When your entire house is really one room, things start to feel cramped. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I’ve gathered my favorite ideas for wall dividers! 

Some of you might be able to personally relate to this post, others will definitely know someone who can, so do yourself and/or your friends a favor and keep reading! As a twenty-something college graduate...the living quarters are tight. I am embarking on my next adventure and one component of that includes a studio apartment. The excitement is real, y’all! I have a page full of ideas that I want to implement when designing my new home, but there’s one thing I just have not been able to figure out - until now!

If you don’t know what a studio apartment looks like, just imagine one big room, broken into a few areas, sans walls. So, this simplifies things and then turns right around and complicates them. I say that because decorating can either be very simple or very frustrating because the entire place is one big space. I like way too many different things to narrow the style I want to decorate the apartment with to just one color scheme or genre.

I did some thinking and realized that this is an easy fix – wall dividers! All I have to do is decide what the best wall screens are for me to utilize to separate my bedroom from the living room. Research happened and so did way more ideas than I bargained for. Several of them are not applicable to my space, but I feel like they may be useful for many of y’all who live in studio apartments and want to break your rooms up with a space divider!

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Wall Dividers Studio Apartment Ideas Ikea Bookshelf Bookcase Cube Open Concept Floating Shelves Coffee Table Home Decor Gray Couch Interior

Via Apartment Therapy

This looks a lot like the layout of my new apartment and the second I saw it I was into it. Not only is this Ikea bookshelf reasonably priced, it would allow me to fill the cubes with whatever my heart desires! Another perk is that, like my apartment, the see-through shelf lets natural light shine through. If you know me, then you probably know how important lighting is to me. During the day, the blinds are always open and if it’s dark, bright lights flood my room. You think it would be an obvious pick because it's easy and breezy, but I must say this wall divider and the next are tied for first. You’ll see why!

Wall Dividers Studio Apartment Ideas Light Gray Curtains Room Divider Ceiling Track Minimal Open-Concept Kitchen Table White Walls Modern Home Interior Design

Via Homedit

Now can you see my dilemma?! I love the privacy the curtain room dividers offer because in a studio apartment that’s a luxury that is hard to come by. Of course, it doesn’t allow the creativity that the bookshelf does, but I almost think that’s a bonus because I am a huge fan of simplicity. I could pick any color I want and it would be the best backdrop to block off my bed from the living room.

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For the days when I’m feeling like I need more openness, I can simply draw the curtains back with cool hooks! The only drawback is the installation process and that started to steer me away from this option...but then I asked Quora and people gave me a few great ideas! Focusing on it now, I really think this is the way to go to achieve the modern-chic fluidity I want in my new apartment. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Wall Dividers Studio Apartment Ideas Glass Panel Separator See Through Windows White Curtain Bedding Black and White Contemporary

Via Homedit

It should be clear why I love this idea. Glass gives instant class to any situation. You don’t eat at a 5-star restaurant and sip from a plastic cup, amirite? Plain and simple is a look that suits this space perfectly. I love that the glass wall creates a “bedroom” but that there’s an added softness to it with help from the sheer linen draped in front of it. It’s private yet open, giving way to the best of both worlds.

Via MyDomaine

Inserting a glass curtain wall with black paned windows and a door is basically magic when it comes to wall dividers. There’s even a curtain for added privacy if you forget to make your bed that day...What’s not to love about that?! The panes do a great job of just sitting there, looking pretty. If you have the ability to do so, I strongly recommend this option!

Where there’s a will, there’s a wall divider! Apartments only feel cramped if you let 'em.

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, July 16, 2016
Wall Dividers Studio Apartment Ideas Black Paned Window Glass Curtain Wall Brown Leather Couch Modern Interior Design Home Decor

Via Roomed

On a less invasive note, I’m just as equally crushing on this option for a wall separator. There’s no door, but I think this is an even better approach to creating a wall as a loft divider. I say that not just because installation is easier, but because it still lets the studio apartment be a studio apartment. It serves as an awesome backdrop for the couch, too. No need to worry about how to decorate behind the sofa when this is what’s behind it—it’s a piece of art in and of itself!

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Wall Dividers Studio Apartment Ideas Feminine Decor Sectioned Room Divider Separator Blue Wallpaper Acrylic Coffee Table Pink Accents

Via Lonny

Wallpaper has been all the rage lately, and although it’s a pain to remove I can’t help but love it. I’ve never seen wallpaper as a room divider, but applying it on the ceiling and walls does a fantastic job of fencing off the bedroom. Luckily, some smarty-pants out there came up with temporary wallpaper...and I will definitely be using it somewhere in my new place! I find this look refreshing because even though there isn't an actual wall divider, there’s lots of color with this option. Customization is the main perk here. Wallpaper comes in so many prints, it’s hard to say no! On a side note, I love the acrylic coffee table with brass hardware!

Divy-ing up your studio apartment has simple solutions—the hardest part is choosing which option is best for you when dividing a room! I think the curtain wall is what I’m going to try out in my new place. One room can easily be turned into multiple rooms, it’s all about perspective and planning out how you design your apartment. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share!

**Featured image (L to R) via Annsliee and Apartment Therapy