “Modern Woman” or the “Lady Boss Powerhouse,” I’d imagine something like this. This vanity area is ultra-modern and chic. I love the use of dark wood, mirror lights, and contemporary gray marble countertops. It’s totally got some boss-lady vibes! This vanity area is definitely ultra-luxe, but if it’s something that is in your budget, I’d definitely suggest going for this look. It’ll make you feel fancy every time you get ready in the morning!

Aside from all the ultra fab and modern fixtures in this space, take note of the makeup station ideas that are on the countertop. The key take away from this vanity, organization wise, is to use countertop makeup containers to help keep all your beauty products and tools in the right place at all times. Nice, neat, and organized. Everything has a space, and you can see all of the tools you would use to put on your war paint! 

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Check out the chic makeup countertop organizational tools below. This is a great example of some of the receptacles that you can make use of for all your beauty odds and ends! It's also a great every day makeup storage idea.

Vanity Organization Makeup Containers Receptacles Beauty Products Makeup Brushes Candle Mirror

Via The Architect of Style

I love clear acrylic makeup organizers. Why? For starters, they are clear so I can see exactly what makeup is in front of me. Plus, they just look clean and streamlined. I think acrylic home decor accessories and organizational pieces have been growing increasingly popular. Am I right, friend? Also, it totally lets the makeup and brushes become part of the decor, and not hide behind it. If you have pretty brushes, or gorgeous palettes, why hide them? Show them off, and keep them nice and organized with acrylic!

Vanity Organization Mason Jar Makeup Brushes Cloth Face Pads Q-Tips Vanity Mirror with Lights Organizational Tools


I know acrylic home decor can be kind of pricey now-a-days. So, what’s a cheaper alternative to acrylic brush storage? Why not use mason jars to organize your makeup? I love the versatility of mason jars! They are probably one of the most versatile home decor items on the planet. Seriously, they’re great for everything! Mason jars are absolutely awesome for storing makeup brushes, Q-tips, and eyeliners (especially if you have an extensive collection of different colored eyeliners). But, be careful of this option if you’re beauty station is near your toilet, find out why here!

Though, an easy way to combat that grossness (if you didn’t want to find out) is to clean your brushes on the reg! Seriously. Clean brushes mean a happy face. I like to clean mine with a teaspoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of castile soap, and a few cups of warm water. This will clean your brushes naturally, and help keep them from drying out! Swish the brushes, rinse, blot most of the water out, and then hang to dry! Easy peasy!

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The Vintage Lovin' Lady

Vanity Organization Modern Wallpaper Antique Mirror Classic Vanity Styling Wall Sconces Flowers Ottoman Armchair Gold Filigree

Via Laura Casey Interiors

I adore the look of this vintage vanity. I love how the smoked glass drawers give it such a Hollywood glam kind of feel. This vanity area is definitely unique and I can see any antique admirer falling head over heels for it! I mean seriously friends, this whole beauty station is absolutely gorgeous! It’s something I picture Hollywood glam women like Marilyn Monroe having!

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I know that it’s probably kind of hard to find a smoked glass vintage vanity at an affordable price, so for the budget conscious, here are some alternatives that you can use to organize and decorate your vanity table.

Vanity Organization Smoked Glass Beauty Station Organizers Toothbrushes Soap Dispenser Kleenex

Via Home Decorators Collection

I love these countertop smoked glass bathroom and vanity organizers. They’ll give you a similar look to the above vanity without costing an arm and a leg! I definitely think your vanity area should be a place where you should feel pampered and taken care of and these accessories will help give you that feeling!

The Classy Chick

Vanity Organization Blue Walls Accent Mirror Table Lamp Pink and White Flowers Blue Vase White Desk and Chair

Via Politics of Pretty

If you aren’t too into modern or Hollywood glam vanities, then perhaps a classic, contemporary makeup desk like this feminine one here is the way to go. I adore the ornate mirror and subtle mix of traditional accessories with modern and up-to-date home decor pieces. This beauty station is actually my favorite. It’s simple, but still chic. As much as I love countertop organizers for the purpose of easy access, sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate a clean and simple space. Rather than using the table for makeup organizing containers, this interior designer placed fresh flowers and picture frames on top. How glam!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and inspirations, friend! Let me know what your thoughts are on these vanity ideas in the comments below. Feel free to share some of your unique makeup or vanity decor ideas. Also, don’t hesitate to share this blog post with your loved ones and friends. Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!

**Featured image via PBteen and DecorPad