One major problem many urban gardeners face is lack of space for all of their planters. Vertical gardens can help you grow many more plants in smaller areas!

Hello, everyone! In case you are new here, one of my favorite things to do is mess with my plants. I have, well, a lot of them. I have succulents indoors, greens growing on the patio, and even some trees chilling in my living room. An idea popped into my head when I was working with my multitude of plants out on my patio. I’ve been on a microgreen and lettuce kick lately, growing lots of various types on my patio. It’s been a lot of fun, and I love being able to say to my self “heck yes I grew this” as I chow down on some salads or wraps. As I started growing more of my own food, though, I realized something important: it takes a lot of plants to do that. And when you have limited space, it’s even harder. Oh boy. So, what’s a plant lover to do when they really want to cultivate more, and they’re out of space? Say hello to vertical gardens! So, in the spirit of me trying to find better ways to grow my greens, here are 8 awesome vertical garden ideas to inspire you to add more plants to your home!

Vertical Gardens Hanging Wicker Baskets DIY Garden Ideas

Via Handy Home Tips

These are awesome. Does anyone else have a bunch of wicker baskets around their place? They were all the rage a few years ago, and you can still find them pretty cheap. I keep looking at these and thinking how easy they would be to make! All you need is a set of wicker baskets, some rope, and some sort of hook to hang it up wherever you need. String the rope through the baskets, and make sure you knot the rope at the bottom of the baskets (you can pretty much see how in this picture). I would leave a good 2 feet of length at the top to bring the 4 rope pieces together and tie. Then, hang. How perfectly simple, and easy to replicate. Plus, I love the bright rope they used on this vertical planter. I’m not into pink, but purple or blue would be pretty awesome too!

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Vertical Gardens Lettuce Easel Garden with Large Troughs DIY Garden Ideas

Via Bonnie Plants

I want to pause here because hello this is a gorgeous vertical vegetable garden for salad greens! I’m just imagining this on my patio, being able to pluck some yummy lettuces from the dirt with ease. This is definitely one I will be making eventually. I would probably tilt the troughs out a little more so the plants can get more sun, but that’s just me. This is still very well designed as is. It can be two sided, or just one, and you can make it taller, longer, or whatever works best for the plants you are growing and the space you have. Neat, huh? Definitely one of the coolest vertical garden systems I have seen so far.

Vertical Gardens Tall Wooden Trough Structure DIY Garden Ideas

Via Architecture and Design

I have always had a weakness for vertical wall planters like these. I love the shape, the design style, and the fact you can mount them on fences, brick walls, or have them free standing. They can be made symmetrically, like the ones on the left, or completely asymmetrical like the one on the right. I absolutely love the planter on the right. It’s quite large, and has room for many different types of plants. I am picturing this tall plant wall here with a ladder nearby. Mainly because I love ladders, but also because I am short and how else would I retrieve my lettuce from the top trough?

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Vertical Gardens Metal Yellow Grid Garden with Hooks for Pots DIY Garden Idea

Via Better Homes & Gardens

I really like this grid shaped vertical herb garden too. And can we talk about how cute those pails are? I mean, color blocked garden pails full of plants. How awesome! This shape is also really conducive for larger pots of single varieties of plants. I like how they put their herbs in these pots. They’re sure to get plenty of sun here, and how easy would those be to water! Bonus points if your pots have holes in them, and runoff water actually waters the pots below! (Side note: If you're interested in finding out more about container gardening, check out this article from MorningChores.)

Vertical Gardens Topsy Turvy Pots in Purple and Orange Strawberry Planter DIY

Via Building It On Pennies

This is a super popular DIY that has swept the internet: Topsy Turvy Pots. All you need for these awesome vertical garden pots DIY are pots with holes in the bottom and a dowel rod or pole. Fill the big pot with dirt (pro-tip: use a smaller pot upside down inside the big pot to help create stability), add the pole, and start stacking! Another way to make these is to literally glue the pots together to create drastic angles, like this one. I have a similar set up for some of my pots. It’s definitely a great way to create cute yet easy vertical garden planters! I really like ones that can be customized to your needs!

Vertical Gardens PVC Pipe Collection with Spots for Plants DIY Garden


I am just so intrigued by the style of this one. It’s totally vertical! This would be a great set up for strawberries, and smaller herbs. But this is awesome. I love the little pockets for the plants. For some reason, that’s just too precious to me. I would love to have a vertical planting system like this one if I was growing strawberries. It’s one of my eventual goals. Maybe when I have more space than my tiny patio, since I already have it full of plants! This vertical planter would be pretty easy to build, as you can buy all the PVC needed at most hardware stores.

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Vertical Gardens PVC Pipe on Wall with Holes for Pots Urban Garden DIY


I have no idea why this reminds me of Mario, but mamma mia this is awesome! How great would this be to make? You just need a bunch of PVC, and some elbows. I love how colorful this is, and can totally see that I would spend hours painting, cutting, and making this PVC vertical wall garden the coolest thing ever. I also like how versatile this can be, especially since you can take PVC pieces back apart. Vertical garden plans like this are awesome because they are so customizable! So, if you make this, and then you move and need a different set up, all you have to do is pop the pieces apart and put them back together in a design that fits your new space. Genius. I am really leaning towards doing this for my patio. How great would that be for lettuces and greens, and how easy would it be to move? PVC is also super light and durable. I’m totally loving this!

Vertical Gardens Bright Blue Rain Gutter Upcycle PVC Pipe Planter

Via Top Dreamer

The final one I wanted to talk about is another super popular vertical garden wall design: rain gutters. Whoever thought of this was pretty smart. Rain gutters are pretty inexpensive, and they’re light. You can easily hang or mount them onto walls, and fill full of plants! I would love to have something like this, but I think I would create an easel type base to put the gutters on because I don’t have this type of wall space. Totally wish I did, though! You know, if you tilted the gutters in opposite directions, just slightly, you could have the runoff water from the top gutter of this hanging wall garden travel down to the next one, and the next one, and so on. That would save water, and be super-efficient!

There you have it! Some awesome vertical garden ideas for you to check out, and possibly add to your garden too! Which one was your favorite? Do you have any other designs that you like? Let me know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Stay creative, my friends.

**Featured image via My Garden Insider