Struggling to decide between trick or treat? Choose treat! Not for candy, but your decor. Treat your visitors this year with wacky Halloween decorations! 

The calendar has officially turned the page to fall. Of course that means it’s time to bust out the fall decorations, or more importantly for some, the Halloween decor. For many, that means carving pumpkins, setting up faux spider webs, and hanging fall garland. For others, getting ready for Halloween means creating a haunted house or other decorations designed to scare you. As a kid, I was not a fan of these houses. Creepy Halloween decorations were not my thing. I still remember a neighbor hiding in their bushes and scaring every trick-or-treater that came to their door. Frankly, I didn’t like the candy enough to warrant being frightened that much as a 6- or 7-year old. Well… let’s be honest. I don’t care enough about candy even now to be scared in order to earn it. Isn’t dressing up in a costume enough?

However, I have always loved decorating for Halloween. Actually, I think that is my favorite part of most holidays… Despite my distaste for scary Halloween decorations, I’ve come to appreciate other types of Halloween decorations. Particularly, wacky Halloween decor. It may seem odd, but trust me; you’re going to want to decorate your house with some humor this year after seeing all these great Halloween decoration ideas!

The image above is quite possibly my favorite outdoor Halloween decor idea. Construction worker skeletons?! What’s not to love about this idea?? Plus, if you’re out of town on the night of Halloween, this prevents trick-or-treaters from getting to your front door and wondering why you’re not there to give them candy.

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Wacky Halloween Decorations Jack-o-lantern Jackolantern Pumpkin Monster Monsters Carved Carving Decor Cute White Orange Eyes Alien


Who wants the standard jack-o-lantern when you can make these crazy monsters instead? Aren’t these fun Halloween decorations? These monster pumpkins are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood kids. They’re far more lovable and silly than the standard jack-o’-lantern!

Wacky Halloween Decorations Decor Skeletons Climbing House Skeleton Peeping Tom Broken Shutter
Wacky Halloween Decorations Decor Skeleton Dog Skeletons Dogs Climbing Silly Fake Post

Via DigsDigs

Skeletons in and of themselves are not scary. After all, people don’t tend to be afraid to go into their science classroom because there’s a skeleton in there. So why do skeletons all the sudden become these scary things for Halloween? Well, I think these humorous skeleton decorations are so much better. While actual skeletons climbing up your wall could be something straight out of a horror film, the fixed skeletons are quite comical on the side of the house shown above and to the left. If it still frightens some, throw some silly hats on their head! If skeletons climbing up the side of your house aren’t your thing, check out the image to the right. This poor guy must have wronged those little dogs somehow! How funny would it be to drive around your neighborhood and see a skeleton up a pole like that? I’d love it!

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Wacky Halloween Decorations Decor Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern Jackolantern Drunk Throw Up Puke Barf Alcohol Beer Bottles Cigarette Smoking Pumpkins

Via DigsDigs

If there’s not a lot of kids in your neighborhood, you can still get a few good laughs out of your decor! These jack-o’-lanterns are funny in a bit more of an adult humor sort of way. I’ve never seen such a creative way to use the pumpkin filling. At least you don’t have to throw it out… yet.

Wacky Halloween Decorations Giant Eye Bouncy Ball Workout Ball Blue Eye Oversized Decor

Via DigsDigs

While Halloween eyeball decorations tend to be smaller (or used to frighten people), I particularly enjoy this giant version. Not all Halloween decor has to be stationary! An exercise ball can become the best Halloween decor/toy ever with just a few coats of paint! If I drove around town and saw kids bouncing around on a giant eyeball in their front yard, I’d probably have to pull over so I wouldn’t crash. It would be too funny!

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Wacky Halloween Decorations Decor Monsters Monster Thieves Garden Gnome Rust Metal Yard Art

Via Chicfluff

While not exclusive to Halloween, this yard art makes for a great Halloween decor addition. You have to admit that it’s at least slightly comical - these little metal monsters are stealing the garden gnome! They’re monsters, so that automatically makes them Halloween-themed, right?

: Wacky Halloween Decorations Decor Witch Legs Stripes Urn Planter Porch Front Door DIY

Via Meghan Carter

Of all the witch decorations out there, this is definitely my favorite. I don’t know why, but I love the witch’s legs decor. There’s just something about imagining where the rest of the witch’s body is that I find amusing. Take the image above for example: these witch legs are sticking out of an urn. Where’s the rest of the body? Is she stuffed down in that urn? How’d she get there?? I imagine it would be quite a hilarious story!

The best part of this wacky idea is that you can either purchase a set of witch’s legs at any Halloween supply store, or you can make your own! If you’re more interested in the latter, check out this tutorial.

Wacky Halloween Decorations Decor Dog Skeleton Cone of Shame Surgery Cone Vet Veterinarian Display Cone Head Little Dog

Via The Meta Picture

And if you happen to be a vet… this Halloween skeleton idea is just for you. This one doesn’t even need explaining. Too funny!

These #HalloweenDecor ideas won’t scare you, but they might make you laugh! #Halloween

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Would you rather see scary or silly Halloween decor? If you’re like me and would rather have some Halloween fun than fear, try out some of these wacky Halloween decor ideas. I’d love to know what you think. As always, don’t forget to comment and share!

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