We love to be inspired by home decor from all across the globe! Here’s our take on the stunning cultural inspiration Vidya gave us on Home Decor Designs. 

Hey friends! It’s that time again when we get to do a blog review on other super awesome blogs on the interwebs. So, in my daily “blog explorations,” I happened to stumble upon this awesome post by Vidya Sudarsan called Exotic Home Decor Ideas and was instantly inspired to write a post on it. Seriously guys, if you’ve never been on Vidya’s blog, I’d suggest you stop by for a visit. She has some great product reviews as well as fantastic home decor posts.

According to Vidya, “Exotic decor is yet another trendy style making a recent comeback in the design scheme.” We couldn’t agree with her more! We love the look of exotic decor and have definitely been seeing it trending lately. Vidya described exotic home decor as “decorated with layers of luxurious fabrics, patterned decor, and vibrant printed walls.” So, shall we go on an exotic home decor adventure? Let’s explore some of the inspirational pictures Vidya shared with the world.

Home Decor Designs Bright Magenta Unique Entryway

I love the vivid colors of this wall. Attempting to do something like this in your own home is definitely not for those afraid of color. Something Vidya brought up in her post was that exotic home decor often features “complementary colors with dramatic contrasts.” This space is a perfect example of that. The bright teal beautifully contrasts with the vibrant magenta. Another great idea to consider if you’re on the verge of potentially using this inspiration in your own home is replacing the blue with a metallic gold. Or even changing the pink and blue to something entirely different like black and white or coral and white. The possibilities are endless!

Home Decor Designs Cultural Blue Living Room

I love the wild mix of floral patterns and textiles! This bed set is absolutely stunning and oddly enough, I actually have one similar to it in my own home. I love the opulent mix of colors and the random pop of yellow from the gorgeous canary yellow pillow. Let’s not neglect to address the fabulous wallpaper as well. If you’re considering implementing some of the trends in this bedroom, I’d suggest you use a primary focal color such as the teal shade of blue that ties all the floral patterns in the bedding and wallpaper together.

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Home Decor Designs Cultural Blue Living Room

Here’s another gorgeous blue living space that has “exotic influences” prevalent throughout, such as the unique and intricate marble bookshelf, bold exotic colors, and luxurious metallic touches. This living room is a beautiful mix of modern eclectic style and touches of exotic flair. I especially like the blue marble bookshelf. I think it adds an exotic touch that is reminiscent of the Middle East because of the intricacy of the hand carved flower details. Some practical advice for applying “exotic” home decor influences in your home is to keep in mind which colors and textures you use. Exotic textiles have a very vibrant and distinctive look. Furthermore, if you have any special knickknacks from past international trips, be sure to put them on display. They’ll definitely add lots of character in your home.

Home Decor Designs Eclectic Blue and White Living Room

Last but not least, here’s another great example of a feminine, modern take on exotic home decor. If your decor is eclectic, then incorporating fun exotic home accessories can entirely change up the attitude and look of your living space. I really love the intricate white coffee table with the geometric bowl resting on top. There’s something so beautiful about the intricacies and detailing of “exotic” home accessories. Have you ever explored a foreign market or just gone up and down the aisles of World Market? You probably know what I’m talking about. The intricate beading and jeweling is absolutely stunning!

Well there you go, friends! That completes our exotic home decor exploration brought to you by our friend, Vidya. We’re pretty glad Vidya wrote a blog post on this stunning trend. From our hearts to yours, Vidya, thank you for your lovely work! I’m sure everyone can say that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring exotic interiors.

Are you in love with exotic home decor as much as we are? If you are, let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this blog, don’t hesitate to share it with all your loved ones. And don’t forget to check out Vidya’s awesome blog as well. I’m sure she’d enjoy it a bunch. Thanks for reading!

**All images in this post are via Home Decor Designs